Friday, August 31, 2007

Lifestyle of the DPM

Keadilan Online

Di saat rakyat disuruh berjimat cermat dan dibebani dengan kenaikan harga barang keperluan, kenaikan harga minyak petrol dan kadar tol, pemimpin-pemimpin negara membazir wang rakyat untuk bersenang lenang dengan jet-jet mewah.

Jet mewah jenis A319 CJ untuk Perdana Menteri, Abdullah Badawi berharga RM200 juta yang ditempah telah tiba ditanahair pertengahan Ogos lepas.

Pembelian jet itu merupakan satu pembaziran besar kerana sebelum ini pemimpin-pemimpin negara sudah disediakan empat buah pesawat eksekutif yang terdiri daripada Boeing Business Jet, Bombardier Global Express, Dassault Falcon 900B dan Fokker F-28.

Sementara itu, Timbalan Perdana Menteri Najib Tun Razak didakwa menghabiskan jutaan ringgit untuk menyewa jet mewah bagi kegunaannya untuk bercuti di bandar perjudian Las Vegas, Nevada, Amerika, dedah Ketua Umum KeADILan, Anwar Ibrahim.

Ketika berceramah di Simpang Renggam, Johor 21 Ogos lepas Anwar berkata, maklumat yang diperolehinya menyatakan percutian peribadi sepuluh hari Najib itu turut meliputi beberapa bandar besar di dunia.

Menteri Pertahanan itu dilaporkan menggunakan pesawat MAS ketika bertolak dari KLIA bertujuan untuk menutup
mata rakyat Malaysia.

“Selepas itu Najib dan rombongan 16 orangnya ke Tokyo, kemudian berlepas Honolulu sebelum ke Las Vegas dengan
menyewa sebuah jet mewah,” kata Anwar.

“Persoalan yang kita ingin tanya ialah, apakah benar berita yang saya terima ini. Sekiranya benar dari mana seorang Timbalan Perdana Menteri memperolehi wang yang banyak untuk mampu menyewa sebuah jet eksekutif mewah
bagi percutian tidak rasmi? Yang pasti duit ini adalah duit rakyat yang jadi pembayar cukai,” tambah Anwar.

Sebelum ini, Suara Keadilan men-dedahkan bagaimana isteri Najib, Rosmah berbelanja secara boros di Boston dengan membeli sejumlah 74 beg barang-barang solekan dan pakaian sehingga memerlukan 15 buah kereta untuk membawanya.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Clubbing ghost

Short announcement: Shoelace Untied&Source of Misery, a newly formed talented bands will be performing for the upcoming World Cyber Games 2007 at Mid Valley Exhibition Hall on the 8th of September. This two bands will be performing for an hour gig on 4pm onwards. Do "skip" your college or whatever studies you have to watch them perform.

I heard this story from a friend of a friend of mine.

It happened in KL city centre. To be precise, near Jalan Tun Razak on Hungry Ghost Festival night,26th August 2007.

A chinese citizen cab driver was on his last cruise around the city centre for customer. He's the breadwinner of his family,supporting 2 still primary schooling daughter. Life has been tough for him since his wife has gone back to where she came from, back to God.

It was late at night.3 am. The only profitable area would be the predominant clubbing street. He drove over the speed limit,jumped queue and beat the red light without getting caught by traffic warden.

As he was speeding along Jalan Tun Razak, he noticed a lady walking by the roadside at a sedate pace.Alone. Clad in all white flabby robe. Untied curly hair dangling across her face. Her body curve comes into vivid as drizzles rain starts soaking her robe.

The cabbie stopped by her side and wind down the window to offer his service. She seems deliberated however enters the back seat without a single word muttered by her.

Rain starts pouring down. The cabbie soften the radio to enquire the destination while adjusting the rear mirror to get the image of his customer.

A lump of fringe covering the eyes of an enigma lady leaving a pointy nose and seductive lips is reflected in the rear view mirror. She sat quietly at the corner she enters. Few second has gone yet no respond about his enquiry.

"Jalan Loke Yew" she said softly. Soft voice of a sweet introverted teenage girl would sound like.
The cabbie shift into first gear and gets the meter running without any suspicious. Rain is pouring heavier each second. He has to turn the windscreen wiper to speedier. It was dark in the sky with perpetuate dashing of heaven cries, headlight was utterly useless.

