Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jacko's darkest secret

Living-in nanny of 12 years exposes Michael Jackson's darkest secrets

Grace Rwaramba, the 42 year-old woman who spent five years as Michael Jackson’s secretary and then 12 year’s as his children’s nanny was probably the closest person Michael Jackson had and he often trusted her with his life.

Grace, in her first interview ever, breaks her silence and reveals how Michael lived in a friend’s basement like a rat for weeks on because he was broke, how his children were often neglected and at times afraid of him…how he preferred to spend thousands of dollars in benefactor money in antiques and posh hotels at a time when his children didn’t have a home or even a tutor to give them basic elementary education…how she often pumped his stomach after an overdose of drugs.

Uganda-born Grace revealed she fled America to join British TV interviewer Daphne Barak at her Swiss holiday home after she was abruptly sacked by ailing Jackson just two months ago. And on Thursday she screamed with shock as she learned of his death.

Grace told Daphne: “I took these babies in my arms on the first day of each of their lives. They are my babies.”

Grace claims she was sacked by Jackson because she was getting too close to the children but had fully expected to be reinstated soon.

She said he routinely fired her then begged her to return as he was unable to look after himself never mind the three children.

She told Daphne: “These poor babies. . . I was getting phone calls that they were being neglected. Nobody was cleaning the rooms because Michael didn’t pay the housekeeper.

“I was getting calls telling me Michael was in such a bad shape. He wasn’t clean. He hadn’t shaved. He wasn’t eating well. I used to do all this for him and they were trying to get me to go back.”

Grace claimed that while she gave the children a loving and stable influence they had a cold, uneasy and sterile relationship with their oddball father, with whom she was at the centre of marriage rumours in 2006. She said: “I used to hug and laugh with them. But when Michael was around they froze. I really miss Blanket
. He makes me laugh. Only recently, he decided to do a concert for me. He was so cute, singing Billy Jean and other songs by his father.

“I was laughing so hard. Prince and Paris were playing around. It was such a happy moment. Then suddenly Michael walked in and the kids just looked frightened. Michael was so angry.”

As for the masks Jacko made the kids wear in public, Grace revealed: “They didn’t like them. It wasn’t my idea. I hated it as well. So whenever I had a chance I misplaced the masks or ‘forgot’ to pack them.

“Michael always got angry. But what was most shocking to me is that the children don’t even have a teacher. They can’t play with other children and don’t have a teacher to help them learn about the world.”

Grace also said Jackson had permitted the Nation of Islam to exert an influence over him and his children.

She said: “He allowed this woman from the Nation of Islam… she was so cold and didn’t know how to hold them or how to hug them.”

Last night Jacko’s close pal Deepak Chopra confirmed: “The kids love Grace and kids called her mum. And she was the only person that told Michael the truth about his life.”

Grace also revealed to Barak how Jackson had overdosed on drugs before.

She had to step in quickly to save his life. Jacko was taking a deadly daily drug cocktail including up to three powerful narcotic pain relievers, including the potent Demerol.

Grace said: “I had to pump Michael’s stomach out many times.”

The nanny told how the 2005 child abuse case left Jackson with so little money he relied entirely on handouts and cash loans from friends.

Astonishingly she told Barak, who had recorded a series of TV inteviews with her, that even when he DID get money he preferred to blow it staying in strings of posh hotels rather than providing a stable home.

She said: “The truth is Michael didn’t have money. One day out of the blue he received some cash but instead of buying a house somewhere so we didn’t have to keep moving from one hotel to another or stay with friends, he told me, ‘Go to Florence and buy antiques.’

“He asked me to spend £600,000. But we didn’t even have a home so we had to put them all into storage.”

Grace told how Jacko had so little understanding of financial matters that cash had to be paid into HER bank account, then drawn out and given to him like pocket money.

She said that after the 2005 child abuse case he was left skint and his brother Jermaine “connected him” to Sheikh Abdullah, son of the mega-wealthy King of Bahrain.

