Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chicken and duck talk

Yesterday my mom left me a note on the door to my room and this is what she wrote on that piece of paper.

The paper reads "haen a coress in cooket".

I went into brain dead. I have serious trouble in deciphering the message she is trying to convey to me. It's neither English nor Bahasa but on the first look, I thought it was French.

My mom not even capable of understanding simple English langauge let alone French language. So its apt to rule out its not French language she's writing there.

For the past 5 years she has been trying hard to learn English so that she can better communicate with the children and also to avoid losing out with the pace our society is running on.

Well, I don't feel proud that my mom can't speak or write fluent English but I feel proud that my mom actually took the effort to showcase her undivided love to me the youngest son in the family and all her effort is greatly appreciated.

Guess what she actually intended to write on the note. She wanted to inform that, " have a corn in the rice cooker "

My beloved mom simply has her own unique way to tell me what she want.

That's why I love my mum.