He speed across the pours relying on his driving intuition. A slight misjudgement could send the car skidding.

He shift his focus into the rear mirror to check the lady out as being a typical lonely father who has enormous sexual desire to fulfill and a harmless lady with curvaceous body figure sitting at the back,he can't inhibit.

Shockingly, the back seat is empty. Neither side of the seat is occupied.

He stomped the break hard in fright of what he just saw. Frantically ponders back. He think he just gave a lift to a ghost! If it isn't, then where is the lady then? He numbed for a second. Fearing for his life, the driver sped off immediately while mumbling chant for blessing and seek God for forgiveness whatever sin he may have commited.

This is what you may encounter in the middle of the night on Hungy Ghost Festival.

As he continued speeding, he took a glimpse in the rear mirror and indulged in reminiscene.

"Arhhhh...!!!", the cab driver shouted frantically. Swerving the car up to the pedestrian walk way in respond.

He saw the lady that disappeared a minute ago sitting right at where she used to but this time she looks different. Her face turns bloody. His scream shrieked all over the interior. Screaming like a pussy.

"Can you stop shouting you ?!",the bloody lady fumed.

Almost dropping his jaw, the cab driver asked, "Why...why.. your face got blood one?"

She replied, "I knock against the seat when you sudden brake while I was picking up my dropped phone from the floor"

Cabbie driver,"Oppss...sorry"

Haha...lesson of the day, don't sms too much. It could hurt you someday.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What the fuck!

I prefer singing this song rather than Negarakuku.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Mom: Hey, you(refers to me)

She caught my attention away from The Firm,local version of The Apprentice, that's showing on TV at that time.

Mom: Next time when you've started working, you must buy me this diamond. (pointing at an advertisement in the Chinese Daily)

Feeling flustered I scowled into her eyes.

Me: Dream on la..

As expected, an agitated mother will start with her grandmother lecture on you.

Mom: Yer..boy(my brother) You see this child. So unfilial. He forgot all the times when I have to wipe his butt ,earn money for him to spend, cook for him to eat, etc etc. What a self-centred ungrateful kid.

My brother obviously didn't layan her rant.

Me: Gila kar you? Next time the diamond will be bigger and cheaper la...(obviously its a lie) Still buy you this tiny diamond for what

Mom: Oooh okay okay. You say one ar...big diamond.

I really have no idea why the female species are so attracted to diamonds? Didn't they know how much blood had spilt in the process of getting it onto sales? How many African has been made slave and deprieved from democratic lifehood?

Don't ever buy diamond for girls,guys. Just bloody hell lie to them for the sake of mankind.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Die Die List

The games that I die die also must play. In random order.
1) Call of Duty 4

This Counter-Strike look alike game will definitely tapao counter-strike in gameplay,sound effect and graphic wise. Call of Duty 4 developer is funded by the US military to create a game that compatible with real battlefield atmosphere that meant to train the gamers to become US' future alternative soldier. This virtual training game hopefully would encourage youth to join the army and die for the country.

2) Guitar Hero 2&3

3) Harmonix Rock Band

What's so great about this game is it's a party game. A game that puts the players into a rock band group and jam it all the way to their rock fantasy. This game requires a guitar controller(guitar hero's is applicable) a drum controller and a microphone for the vocalist. The microphone ain't like your typical RedBox type. It can detects voice and finger tapping. Estimated investment will incur RM650 if you're buying original gears for this game in Malaysia. It will be much cheaper if you get it from Europe and that's what I'm planning to do.

It would be my biggest investment in gaming. This game already a hit in Europe and US. You get to create your alterego avatar and travel around the world(gameland) to compete with others(AI).It's a worth buying game.

Check out the official songlist review.

4) Killzone 2

The most anticipated game of E3 2007.Arh!!! They're waiving its release again. People would kill a granny just to play this high vibrated sound effected war blasting game. I just can't wait to blast this game with my dad's home theatre system.

5) Gran Turismo 5

I'm buying this game for the sake of collection. Gran Turismo is famous for its real driving simulation and graphics. Not planning to finish the game though.

6) Grand Theft Auto 4

Any emo insane person would know why we should play this game.

7) Metal Gear Solid 4

Well, it's not my choice but rather my brother's. Ask a MGS die hard fan and they'll tell an hour long story why they like it so much. I'm easily bored out by stealth action entail in MGS.