She said Abdullah “sponsored” Jackson - paying for lawyers and other huge expenses - because he thought the singer was going to create a charity and make a CD with him.

Grace said that after Abdullah later sued Jacko, the singer at first denied ever getting money from him.

But she added: “Michael just did not have a clue about have money.

“The Nation of Islam was telling him that the house we had in Los Angeles, after Neverland was sold, cost £60,750 a month.

“But I checked with many real estate agencies. To rent this house should not have cost more than £12,000-15,000.

“And once he got a £600,000 offer to make an appearance in Japan. But there were a lot of different business parties involved and I warned him that by the time everyone took their cut he would end up with a very small amount. He didn’t want to hear. He flew to Japan and got £121,500.

“Then he got a second proposal to go to Japan and this time there was only £121,500 on the table.

“He went and then decided on the spur of the moment to attend the birthday party of the son of Sultan of Brunei. He spent all the money from Japan staying in a big expensive hotel.”

Grace revealed how, shortly before his death, Jackson was forced to bed down in the New Jersey basement of one of his former employees.

“We were running out of friends,” said Grace. “But we suddenly showed up at the home of Frank Tyson. Now Frank’s family isn’t rich. They have a small house. But we stayed there for weeks. I felt so bad.”

Grace also feared the pressure of his forthcoming London O2 comeback tour had taken its toll on Jackson.

She believed he was in such a state that he did not even REALISE he had signed up for 50 dates.

The tour had been eagerly awaited as the King of Pop had not set foot on stage since a disastrous appearance at the World Music Awards in 2006, when he managed to sing only two lines of We Are The World.

Grace said: “Fifty performances! I said, ‘What are you doing?’ He said ‘I signed only for 10′. He didn’t know what he was signing. He never did.”

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Since when I say I wanna buy that house...

I was bored going back to my older post to refresh what've written ever since I started this blog of mine. Then I come back to my blog post that I write about me visiting The Peak@BukitPrima http://emonell.blogspot.com/2007/12/peak-bukit-prima.html with my mom and I was surprise to see that a real estate agent unexpectedly responded to my blog post and leave the following comment.

Dear Miss,

I saw that you are interested in this 3-storey Semi-D in Bukit Prima.

http://emonell.blogspot.com/2007/12/peak-bukit-prima.html ,

Just an brief introduction about myself, I am RS an agent from HR United Group, I see your in interest in this project.

FYi, there are only a few units left for this project, I can help you if you need 100% loan on buying this property (meaning that no down-payment is needed),

The Sales & Purchase agreement is also waived.

Please contact me for more information.


RS Liew
Agent, (016-6110011)
HR United Group.

First of all, I was abit mm song because this Liew refered me as Miss...dulan betul. I'm Mister la. I was really surprise that my so unpopular blog also got real estate agent dropby one.

My mom decided to settle for a much affordable house somewhere nearby The Peak@ Bukit Prima under the similar house description so I wouldn't be bother to reply this humble RS agent from HR United Group however his/her reply has left a doubt in my mind. Although I'm not an expert in Sales and Purchase Agreement thingy , I was wondering can we really get a 100% loan to buy a property?

The last I've heard only that cheapo quality Kia car manufaturer is offering people zero downpayment and 100% loan agreement to purchase their car.

It's quite far-fetched to believe that we can obtain 100% loan to purchase a landed property. At this moment I have not confirm such believe with my mom yet as I wrote this piece of writing in my blog. Considering the property my mom formerly interested are 800K at bare minimum , it's impossible for a person to obtain 100% loan right? Too good to be true.

However I've consulted a friend of mine whose a former bank manager, he said such ruling ( to offer 100% loan ) is not impossible. It can happen for a new housing development but it's high unlikely to happen for a second hand house. Reasonable.

