Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bukit Tinggi Part 1

My trip to Bukit Tinggi on last Christmas is relaxing and enjoyable at the same time. No doubt credits has to give to the company whom I went with. Anyway I will let the pictures do most of the talking since nowadays it’s the laziest trend in blogosphere to convey pictorial message rather than written message.

We were at the horse table where entrance fee chargable is as cheap as RM5. Patrons who wish to have a way with the horse, opps I mean who wish to ride the horse, need to pay RM25 per 10 minute ride. Cheap and reasonable. Though the ride always end up no less than 30 minutes but it's still rather cheap as how often do you get to ride a horse? Bring your loves there someday and gallop together with them. The experience you archieve is value for money.

Just look at how this young man enjoys getting a private lick from the horse(punt is strongly intended) Voyeur betul

A horse is taller than a 4WD.

The two macho fella promoting Colmar Tropicana just before the entrance to French Village.

There are some private photos of mine that cannot be publish here such as the one captures me imitating other tourist pose for the camera which I fail terribly and end up being laughed at.

Nah..just trying out the camera's longshot capability. No other ulterior motive behind this.

The infamous wishing well where the above girls in blue formerly stood at. This well is as dirty as our Klang river for Christ sake.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

9/11 resurface in Malaysia

Damn. Malaysiakini beats me to it. I was going to ask the same question when Dr.Mahathir comes out of the closet and accede that 9/11 was a staged attack. Actually the issue of whether 9/11 is a staged attack has long been concurred by the majority of well-informed US citizen that it's indeed a self-inflicted wound just to invoke a reason to go for war and they can't do anything about it. Just like The Pearl Habour. The video Dr.Mahathir was referring to when making the public statement has appeared in the net for more than 6 years now . This comes to show that Dr.M was only recently an internet savvy. The mentioned video can easily be found in video google.

If Dr. M accede that 9/11 can be staged provided you have the right resources, then the same goes to Anwar's trial or even the pre-meditated Church arsonic attack. Who has the powerful resources to ensure such drama can be carried out so diligently without flaw in the naked eyes? If you're in control of the army and police, not to forget has a hidden hand behind every mainstream media that's pivotal to propagate an ideology that only favours the whims and powerful , no doubt with such confered power you can pratically do anything you want at any scale ,be it benevolent or manevolent, and no one can do anything about it. The judiciary is your puppet.

If Dr.M accedes that conspiracy theories somewhat carry substantial weigh to explain a phenomena then this would mean the conspiracy about some fella bombing a Mongolian interpreter after he refuse to pay out the agreed commision over the purchase of submarine to the interpreter should also carry the similar weight as 9/11 conspiracy.

What is a conspiracy theory you may ask? Conspiracy theory is an explanation made out from a bulk of evidence that has connecting dots among them and it reveals the hidden truth behind what is actually potrayed.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Nothing to shout about, really

This decision is plain stupid. On my intial reading of the news, I thought it's something to be praised of since it's explicitly propagated by the media that the highest court in the land has finally make a decade wrong a right. However upon my further analyse and observation, it appears the decision is not as good as it sounds like in the newspaper.

The Federal Court has overruled a previous decision from the same court whereby now onwards, it's illegal to purchase a property from a person who is not the rightful owner of the property. This completely undermine and ridicule our Queen's most sensical principle, a bona fide person shall never be penalise for the wrong that he's not aware of. Under the Queen's law of equity, one who comes in bad faith shall never profit from his own wrong. Everyone knows this and God know this as well.

Just to give all and sundry a thumb sketch of the law prior to the abovesaid absurd decision, if you follow the Queen's law closely, if a thief steal an item lets say a handphone, and subsequently sells it to an innocent buyer who has come in good faith in believing that the handphone is not a stolen property but reasonably believe it's the thief's property, the buyer shall not be regard as stealing or handling a stolen property and is not compelled by the law to return the goods to its rightful owner because you have now became the new rightful owner.

However if the situation is otherwise, where the buyer is aware that the handphone is a stolen property and yet he proceed with purchase of the handphone then he will subsequently be regard to have appropriate a stolen property as he is completely aware of the status quo of the property , that it's a stolen goods, and the law compels you to return the stolen property to its rightful owner since you're not the rightful owner. I will draw a simple example on how bad faith should works. The simplest would be to purchase a pirated DVDs. Whoever purchase a pirated DVDs are actually commiting bad faith as they purchase something that they knew is a stolen property in the first place. Hence you're a thief according to the law.

To ease your undertanding, the deciding element to determine whether one is a thief under the law is that one must have the intention to appropriate a property by way of permanently deprieve the original owner of his legal rights shall be deemed a thief who is prosecutable under the law.

It was the state of mind of the buyer which shall determine whether he bears a criminal liability or otherwise. If you come in bad faith you are criminal but if you come in good faith you are good people. So hopping back to our argument, if a person who comes in good faith (bona fide purchaser) oblivious to the status quo of a property and reasonably believe that it's a clean (not stolen) property, he shall not be regard as a thief as he has no intention to buy a stolen goods hence do not need to return the stolen property.

After you have been educated by above unprofessional elaboration of how bona fide concept would works, let's apply it to our First Class Judiciary's rational. Now, the law no longers raise the question whether bona fide should determine whether a purchaser right should ever triumph over a careless original owner's right. Bona fide or not bona fide is no longer relevant in todays context. Today, so long as you purchase a property from a thief, you can never be the rightful owner of the property. You're as much a thief the thief who sold you the property. That's it. Period.