The games that I die die have already played. In random order.
1) God of War 2

Insane. The best immortal game I've ever played. You play as a God of War who resurrect from death killed by the ugly badass Son of Zeus( if I'm not mistaken) You get to fight against Titans. Yes, example those villian you see in movie 300. The superb scenery makes you drool badly asking for more

Also,it's the only game I find surpass final fantasy's CG.

2) Killzone

3) Gran Turismo 4

My all time favourite racing game. Game that focus on graphic and real driving simulation system. GT4 constantly be played by F1 and GT racer as a form of virtual training prior to the real life championship.

4) Bully

The best graphical game Rockstar has made so far. This game is similar to GTA but here you get to play as a bully who graduates from a high school and finally takes out his adulthood as a holligans. This game doesn't promote violent like gore killing but limited to physical brawl.

All the above choice is assessed according to graphical and gameplay wise. Best setup when playing all the games would be combining a 40' inch HD TV,recommendably Sony and Panasonic, with a home theatre system and a nice comfortable couch.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Prison Break Season 3

It's official. Prison Break season 3 is premiering September 17th. Hopefully we will be expecting lots more thrilling and mind-boggling action from this season as the 2nd season didn't quite live up to most of the avid fan's expectation. Anyway, there will be new cast introduced and radically difference set of prison entails in this much awaited season.

The prison Scottfield been incarcerated cleared as the worst prison ever built and nothing much to compared with the 5-star resort prison in season one. Watch the just released first 17 min premiere.

Official trailer.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


I saw her walking towards me. She saw me and I saw her. We both tagged our eyes with each other.

I was in the car and she was on road. Our distance gets closer. She walks with her friend. Pretending to listen to her friend. Her eyes was looking at my eyes.

My eyes were looking at hers. My head locked on her movement and turned as she was by my side. Her friend still talking and she still wasn't paying any attention.

We're both few feet apart. So I smiled. She smiled back at me. Such a sweet smile.

Now she has walked pass my car.

I put my head out of the unwinded window to catch a final glimpse of her. She has a nice figure. A nice bum bum.

It shocked me. She looked back at me. So I smiled and nodded and she smiled and nodded back at me.

"Can I have your handphone number?" , was stuck in my throat. I just had a big bowl of hakka mee. Very the full.

I look into my side mirror. Missing her already.

I saw myself in the mirror. Shieetttt!!!! Got one leftover mee at the tip of my mouth.

Si-beh not leng chai edi...


Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Arh!!! I forgot to brush my teeth!!!!

No girls gonna fall for me already T.T

Virtual games is a 'disease model'

An outbreak of a deadly disease in a virtual world can offer insights into real life epidemics, scientists suggest.
The "corrupted blood" disease spread rapidly within the popular online World of Warcraft game, killing off thousands of players in an uncontrolled plague.

The infection raged, wreaking social chaos, despite quarantine measures.

The experience provides essential clues to how people behave in such crises, Lancet Infectious Diseases reports.

In the game, there was a real diversity of response from the players to the threat of infection, similar to those seen in real life.

Some acted selflessly, rushing to the aid of other characters even though that meant they risked infection themselves.

Others fled infected cities in an attempt to save themselves.

And some who were sick made it their mission to deliberately infect others.

Researcher Professor Nina Fefferman, from Tufts University School of Medicine, said: "Human behaviour has a big impact on disease spread. And virtual worlds offer an excellent platform for studying human behaviour.

"The players seemed to really feel they were at risk and took the threat of infection seriously, even though it was only a game."

She acknowledged that a virtual setting might encourage riskier behaviour, but said this could be estimated and allowed for when drawing conclusions.


She said a major constraint for epidemiologists studying disease dynamics at the moment was that they were limited to observational and retrospective studies.

For example, it would be unethical to release an infectious disease in real life in order to study what the consequences might be.

Computer models allow for experimentation on virtual populations without such limitations, but still rely on mathematical rules to approximate human behaviour.

A virtual world may be a way to bridge this gap, said Professor Fefferman.

Her team at Tufts are looking to use models such as the World of Warcraft to further study human behaviour, particularly in relation to disease outbreaks.

Dr Gary Smith, professor of Population Biology and Epidemiology at the University of Pennsylvania, has been working on modelling infectious diseases.