However in my personal view, I do not think it's viable to give out 800k loan without any security as consideration. It takes a dreadful years to pay off the loans and consider the interest attach to it. What if the bank give out 100% loan and the purchaser defaulter the loan within years after obtaining the loan due to financial incompetency? But anyway, if you work as a Regional Manager or a CEO, with such a reputable job title as a bank , I myself would not hesitate to give out the loan because your salary can clear off the loan in matters of months. I would reasonably hesitate to give you this loan deal (100% loan) if your monthly salary is not even minimumly taxable by the government . It's ridiculously stupid to contract with a lack of means purchaser. Bank would go bankcrupt if all borrower can't repay the loan.

Do you know that CIMB CEO Datuk Nazir Razak is the highest paid CEO of GLC companies in Malaysia? His salary is 9.35 million leh... every year also can buy one ferrari as a toy for his grandson.

So all this agent promise you 100% loan is purely inducement la...at the end of the day the bank still require to look at the borrower's background before settle down with such lucrative loan deal. In our life there's nothing without condition.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The other day I had a small pep talk with a girl on msn where she relayed to me about her numerous experience with boys who have ulterior motive wanting to have a way with her. You know, the scenario where a typical playboy only want what’s in the girls pants and will immediately dump her once they get what they came for. Anyway, the reason why I'm writing this is to create awareness and to help you to pre-determine exactly when a playboy is lurking beside you so that you can be prepare not to fall for their dirty sex-capade trick. If he gets you pregnant, you will be at losing end not him.

She told me these type of guys are very immature as they adopt the common tactic to pick up girls and she personally find this rather bland and not unique at all. On the other hand, from the way they bring up themself you can safely conclude that they're here just for the sex but not for love because they present themself like a gigolo would present.

Here's few example how to distinguish them.

These are the common phrase they will you use to attract young innocent virgin girl

1) I'm handsome and girls like my body very much. Do you like them?
2) I only like pretty girls
3) Do you know how much I miss you? Do you miss me?
4) Did I already tell you that I'm good looking?

Heavy self-praising is their way of picking up chicks. We both concur that the best way to decide when a person is a playboy is when he say "I love you" before deeply knowing you. If he doesn't know her full name what makes you think that he's even sincere in having a relationship with her. These type of playboy only fall in love with girls outer beauty but not their inner beauty. So long as the girl is pretty, no matter what it cause he will abuse the word " I love you " in order to get what they came for because the 3 robust word will hit any girl's soft spot as biologically women are relationship oriented creature.

And when the girl reply that she's not interested with him because either he's not her type or she's with someone already, the guys usual respond will be

1) Oh..I'm so jealous of that guy having you to love him. I wish I'm him

Their scope of conversation with girls more or less are very orthodox. They can't engage into talks on topic beside how much they love you. They will get stucked if you ask him about general topic, mechanical, politics, science or cooking. All they know is how to flirt and pamper you with words on how pretty you are without respecting your dignity. Better yet his own dignity.

He will focus only on both person’s outer beauty pushing for the idea that only the pretty and good looking ones are meant for each other. Imputing you and him are destined for each other. This is easy trick because mostly girls are easily fall prey for sweet talk.

This is the type of guy I would just say it to his face " if you want to get laid so much try going to the club and pick up those frequently wasted rich girl cum prostitute and get her pregnant at your pleasure . May you contract flower in your future sex endeavour ." Peace out.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fucking life saving gadget

How to Spot Your Boss is Coming?

The mirror for your computer screen. Imagine you are at work, watching the posts on Damn Cool Pics or playing some game on your pc. Suddenly, your angry boss comes behind you and sees what you’re doing. Well, you can imagine what happens next.

So, to avoid this, you install this mirror on your computer screen and you can always see when your boss is coming, then, you open Word and continue "working".

Monday, June 22, 2009

Top Gear The Stig Revealed!