It's plain stupid like what I just said earlier. The law now appears to provide greater protection for careless duped owner more than protection for the purchaser who comes in good faith. The injustice created now is far much greater than injustice before. You now have to return a stolen property despite you have bought it with good faith.

The core reason for the sudden overturn of decision from the highest court of the land is not because the existing principle is unsound but because the court is trying to cover-up the loophole currently existing in our land transfer system by deviating the focus away from the fact that our land transfer system is highly inefficent and the government officials do not WORK in clean hands to upheld transparency and accoutability.

What makes you think corruption is not the reason why titles can be forged so easily?

Why penalise the weak for the incompetence caused by your own omission?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You heobag!

This is by far the best source for profanity and many great thanks to my delinquent Mr.Ja for sharing his amazing discovery with us. From today onwards, I'm a profanity-learned man. So make sure you don't step on my tail or try to be a pain in the ass to me cause now I have a long list of vulgar words to choose from to spew at you .

I feel so rejuvenated right now for having this newly enhanced capability to smut of mine. Muahaha ....( Pinky finger place at the tip of your lips and evil laugh )

I'm so enjoying this moment!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


My mom has just planted a sunflower in our mundane mini garden. What I like most about this sunflower is that it looks so beautiful especially in the morning under the morning sun beam.

So for now, I'm just eager await for bees to start paying our house a visit and let nature walk its own course.

Friday, January 15, 2010

15th : Lee Ji-ah

I will be posting up well-known Korean beauty on the 15th of every month starting Jan 2010. A special section just to bound the male readers from not having any reason to read my blog.

Google or watch in youtube and get to know more about how her contribution that turns Korea into becoming the next notable entertainment heaven in the world.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Guess who she is

No, she is not Miss India as what you all think….. but the daughter of a Malaysian Tycoon… Mr. Ananda Krishnan......... (since when do Malaysian has the hereditary of gigantic boobs?)

SILICONE -_-" Looks spine-wrecking having to carry such a huge load in front of her everyday.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Annual BBQ Session

This is probably the most humiliating annual bbq session for the habitual attendant . Everyone has their own fair share of being chided around for incompetency by newbies. How embarassing. Thanks for reminding us how lazy we are. *Chuckle*

Our usual year end annual bbq session set for 2009 was delayed to early Jan 2010 as such time better fits with everyone's schedule.

It is the most anticipated event of the year, well as far as I'm concerned, because there will be foods all around for us to barbeque and the ample opportunity to allow our cooking knack to get the better of us. I love to masak-masak, didn't you know?

The food we have for the night are such as the usual lamb chop, chicken wings, sausages and sting ray. Beside that, we also have assorted type of french fries and fruits to fill our tummy up while waiting for the meat to cook. However, despite there's an unorthodox absent of potato and corn from the meal table but fret not as this has been duly subsitituted with the fresh presence of garlic bread, sweet potato and bacon that is completely new for our bbq food list. ( We're still under the vetting process to form the best bbq food list )

Our usual bbq session will be completely dull if without the cock and bullshit talk we need to share with each other. Discussion of the latest body wear - crocodile shirt - and that someone's prospect of becoming a full-time maid for the Yew family is inevitable. Imagine having to clean each and every corner of that bungalow is simply mind-numbing.

I even have problem cleaning my own house , don't say about your bungalow la....

What's a reunion session if getting wasted is not the primary objective ?

We played the ruthless game called Piramid. The rule of this game is simple. If you lose all you need to do is just drink. No hard and complex rule. So closed cards will be placed on the floor to form a piramid structure and later these cards will be opened one by one starting from the lower tier and up till the highest tier. Each player will be given 2 piece of cards in order to obtain a compatibility with the cards on the Piramid structure. If there's a compatibility , there's when the punishment starts. If the compatible cards opened falls within the odd tier of the Piramid, it's condition that the person whose turn has opened that card has to drink. However, if the compatible cards opened falls within the even tier of the Piramid, ,the person whose turn has opened that card will get to force others to drink. (This is the best part of the game) The higher the tier is, the more severe the drinking punishment will be. The punishment may goes up to 6 gulp of liquor so imagine how stressful this game is. More stress than working.

In this game, you are required to pair up with a friend whom your friend will then be your best way out of not getting drunk too fast as you get to share the punishment together. But take an advise from a well-experienced victim like me for it's not the drinking that's killing you, but it's the wrong choice of partner that kills you.

This lesson will serve me for the rest of my life. (Sibeh Oja I let you kik sei ngo). Never accept a partner who talks too much. Well, if he can avert the peril of drinking away from you then he's mostly welcomed but you wouldn't want blood gush up to your brain for the consequence you did'nt asked for . Overall, it's an enjoyable game. We all have our ball of time and much appreciate for the happy memory you guys left me with.

Ah Wang's girl-girl.

Guess what lives inside this cage. You might on your first thought think its a bird as prima facie its a bird cage to begin with otherwise the second bet would be either a hamster or a rabbit . But guess what, none of the above guess is correct.

This cage actually belongs to a

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Asian kid dancing to Timberland

I've a new video of kid who are growing up way too fast beyond imaginable time.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Gift

What are friends are for when they now and then get you these type of gifts for Christmas?

A gift that either get you public humiliation,

a punch in the face,

or a bullet in your body.

Anyway, thanks for the wonderful gift. Appreciate it alot. Selamat menyambut Tahun Baru 2010 to all of you.