He said: "Very few mathematical models of disease transmission take host behaviour into account."

But he questioned how representative of real life a virtual model could be.

"Although the characteristics of the disease could be defined before hand, once released into the virtual world, the study is just as 'observational' as disease outbreak studies in the real world.

"Nevertheless, I suppose one could argue that the proposal describes an opportunity for study that we might not otherwise have."

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cab driver

A taxi passenger tapped the driver on the shoulder to ask him a question.

The driver screamed, lost control of the car, nearly hit a bus, went up on the footpath, and stopped centimeters from a shop window.

For a second everything went quiet in the cab, then the driver said, "Look mate, don't ever do that again. You scared the daylights out of me!"

The passenger apologized and said, "I didn't realize that a little tap would scare you so much."

The driver replied, "Sorry, it's not really your fault.

Today is my first day as a cab driver - I've been driving a funeral van for the last 25years".

I almost burst of out laughter reading the joke while having my facial mask on.

On another note, please read this article and this if you think Meng Chee worths the perpetuate nation bashing and a defence for the aspiring composer come Malaysian singer. The opposition party, DAP has decided to provide Meng Chee a free legal aid support if ever he is drag before a court.

Friday, August 17, 2007


If you havn't notice, our traditional joker Oja has got himself a beautiful girlfriend recently. Many of his friends became envious upon acknowledge and started to avoid talking to him because of the intimidating beauty he has beside him. As his close buddy, Oja's new sworn enemy approach me to inquire further details about his recent unpredictable development in life.

I'll be the deep throat this time around because I happen to know this girl.(Yes, deep throat expose himself on his blog.How stupid) Jealousy and deploration I believe is why his new sworn enemies are cornering me for inside information.

I couldn't stand the guilt and repented after reveal some of the girls particulars hence I hereby publicly admit my sin hopefully he will forgive me.

Oja's new beauty carry by the name Jessica. Jessica Teow Gina.Yes. Her name itself denote she's a descendant of mixed culture. She hails from SMK Kelana Jaya and currently pursuing her pyschology degree at HELP College University. I've forgotten how I get to know her but yeah,I know her. I've a vague memory on how we meet purely because we're just a hi bye friend.

Some have asked me how both of them met. This I really have no idea since even Oja and the girl decline to comment on this. They are very secretive if you ask me.

Currently what I know is their usual dating spot is The Curve because the girl lives at Kota Damansara. Somewhere around Sri KDU. So to those nosy and sworn enemy who wish to stalk them, try your luck at The Curve every Friday evening. You might caught them in the act intimacing.

On the last note, I hereby wish Oja and his new beauty "pak tao dou lou,sang shuen guai zi etc etc" (happy forever and make more babies!!!)


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nose bleed

Wah!!! piao mei(beauty) ar...drools. All hail from the land of rising sun.

China's super piao mei!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Livid mode switched on

WARNING: Profanity.Not suitable for underage

I despise getting involve in an accident which not due to my dangerous driving but because of inconsiderate kiasu rotten chicken dickhead that pervades our driving community. I hate getting scolded when I was compelled to act under the duress of circumstances.

Why people like to disturb the peace of my life?

Why can't you all drive far far away from me?

Park your car diligently please,you mother fucker and stop being so damn chat kiasu ok onot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where is the bandaraya when you need one? Give me the damn saman book and I'll do the job for you.

My 2 months salary gone just like that.FUCK!!!

Confession of the deep throat

I happen to have a girl friend that unbelivably capable of alluring a bunch of my friend to go loony for her. I didn't know this until last New Year celebration when my deep throat relate to me only I knew there's a handful of my friends have actually expressed their "love" and gone after this girl friend of mine. Initially I didn't know that she has such a high demand in the market not untill deep throat told me. Yes, I'm a snob when it comes to first impression assessment.

Prior to deep throat's confession (confession means he has hearted this girl friend of mine before), I thought she was just a normal studious girl who happen to have a wide network of friend. Little did I know, there are admirers lurking among her network of friends whom I personally knew. Sounds spooky isn't it. Maklumlah, hungry ghost festival just around the corner.

Hence, deep throat exposed to me those he knew of had gone after her. To my surprise, some I didn't expect to get involve in this lovey-dovey-chinky-panky-loony entanglement is on the name list. Deep throat able to obtained the list because girls tend to flaunt out who and how much admirer she had to his prospect admirer.