Based on the comment received in youtube, the revealed Stig identity appear to be under dispute. Only fraction of the viewers believes it was the REAL STIG. Do you believe it? I'll leave you to do your own judgment.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dewberry flavour

All this while I hate perfumes because I dislike the strong chemical-laced odour perfume released as I find such smell unnatural. Irregardless whether it's CK, GUCCI, LV or Prada or whatever famous perfume brand out there I will still find them irritatingly distasteful. In my own dictionary, those body perfume is termed as smelly.

I only savour natural smell.

Perfume often turns me off because perfume is like make-up, they create a boundary between me and the natural sense of the cosmetic product user. I wouldn't fall for a girl just because of her make-ups or the fragrance of her perfume. I find such cosmetic products sheer deceiving because you're basically inducing opposite sex via a facade something which is not naturally produced by your body. Imagine kissing a girl with heavy make up on her face. Eewwy...

To raise a note, there's nothing like a smell of fresh air in Cameroon Highland. Arh..those natural fresh air smell. It helps me to relax all my senses. Bring me go to cloud nine.

Beside body perfume I also avert from room and car perfume. Those picit2 perfume euk...so tak boleh tahan.

However, recently I've developed a strong liking towards one particular unique natural smell that is dewberry. It doesn't have strong smell merely light in nature. Such taste really indulge me the freshness smell of a dewberry farm. Everytime I smell it, I feel very ecstatic. Now I can't live without smelling it. Shit. I'm being possesed by this smell. There must be a witch somewhere out there trying to control me using this good smell. Total loss of inhibition.

Anyway, I'm getting myself a dewberry perfume soon. Not matter what it takes. I want my room to be filled with dewberry's smell!! ASAP

Small note: I may have mixed up the difference between perfume and oil scent but tak kisah la...janji i love dewberry

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I oppose the greater protection for foreign maids

I strongly oppose the establishment of somewhat a trade union alike for the foreign maids because the disadvantage outweighs the advantages of having one. Providing greater legal protection to maids is always a NO-NO for me. The more protection we provide them, the harder for the employer to ensure them to carry out their job responsibily as the maids will become more bold possibly go over their employers head causing greater erosion of employer's protection.

First and foremost, we must apprehend the general jobscope of the maid before we shall constructively criticise against the greater protection for foreign maids in our country. Maids does the work of a housekeeper such as cleaning clothes,washing cars, wash dishes, sweep the floor,clean toilet and some even cook dinner (you must be crazy to eat their food after where their hands have went to)come in to reduce or usurp the domestic burden any contemporary working parents would have at home.

Working parents need maids for their benefit so that they wouldn't be tied up with housework, affecting their working performance. Work should be more important than housekeeping because work give you income and housekeeping merely give you fuss. Therefore existence of maid is to ensure working parents able to emphasise and focus more on their career without being necessary distracted by additional tedious brunt entail from housekeeping which they don't really need after work.

Let's us then understand maids in their own context. What are maid? They are the less qualified people on earth. They receive the lowest education which justify their zero logic usage in carrying out their housekeeping work. They does the most easy job on earth. All they need to do is to carry out the same work everyday. Although they might me tedious at times but that's what you get if you want easy pay job. Otherwise we would have hired a rocket scientist to clean and iron our clothes. Obviously with such a low class work, you can't expect to treat them like an emperor.

Okay. Now, the reason why I stand firm that we should imposed more restriction on maid as oppose to freedom in their work is because first, they are foreigners and we're required to be authoritative so that they could carry out their work orderly and efficiently otherwise they would laze around doing nothing in the house with those paid salary. We expect them to do their work without us further instruct them after the 1st or two guidance.

If you don't already know, normally those foreign maids you hired like from Indonesia,Vietnam,Cambodia they are those who lives in KAMPUNG and have never seen city light before. They got no brain and even if they do, they don't know how to use them because they do not receive any proper education before. Therefore sometimes you may need to whip or cane them in order to make them listen to you. We do not whip them out of fun. We whip them so that they will do their job properly.

