Monday, November 15, 2010

Sex Ad worth the liking

Smoking can affect sex life. Kenny! Please take note.

Wide angle lense to capture birds.

Be a donor today and you can save lifes.

Selling jeans.Selling jeans only.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Bergaya to the MAX!!!!

Wa sukaaaaaa.........

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Suicide or not suicide? Or rather how it should be

If you say leaving a note behind before someone fall to their death is sufficient and strong conclusive evidence to infer that someone has commit suicide, it then begs the question why is there difference in the surrounding circumstance between Datuk Sosilawati's friend ,Sarina Jaafar, commit suicide that doesn't leave any suicide note with Teoh Beng Hock which purportedly to have leave a suicide note behind precede his fatal fall? Yet both death are classified as commit suicide.

Sarina Jaafar didn't leave any suicide note behind and the forensic are quick to conclude that she has commited suicide whilst in Teoh Beng Hock's case, the forensic are relying hard on Teoh's alleged suicide note ,which the Defence counsel are currently challenging it's authenticity and the intention behind the note if they were ever genuine, to prove that Teoh has actually commited suicide thereby release the MACC from any criminal liability towards his death.

What I wish to discuss today is the suicide note was ,according to phsychologist opinion ,would usually be written by anyone who contemplate to commit suicide. However, this expert opinion has now subject to its most formidable enemy that is the self-evident truth. If we apply the same logic propounded by psychologist opinion that everyone who commit suicide would leave a suicide note behind, the substance to the theory are now becomes questionable as Sarina Jaafar's case prove otherwise.

(I like the conspiracy theory this blogger has raise in regards to the intention behind the alleged suicide note which I find very fascinating for fictitious minded person to read)

The "Suicide note shall be written before someone commit suicide" theory will now be put to a test. If this theory is correct, then Sarina Jaafar should have leave a suicide note before she hang herself. Isn't it? However the reality depict otherwise. There's no evidence or suggestion so far that Sarina Jaafar did ever left any suicide note behind and therefore at this moment it create the presumption, which is rebuttable, that Sarina Jaafar has commited suicide without leaving any suicide note behind.

Therefore, we can safely come to the conclusion that one doesn't necessary leave a suicide note before he/she commit suicide. My contention against the expert opinion.

But here's the twist to it. (Phrase copied from a women who get flustered when people suggest her class starts at ungodly hour)

Now, can anyone tell me what's the one and only evidence or rather an event that took place before her death which I have deliberately obliterate in describing Sarina Jaafar's suicide case that will eventually prove that Sarina Jaafar actually commited suicide?

The first who give me the answer will receive my kiss!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Investors - Beware of guaranteed rents

Investment - Beware of guaranteed rents
May 23, 2007

Guaranteed Rental Returns, buy-to-let, leasebacks, buy-to-let, cash back, own-for-free - you may have been tempted by these catch words, but how good are these deals in real term and will there be any rental demand once the guaranteed period is over?

There are many developments to woo investors with guaranteed rental returns and equally many
investors have found to their dismay that the returns are not what they have envisaged.

The plan

Guaranteed rental returns (GRR) plans which have become increasingly common, judging from the press advertisements may sound enticing to investors who do not want the trouble of managing their own investments. You buy the property, and you get the rental returns thrown in with some additional perks like free stays.

Developers would agree to pay buyers rentals ranging from 8% to 12% per annum or a proportion of the purchase price for a certain length of time

While GRR could be very attractive, investors need to know that the scheme is not as simple as it seems, much like advertisements that appeal to our desire to lose weight quickly, get rich fast or strike the lottery.

Generally, GRR are best for the laidback investors. Some people will value the 'simplicity' of the deal. However there are issues that buyers have to be aware of and comfortable with before entering into such agreements.


If a developer is offering GRR, the buyer has no way of knowing whether that property is going to achieve the promised in the open market. The developer may not be able to get the guaranteed rent or the property may not be let out at all during the guaranteed period. Guarantees are often used to market properties that otherwise would not sell and many investors are shocked by the resulting drop in income when the developer is unable to continue with the scheme or worst fail to complete the project.

In addition to this, it is often the case that investors end up footing the rental bill themselves, when developers inflate the price of the property to cover the guaranteed rent. This can provide a further shock when the investors try to sell the property and realise that it is not worth as much as they originally paid for it.

* A typical mortgage lasts 20 years. If you have a guaranteed rental for just three years, what will happen for the next 17 years? You are left to sink or swim on your own.

* A typical table of returns will show potential buyers a surplus income. A potential investor has to take into account the cost of maintaining the property, the taxes that come with being a property owner, the cost of maintaining the mortgage and all other fees related to acquiring the property.