It really astonished me how those admirers good at covering the tracks dissuading any doubt of linkage of himself with the girl friend. Some even went to great length to announce boycott against this girl purportedly she is a whore,bitch,liar and backstabbers. Just add in the worst adjective you can find to denounce a friendship la..

And I was naive enough to actually believe the boycott and I participated in the rally.

I tested few victim in this entanglement using my way. As foreseen, human will give multiple reason to declare innocence. The male species especially are popular for their self-ego and this brings us alot of interesting excuses on the interrogation table. Those who has strong ego will try to refute the facts I've obtained where he purported the girl is the one who make the move not vice versa. In this particular case, the victim's face has deceived his appeared robustful argument. A typical case of muka punya pasal. On the other hand, smart guys will indulge into politicking. He will tell you don't believe in hearsay for they are certain people trying to tarnish his image and even worst, "What your deep throat see and hear was just an act between us(him and her) to fend off unwanted admirer of hers and we're mere Best Friend"

For those who still live in ignorance, you must concur with me that God made two sexes because he want human to evolve through mating not through "best friend relationship". The best friend you ought to think happens between boy and a girl, it's infatuation in disguise my dear friend. And infatuation could leads a sparking love.

This is what me and my siblings has conceded.

Before I end, for those who eager to know what happens to the girl friend at this moment, she was still busy fending off fugly guys but unfortunately guys, she's attached already. FINALLY!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Tune up your car

How to tune up your car?

At one point of time, tuning up one’s car barely meant replacing points, condenser, spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, rotor, fuel filter and breather. But that was before the advent of electronic ignition system. Now tuning up your car means checking and adjusting all of the systems in your vehicle that contribute to the efficient combustion of fuel. With programmable ECMs (Electronic Control Modules), tuning up includes updating the same at least once a year for better fuel mileage. A poorly tuned car uses 25% to 33% more gasoline each year. The potential saving that tune-up offers is around 150-250 USD a year!

To determine when your car needs a tune-up, just be attentive to the vehicle’s gas mileage. If it falls by 10% to 15%, your vehicle needs a tune up. Besides, you can always follow the manufacturer recommendations given in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Key areas to tune up your car

Of the comprehensive scanning of your car for problems, some areas are essential for checkup. These points include the suspension system, the exhaust system, tires, filters and the engine tune-up.

Suspension system

The suspension system of your car provides you safe and comfortable drive. Suspension systems control the movement of the car and keep the tires in contact with the road, providing a better and safer ride.

A routine inspection and maintenance of your car’s suspension system is a must. As a practice, you must inspect shocks regularly for leaks, cracks and other damages. Observantly look for vehicle bounce, sway when cornering and tumble when braking. Uneven tire wear also may indicate worn shocks and struts. Worn struts and shocks should be replaced in pairs (left and right) and should be done as soon as problems are noted.

You can go for Eibach Springs Pro Damper Shock Absorbers for 270.95 USD and harness the power of a low center of gravity.

Muffler/ Exhaust system

Your car’s exhaust is decisive to its performance. Primarily designed to reduce noise, the exhaust system is also responsible for reducing harmful emissions. So, the mufflers, pipes, and other exhaust components must be periodically checked for any trouble and replaced if required. You may go for Walker Exhaust 18113 Universal Sound FX Muffler for 22.74 USD.


Care of tires include periodical wheel alignment, tire balancing and tire rotation. Periodical and proper care of tires renders your car fuel-efficient. In the absence of proper care of tires, you may loose gasoline mileage up to 10%!

Wheel alignment means adjusting the angles between the suspension & steering parts, the wheels, and the vehicle frame. This is done to make sure that the wheels are running parallel to one another, and that the tires meet the road at the proper angle.

Whenever you observe unusual tire wear, or unusual steering feel (the steering wheel is stiffer or does not return to the center position when released), it is time for wheel alignment.

Tire balancing involves ensuring uniform distribution of tire’s weight around the vehicle’s axle. In simple terms, there should be no heavy spots on the tire. Improper tire balancing can result into affected ride quality and shortened life of tires, bearings, shocks and other suspension components. The need of tire balancing is evident when your car starts vibrating upon touching speed of 40-45 mph.