The problem with giving authority and instruction to them may entail a drawback that they might think that you are discriminating them through the inhumane degrading treatment. Of course they would think such a way because they are mentally challenged. What most of the employers does to the maids are actually the usually treatment parent apply when they are educating their own children. Beat ,scold and cane( Of course this doesn't include YTL or Vincent Tan method of teaching. Rich men doesn't know how to educate their son except giving them unlimited credit gold credit card ) If you did something wrong, we tarik telinga or cane your paw. But maids are adult people and not chilren anymore so tarik telinga is not hefty enough to sanction them for doing something wrong.

You remember the incident when a chinese employers has been found guilty for abusing her maid, pouring hot water on the maids body and iron her nipple? You must not be swayed by the biasness , blindly accept the news published in the newspaper as acceptable truth and treating the law to always uphold justice. Justice in law is generally skewed. If you look from the employers perspective, the reason why employer sometimes have taken up such drastic measure is because the foreign maid is getting up the employers nerve for boldly defying orders. If your maid constantly defying your orders and doesnt accede to your command after you have paid exorbitant amount of money to hire them, what will you do? Of course you will turn livid and when you're angered that's when unforeseen circumstances will happen. The mental strain inflicted on the employer by the arrogance and obstination of the maid will cause the employer to release those long perpetuate anger onto the maid.

The maid is the main cause for the employer's action. Anger and pressure is the biggest biological influence for explaining criminal behaviour , a fact I learned in the course of my criminology study. On a side note, countless testimonial from experienced employer( those who've hired so many maids before ) fessed that foreign maids especially those well-informed one will not hesistate to fake out an alleged abuse treatment of the employer or pretend to fall sick and wanna go home ( this will cause a loss to the employers pocket as such activity will renders employers money in hiring the maid be forfeited despite after they returned the "sicked" maid ) are the reason why employer need to control their maid's behaviour.

To be frank, I wouldn't rule out completely the possiblity of Manohara lying about his abusive husband if not she wanted money from the Prince. This view of mine is completely based on my strong stereotype against Indonesian that all of them are generally cunning money-minded bastard like our UMNO politicians.

The law appears to protect the obvious victim but not the less obvious one. Employer is the REAL victim in EVERY maid abuse case. It was because the constant mental injury inflicted on the involuntary employer by the maid that lead to such ugly episode of griveous bodily harm on them, the pariah maids. Especially those maid who are very lazy.

What about the case of maid killing the employer? You think Malaysian employer could have been so cruel mistreat them until the maid hav to vindictive her trauma with a murder? You think housewife tak takut masuk penjara one ar if seriously injure them? The poor employer is the REAL victim. Most of the maids that pass the screening test before allowed to work in Malaysia doesn't undergo pyschology test. Many relevant and important personality test is precluded from being tested. If there's one or two psychopath women escaped from being detected at screening test, this doesn't mean there's no psycho maid or there right? Because this matters will greatly affect our country's foreign relation , therefore government will push strongly for protection in order to improve ties with neighbouring country who supply us with maids.

Facts: If employer injured maid, employer cruelty is given front cover but when maid injured the employer, the issue is swept under the carper.

All this problem arise because of the unscrupulous maid agency. ( I strictly oppose maid agency and travel agency ) Due to their greedy and selfish craving for easy money, they will charge their customer an exorbitant fee for every maid they brought into Malaysia under pretext that all maids have underwent rigorous health and performance testing before allowed to work ignoring the quality of those maids. Take your money first then only promise you good service. Do you know that maid agency charge an increased 93% of the supposingly fee to renew a maid visa and health record if you want them to process those matters for your maid ? My dad renewed my maid's visa and health record without the help of maid agency just below RM80 as opposed to RM1300 offered by the maid agency.

