Friday, August 17, 2007


If you havn't notice, our traditional joker Oja has got himself a beautiful girlfriend recently. Many of his friends became envious upon acknowledge and started to avoid talking to him because of the intimidating beauty he has beside him. As his close buddy, Oja's new sworn enemy approach me to inquire further details about his recent unpredictable development in life.

I'll be the deep throat this time around because I happen to know this girl.(Yes, deep throat expose himself on his blog.How stupid) Jealousy and deploration I believe is why his new sworn enemies are cornering me for inside information.

I couldn't stand the guilt and repented after reveal some of the girls particulars hence I hereby publicly admit my sin hopefully he will forgive me.

Oja's new beauty carry by the name Jessica. Jessica Teow Gina.Yes. Her name itself denote she's a descendant of mixed culture. She hails from SMK Kelana Jaya and currently pursuing her pyschology degree at HELP College University. I've forgotten how I get to know her but yeah,I know her. I've a vague memory on how we meet purely because we're just a hi bye friend.

Some have asked me how both of them met. This I really have no idea since even Oja and the girl decline to comment on this. They are very secretive if you ask me.

Currently what I know is their usual dating spot is The Curve because the girl lives at Kota Damansara. Somewhere around Sri KDU. So to those nosy and sworn enemy who wish to stalk them, try your luck at The Curve every Friday evening. You might caught them in the act intimacing.

On the last note, I hereby wish Oja and his new beauty "pak tao dou lou,sang shuen guai zi etc etc" (happy forever and make more babies!!!)


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