Tire Rotation ensures that all of the tires wear evenly in order to extend the length of the tire’s life on your vehicle. As rear tires wear much less because they follow the front tires, you rotate (or change) front tires with rear tires to save one pair of tires from wearing out too quickly. It is always advisable to rotate tires every 6000 to 7500 miles.


Filters must be changed regularly to ensure long life of your car. Oil filters, Air filters, PCV Breather Filter, Fuel Filter and Automatic Transmission Filter are the varying filters in your car.

The oil filter removes dirt, rust particles and other solid contaminants from oil. Oil filters should be replaced every 3,000 miles. K&N HP-2009 Oil Filter costs 9.49 USD.

Air filters should be replaced every 20,000 miles and more often if you reside in more dusty area. Timely replacement of air filter ensures that your car’s fuel injector (in latest models) and carburetor (in older models) remain dirt-free. K&N 33-2192 Replacement Air Filter costs 33.91 USD.

The PCV breather filter should be replaced every 30,000 miles; however, yearly replacements are a good preventive measure. Mr. Gasket 6377 PCV Grommet, 1.22″ Hole PCV costs 3.09 USD.

The fuel filter should be replaced every 30,000 miles at least. It is better to replace fuel filter on yearly basis. Accel 8188 U-Grv Spk Plug/Blstr Pk-4 costs 7.98 USD.

Automatic Transmission Filter must be changed every 12,000-15,000 miles to extend the life of your automatic transmission.


You should take care of your engine’s condition by constantly checking for spark plugs, distributor cap & rotor and spark plug wire sets.

Spark plugs reveal a lot about the condition of engine by its inspection upon removal. Ideally, spark plugs must be removed every 30,000 miles so as to prevent any expensive repairs later. AC DELCO SPARK PLUG Part # 41-985 costs around 6.66 USD.

Distributor cap and rotor are made up of plastic and deteriorate with age and use. The corrosion on metal contacts of both may cause misfire. Cracks within may allow moisture inside. These parts should be replaced as soon as tear wear is witnessed. Accel 8133 Cap/Distributor Rotor
costs around 17.28 USD.

With new materials and sizing, the spark plug wires do not fail easily. These should be tested for proper resistance before replacement.

The total cost of car tune-up may vary subject to your own choice in products for replacement.


As gasoline prices are going higher on daily basis, proper care of your vehicle can increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle up to forty percent. So take care of your car well and get going !

Monday, August 6, 2007


Great. My craze for black T has finally earned myself a nickname from my nephew. I'm the black shirt "kao fu" now.

Simple yet elegant. LOL. Looks like I'm not going to change this anomaly of mine for quite some time because I love it so much. So long as he remembers me then its fine whatever name he wanna called me. Anyway, can I possibly brainwash his mind and force him to call me Evo7 "kao fu" instead? Bear in mind he's still a 6 year old baby monster so he wouldn't have any idea what evo7 means.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Car of the future

Prodrive has unveiled P2, its unique two-seater sports car, which has gone from concept to reality in just nine months.

P2 is a fully working car featuring Prodrive’s latest technology and which has been entirely designed, engineered and built by the motorsport and automotive specialist at its operations at Banbury and Warwick in the UK.

P2 was the idea of Prodrive chairman and chief executive, David Richards, who wanted to create something that used the skills of every part of the business and demonstrated the company’s capabilities.

He said: “What we created is P2, a unique two-seater sports car, which has gone from concept to reality in just nine months and which is the perfect manifestation of what happens when our inspirational ideas combine with our innovative approach.”

Prodrive’s philosophy behind the design of the car was practical performance. Weighing just 1100 kg and with a power to weight ratio of more than 350 bhp/tonne, P2 is expected to reach 100 kph from standstill in under four seconds and carry on to 280 kph. Yet, despite the focus on weight reduction, P2 has all the comforts of any modern car, with a six speaker stereo system, power assisted steering and electric windows.

P2 uses a modified Subaru Impreza STi engine and all wheel drivetrain, which incorporate two of Prodrive’s innovative technologies to enhance performance – ALS (Anti-Lag System) and ATD (Active Torque Dynamics).