The maid agency is on the top of my blacklist group of despicable human that I don't want to interact with. (Ask me personally the rest of my blacklist group) Do you know how easy it is for them to recruit those foreign women to become maids in Malaysia? All they need is to travel to Indonesia and meet with a local runner who will induce all those easy kena tipu perempuan , normally uneducated village girls, with promise of high pay job and then arrange them to be either travel into Malaysia legally ( this will increase their price/salary value) or smuggled in and subsequently legitimized by the custom officer through a "healthy" bribe. After that, the maid agency will simply teach all this foreigners the simple housework and sell them at high price because there's a high demand in Malaysia.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pucker and burn

For the knowledge of all and sundry, here's some interesting fact I encounter while reading a female magazine my mom bought for herself. Well, if you're surprise that I read female magazine well here's more surprise for you. My mom say I'm biologically half a male and half a female. So it's legitimate alright for me to follow my feminine instinct to read up with some female health guide provided by the female magazine because it's not sissy in my own context.

Do you want to know how kissing and sex can help you girls slim down?

Yes. Yet another surprise. Girls themself doesn't even know that kissing does help them to slim down. Let me just highlight you some less obscene facts about slimming down throught the intimate ways of kissing alone(my blog here has self-imposed restriction to dissuade any posting of sex education so...my fellow pervert friend like the usual suspect, kenny don't be crestfallen yar if there's none explicit content available here)

Excerpt from the article I read

Studies in the US say that 50% of 14 year olds have experienced their real kiss (not counting the grandma kind!). Whether momentous or disappointing, chances are all we'll know before the fact about this most romantic of practices is what we have seen on TV and in the movies. In the belief that with wisdom comes strength, here are some neat facts to help you make you a more powerful...and knowledgable...consumer!

- The science of kissing is called philematology

- A one-minute kiss burns 26 calories! A long kiss makes the metabolism burn sugar faster than usual.

- It slows the aging process. (That's important!) Kissing helps to tone your cheek and jaw muscles,so they're less likely to sag

- The top five foods to avoid 24 hours before kissing are garlic,onions,fish, cheese and pastrami.

- A little pucker uses just two muscles around the lips. A passionate kiss uses all 34 facial muscles

- If you can't brush your teeth or floss, if you're not near mouthwash or sugarfree mints or gum, chewing on parsley can restore you back to sweet smelling breath

- When we kiss, our hearts beat faster and our breathing becomes deep and irregular, mimicking the response of intense exercise. So if done right, kissing canbe considered a great cardiovascular workout!

- It relieves tension. A passionate kiss is a great relaxationtechnique , says stress consultant, Michelle Kay Mcnabb. "When your mouth is in kissing position, you are almost smiling and as our emotions and body language are so closely linked, it's almost impossible to smile and feel tense at the same time," she explains. "Also, your breathing becomes deeper and your eyes close when you kiss; that's what you do when you relax. It's a perfect way to shut out the world."

- One theory says that social kissing originated with medieval knight as a way to find out if their wives had been drinking while they were away fighting.

- The average person will spend an estimated two weeks of their lives kissing

- Ancient Egyptians kissed with their noses

- Saliva contains antibacterial chemicals that kill most bacteria before the germs are passed on during a kiss. Some say the extra saliva helps prevent tooth decay by cleaning out your mouth

- Our brains have special neurons that help us find each other's lips in the dark

- In Europe it is proper to greet someone by kissing them on both cheeks

- The longest documented kiss is 29 hours by contestant in 1998 in New York

- In some places kissing is illegal. If you are in country that is more conservative like Malaysia, kissing passionately in public is frowned upon but ifyou are Muslim...be extra sensitive to you surroundings. You can get into a whole load of trouble if you don't

- It was considered a crime in Hartford Connecticut for a husbang to kiss his wife on Sunday! And in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, it was a crime to kiss a stranger

- A first kissis a good way to work out if there is any chemistry between you. If it's right, it boosts self-esteem and makes you feel good about yourself. Kissing signals our brain to produce oxytocin, a hormone that makes us feel good. It's a scientific fact that biology causes one kiss to prompt another!