Illustration: A typical GRR scheme's table of 'returns' may look like this:
Selling Price .......................................RM320,000.00
10% Downpayment
Loan Period ........................................30 years
Interest on Loan ..............................6.25%
Monthly Installment..............RM1,773.27
Gross Rental Return @ 8% .......RM2,133.33
Surplus to Buyer .............................RM360.06
Total Surplus Per Year ................RM4,320.72

Under most GRR scheme, you will need to buy a furniture package with the apartment and commit yourself to the management charges and sinking fund of the building, on top of the regulatory quit rent & assessment tax. These will often take a substantial bite out of any rental money left each month.

* GRR are specifically aimed at selling units to investors, so you may see a situation of 500 apartments all going to the rental market rather than owner-occupiers at the end of the scheme. You will need to consider how many people will be chasing tenants at the end of the guarantee period and most particularly how many prospective tenants there are. In areas of high competition, landlords will have to reduce the rent to attract available tenants. Consequently, the market value of the properties will go down rather than up. If you decide to sell, you will also be limited to buyers who will also be mainly investors. Sellers will also find themselves competing with developers who are offering higher rental returns with new developments.

* Overpricing - When supply is more than demand, developers always look for ways to avoid having to reduce prices. While GRR may offer attractive secure returns, it will be a false economy in the long run if the buyer ends up overpaying for the property.

* A guarantee is only as good as company who underwrites it. Even if the GRR seem reasonable and are offered with honourable intentions, investors need to be sure that the developer would be able to sustain the returns if the rental or sales market were to take a turn for the worse. If developers were to default on the payments due to buyers, these buyers will likely default on their respective loan repayments, thereby setting off a chain of events with dire consequences.

* Terms and conditions in GRR agreements are not regulated by law. As such, the inexperienced investors may not understand that the fine prints are often written in the guarantors' favour. Example of such clauses: "Provided always and it is hereby agreed between the contracting parties hereto that the Developer reserves its right to terminate the GRR agreement for any reason whatsoever by giving TWO (2) MONTHS written notice to the Purchaser wherein such a case the Developer's obligation to pay the guaranteed return to the Purchaser shall cease from the date of such termination. Such notice is deemed to have been received within three (3) days from the date of the letter".

A wise investor should check the small prints for any hidden clauses that enable the developer to avoid paying the guaranteed rent and it is always a good idea to seek expert advice.

Buyers Beware

The rental market is volatile, depending on current competition and market conditions. People investing in these schemes are not just buying properties that they hope will increase in value in time, but also using 'other people's' money (from rentals) to pay for the purchase. It is, however, a cyclical market, and one is subject to the laws of supply and demand as in any other sector of the economy.

Guaranteed rents offers should be checked carefully against the local market and competition. A simple survey within the location will give an investor a fair idea of the state of the local market. If market prices are lower than the proposed rent, incentives and discounts being offered to woo the buyers, then this are issues to be considered. If guarantees of rentals are higher than the existing market rate, then a rent decline after the end of the guarantee is likely. It is a classic case of caveat emptor - rental guarantees can sometimes guarantee investors nothing but heartache.


Chicken and duck talk

Yesterday my mom left me a note on the door to my room and this is what she wrote on that piece of paper.

The paper reads "haen a coress in cooket".

I went into brain dead. I have serious trouble in deciphering the message she is trying to convey to me. It's neither English nor Bahasa but on the first look, I thought it was French.

My mom not even capable of understanding simple English langauge let alone French language. So its apt to rule out its not French language she's writing there.

For the past 5 years she has been trying hard to learn English so that she can better communicate with the children and also to avoid losing out with the pace our society is running on.

Well, I don't feel proud that my mom can't speak or write fluent English but I feel proud that my mom actually took the effort to showcase her undivided love to me the youngest son in the family and all her effort is greatly appreciated.

Guess what she actually intended to write on the note. She wanted to inform that, " have a corn in the rice cooker "

My beloved mom simply has her own unique way to tell me what she want.

That's why I love my mum.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

Un-Hari Raya views

Presence of foreign feature(things you don't normally see during hari raya) are deemed as un-Hari Raya. It was purported that the beca resemblance to a sleigh and lotus making major appearance in the one minute video are highly un-Hari Raya as this incorporation of other religion/race element other than Muslim itself have significantly tainted the holy and divine intent of Hari Raya Adilfitri celebration. This is what the government try to infer, well atleast as far as I'm concerned.

If you think this advertisement is un-hari raya, wait till you see the reality situation happening in our actual hari raya celebration.

Has it been Hari Raya's tradition to procure for duit raya?

Having to incorporate fresh element which the origins are not from Hari Raya itself, does that still make it Hari Raya to you?

The answer is YES. Despite there are outside culture element incorporate into Hari Raya celebration, it should not ultimately deter people from understand the true meaning and intent behind Hari Raya celebration that build on the grounds of unity, peace and forgiveness.

If fresh element incorporate into Hari Raya celebration could make more people happy, I don't see why we should not accept them with positive mindset?

Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada kekawan dan sedara Muslim dan non-Muslim sekalian, cuba dapat duit raya sebanyak yang you boleh tahun ini so bila time CNY datang kita judi!