The two-litre flat-four engine is fitted with Prodrive’s ALS . This has been derived from the same system currently used on the Prodrive-designed Subaru World Rally Car, but modified for use on the road. ALS can keep the turbo on boost at low engine speeds, giving the car immediate throttle response and improved performance by using more of the engine’s 575 Nm of torque throughout the rev range.

To use this power more effectively, Prodrive’s ATD system is fitted to P2’s drivetrain. It uses an active centre and active rear differential to control the torque split between the front and rear of the car and across the rear axle to optimise the car’s handling characteristics. For example, should the car begin to understeer while on power, then more torque will be pushed to the rear wheels, while if it began to oversteer then drive is sent to the front of the car, balancing it in all situations.

P2’s exterior and interior styling were created by Peter Stevens, who has worked with Prodrive on numerous road car and motorsport projects. His team produced a full scale clay model of the car to develop the styling and from this P2’s composite body panels were formed.

The P2 chassis was originally based on a Subaru R1 (a four seat mini car), which was completely reengineered to give P2 its coupe styling and to accommodate the new engine and drivetrain.

Every part of Prodrive has been involved in the development of P2 from its motorsport and automotive technology divisions. Prodrive’s chassis, engine and drivetrain and electronics departments worked with its in-house manufacturing operation to produce the specialist parts and electronic systems. The company also called on the skills of a number of its partners to provide additional complementary technical expertise and specialist components, such as wheels, brakes and lighting.

While P2 is a fully working car, Prodrive itself currently has no plans to put it into volume production. However, should a vehicle manufacturer approach the company to do so, it is expected that it would have a retail price of approximately £40,000.

Source: here and here

For those whose less incline to read here's a video for you.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Subaru Club not for kids

A friend of mine was recently charged for consuming alcohol together with entering an adult entertainment club while being underaged.My friend,lets call him Tommy, was unfortunately caught during a midnight police raid. I'm not sure whether should I call him unfortunate or dumb because normally we club goers who is clearly aware that we're still underage would have had few inside informers to let us know when a police is raiding. Normally these inside informers works for the club has dealed with the police officer to stage a raid just for report sake.

Tommy's story is a hilarious one. He decided to go to Subaru Club on Labour's Day eve on the reason he doesn't have to work next morning. Due to his in-excellency of date choosing, he was bound behind bars for 3 days before release on bail before a magistrate court. According to law, a suspect can be detained maximum up to 48 hours. Guess what, tomorrow is Labour's Day and it's not inclusive in your detention regulation therefore Tommy has been incarcerated for one innocent day that is our Labour's Day.

Since when does the law have holidays? This we can accede in Malaysia,our civil servant in exclusive DOES have their BUMIPUTERA rights to be lazy to file a charge against a suspect and worst the Chief Inspector of that particular police station can be uncontactable to finalise those charges on public holidays.

It's inevitable within our so-call developing society. Anyway, Tommy was never offended by this miscarriage of justice because he trully enjoys the free food while under detention.

The main reason Tommy went to Subaru Club isn't just to drink alcohol that simply but for a side entertainment which he hopes to enjoy. For those who lives in complete oblivion of clubs around Kuala Lumpur city centre, Subaru Club serve not only alcohol to their customer but also sexual service. It's secret name is Subaru KTV Club.

Now, Tommy not only doesn't get what he wants, getting laid ,he also gets a tight slapped of RM 3000 by the magistrate court which was after an appeal of initial RM 6000 fine.

This is what I call "Killing two stone with one bird"

Tommy being the bird and the stone being the offence he was charged for. Consequence, the bird knocked until its head was bloody. In another word, SOHAI~

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I've changed my car (part 1)

Not many knew I've changed my car like HongJin aka Agong for an instant. Many still thought I was stuck with my old reddish underdog looking ride. So for those who still don't already know, I'm driving an Evo7 now.

Why Evo7 asked you. Well let's talk about my old reddish underdog looking ride first. I'll named my old reddish underdog looking ride as Red Potato(RP) for simplication sake. You see, RP was first inherit to me from my brother after he went oversea to read engineering. I was left with no choice but to accept RP since she has been idle in the car porch for few months already.

So the first thing a law abiding teenage boy like me did was to stick my P sticker on RP's windshields. Next thing I would do is to bring my dad out for a dim sum. Of course NOT. I went for a spin at a nearest street to check out RP's current performance.Shamefully I've to admit, my brother hasn't been maintaining RP well before he left her for me to shag. The paintjob is peeling itself,indicator around the speedometer malfunctioned and tyre alignment was erratic. That didn't stopped me from taking a corner near a coffee shop at 80km/h. Yes, RP skidded.