Now don't just go around kissing anybody!

There's all the content that's relevant to our topic.

So ladies, if you're dire in need to burn down those calories because you're Pocrescophobia or lard-phobic...yours trully is glad to offer you the slim down service. No need to pay money, just give me an angpao enough already.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Movie Review: Drag Me to Hell

Drag me to hell.

Comment: It's been awhile since I last saw a nice horror movie like this. Seriously it's horrifying. It worth every penny you pay for. This is those type of horror movie which no one should watch alone. If you got the balls of steel to get a DVD to watch this show at home, at night, alone. I just wanna wish you good luck not to wet your pants or worst shit in it and most importantly don't abruptly turn off the DVD player after watching the first 10 minutes because that's what a whimp will normally do.

It really will give you serious shock if you ever watch it alone. Yesterday I was watching this movie with a friend of mine, there are 3 couple sitting around us. And all 3 girls from the respective couple got shocked, jumped up and screamed throughout the whole film. I've never seen such synchronised kind of reaction for a long time already. Imagine all 3 girls scream and jumped up at the same time. There's one girl that literally jump OUT from the seat she sit.

The scream these girls produce it's not like "arh..." , it's like "ARGGHHHH!!!!!" type of scream with damn high pitch voice. Girls, it's shocking for you to watch this show without the company of your boyfriend. Take my word for it.

Anyway, back to the film review away from the envisaged audience reaction for this movie, the director really played well with the superb scary sound effect and introduced new scene or method to scare the viewers which I say it's quite a fresh idea introduced by them uniquely different from all the boring expected typical scary scene other horror movie has out there.

Drag me to hell if I'm not mistaken can possibly be related to chinese Hell Lord - Ngao Tao Ma Min (Bull Head Horse Face) and this is just a western version for you.

Oh yeah , on a last note, this movie has quite a number of grosteque scene so if you plan to bring food into the cinema make sure you finish it up first before you watch this show. And lastly how many star will I personally give for this horror movie? 4 out of 5 star.

A musst watch horror movie otherwise you will be horrific outcast.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dancing Korean Police Officer

Here's a cute video to start your early boring day job.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So hot even ice also melt

OJA...Here's my 50cent advise to you. If you want to make a break through in your life, you can try taking up modelling or become private male GRO based on that ridiculous seductive and succulent striking pose of yours.

Drools. Note:This means nothing about me on sucking anything out from you okay haha.

Monday, June 8, 2009

God of Racing goes to.....rallyist

What the fuck!!!

This is by far the best of the best , the most insane, lunatic, and amazing drift run I’ve ever seen in my life. All those myth and fantasy about Japanese being the Heaven that produce God in drift racing is clearly being debunked by this

Indeed, I would concur that rally driver is always the best driver on earth. They are the real God of Racing. Ain’t your good for nothing commercial valued F1 racer Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher etc etc. Even GT racer have to bow in reverence to rally driver. Only those who can handle high speed performance car and able to make insane move with the car within second is the real God of Racing.

That’s the reason why for all this while I don’t watch F1 racing because those are not really about car racing, its entirely about money racing. The only race that could test a driver’s talent is through GT racing and rally but Rally is the ultimate driving machine to test one’s driving skill. No doubt about it.

Everytime I watch F1 racing I feel like barfing at the disgust they have turn the art of racing into. Speed so fast for what when you are bound to slow down at corners like everyone else,taking the same speed at similar turning style. Boring is not the element of entertainment okay.

I personally is a big fan of rally racing. The way those rallyist tackle the corners is mind-blowing and heart-stopping. The ridiculously insane small gap in between the car and the spectators and the edge of the mountain cause a sudden oozes of my pre-teen cum out while my jaw dropped overawe. That's the thrill and ecstatic of watching rally racer go all the way out to reach the ending point within the shortest period of time. Better than watching porn. Rally is about precision and accurate driving style which combines both offensive and defensive element of driving to create a wave of dance move. Therefore, rally is an art.