On that day onwards I start enjoying taking corners at high speed (thrill of skidding) and does 360 at empty car park. My crave for death thrill is yet to be satisfied. Without the parents knowledge, I decided to rob some banks and kid's candy bar to finance my upcoming project. Yes. My ultimate Project D. From the money I illegitamately obtained, I overhauled RP's stock engine to Toyota Supra MK3 turbo Z 1987 engine. Sorry I've forgotten the engine's name. Here's the picture of the car engine I overhauled from.

The mechanic I've contracted tried very hard to smuggle it into Malaysia just for me. I'm so touched. So I give me 5 ringgit tips upon overhaul completion. At first I thought of getting the Supra engine from JZ turbo version but it's just beyond my financial capability at that time.

After the overhaul, I give her a new paintjob. From that day onwards, RP is empowered with a Supra engine underneath the local-ish underdog looking ride. That is also the beginning of the days when I get numerous summone from our friendly traffic warden for driving on bus lane,failing to wear seat belt, use handphone while driving,roadtax expired and etc etc. That is also the beginning of me starting to race with those ambitious novice Wira-lution drivers illegally. Most of this wira-lution knights seems to be very kamikaze when they're racing. Don't they ever chill or relax? Why risk your life swerving left and right lane like your grandfathers road without indicator just to catch me? Other people has family member to take care of you know.

Soon I find it boring to race with those petty Wira-lution knights. They are simply too dangerous for me. Almost forgot, the Supra engine I overhauled builds me a clean 450 break horse power(bhp).With such muscular power, next I brought my RP to nearby hill for a drift.Hulu Langat hill if you're asking. Here is where my ultimate drift machine is put to a test. Every Thursday night my RP would tear the silent hill with its robust exhaust roar produced from the great combination of both Ah Keong Ltd intake system and Apexs mis-firing system. All those Muslim cousin of us who perpetuate the hill for a dirty little shag are caught naked without clothes because all their clothes has been blowned down the hill by my RP's cukup canggih exhaust wave.

Everyday I cooked myself with Keiichi Tsuchiya's Drift Bible video to improve my drifting skill. I devote most of my time for the King's lecture. Each month I mastered new the skill required to be a drifter. I acquired the Handbrake Sideway drift,Power Over drift, Brake drift,Feint drift and Shift Lock drift in no less than 2 years. I'm a talented bugger if you ask me. Each night I'll leave several burnout and skid mark at each corner as a watermark of my success.

My existence soon caught up by few underground racer that lives nearby.Little did I know, this underground racers have frequent the hill on every weekends. They are more experience than I am. On one Saturday I drove my friend's SLK(sweet little kancil,mind you) up the hilltop to spy on all these Ah Beng racer.

There's a western restaurant located on top of the hill where it over looks the Kuala Lumpur skylight. I sat beside the large table occupied by those underground racers that frequent this hill so that I can eavesdrop anything that is of a peril to me. There are 4 guys sitting at the table. A guy with a long ponytail clad in a black T printed "I'm horny" uttered to a big figured guy on his right.

"Taiko, I hear people say many Melayu couple scared of shagging at this hill edi. Because got 1 red colour car always drift at this hill at the wrong time. Time when all people is suppose to be shagging.If this thing continues arh... i tell you the tourism at this hill especially our restaurant's name will be goreng-ed.No people will come and eat here anymore because they cannot shag after eating"

Taiko replied,"What.Cao cibai! Whose the fella creating such a nuisance to us?"

The guy with a long ponytail clad in a black T printed "I'm horny" ," We don't know la...we yet to find out his identity. You know la I where got so free to check girlfriend always want to busy with me.Anyway, I heard people say this fella's car is red in colour and the body looks abit local la...but the sounds very Japanese."

Taiko replied,"Kan nina....Wei, really so difficult to see what car he's driving meh?Ask your spy see what car he's driving.How to challenge him when we don't know what car he's driving"

The guy with a long ponytail clad in a black T printed "I'm horny" replied, " Check edi but the car no badge one"

All 3 [ -_-"] ( I don't know how to put this emoticon in words)