Subaru Imprezza has always been my favourite rally car because it's light and swift. My first race car that I'm going to buy definitely an Imprezza.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Public Message: Skewed facts about police

Do not go out late at night because you will either become the victim of rempit menace or POLICE's brutality. When the sun is down, the police is hardly the protector of crime but could possibly be part of the instigator of crime. In Malaysia, numerous incident has taken place where police will forcefully detain you , beat you up for no apparent reason( there's a hidden reason.please continue reading ) and drag your skinny lil ass up to the police station and continue wallop you.

The reason why police are acting like a thugs because it HELPS THEM to do their job effectively. In the sense it help them to complete their investigation to nab the REAL culprit. I had a friend who had bad experience with the police whereby he was forcefully being drag to the police station without given any reason, and force him to participate in an Identification Parade for rape offence and was release later after he narrowly escaped from bring mistakenly identified as a rapist.

You might have always wonder why when a gruesome snatch theft or house break in incident is covered front page by the press, the police happen to be suddenly so cekap at nabbing the culpable individual within hours. That's freaking fast. If they are so efficient at catching theft how come they can't catch criminals whom victim's experience doesn't get published in the press? It's can be partly true to say the efficiency is because insurmount public pressure demands them to but NOT ALWAYS TRUE.

The answer is simple. Malaysia police despite their self-proclaim having the best intelligence team on earth ( making CIA,FBI and Interpol looks utterly stupid by saying this ) they are nothing but a licensed criminals. What makes you think police can catch the RIGHT snatch theft when the motorcycle the criminal use is a stolen property and there's neither a CCTV nearby the scene of the crime? You think police will go and ask around the so-call underground people to find out who did the act? There are millions of drug addict out there. How can you possibly identify which drug addict/youth/sadistic did the act , if not possible if he's not affiliated to any gang. See the logic? Put yourself in the shoe of our dearly police officer, how would you solve the crime? Does the circumstances of the case favours the prosecution or more towards the criminal?

The way to solve crime in Malaysia is pretty simple. Get an escapegoat. In any event if the police can't catch the real criminal in order to pacify public outcry, the police could reasonably get any individual with previous past criminal record to coerce him into admitting the crime he didn't commit. That's so simple. The public sentiment are easily exploited by this trick . Basically an individual can be publicly prosecuted due to the stigma of his previous crime but not justice in the sense he had commit the alleged crime. The victim and the public do not care whether is he the real criminal for the alleged offence or not as long as they get to see someone are held responsible ,they are happy already. Therefore, justice apply to the victim and his family but not the innocent individual with previous past criminal record.

Even if they knew the criminal are innocent of the alleged crime but not other unrelated offence, the public will nonetheless likely to unreasonably allows the miscarriage of justice to proceed because the innocent criminal should deserve it since he has dirty records. This is the public perception that we grow fond with.

Police impropriety has always helped the police to do their job more EFFECTIVELY. The use of coercion to force innocent lowly paid foreign workers to admit to crime they didn't commit is the similar tactic police use to covered up most of white-collar crime like the murder of an undergraduate by the son of Malaysian politician who hold the leading role in defending BN's policy in Parliament. His name starts with the initial N. Go figure out yourself.

If they wallop you until like this, will you admit? They don't need a Guantanamo Bay to force you to admit to a crime. Our police station is a comfortably the right place to exercise such skill of kasi you blue black in the eye.

Tapi hor....if you don't arrogant and corky in front of police officer ,they won't invoke their discretion to wallop you under wide arbitrary power confered by virtue of "reasonable suspicion" ground. So the situation is you give and take. You don't mess with police they also won't have reason to beat you up in pulp.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Chivalry is dead

Girls impulsively alleged that chivalry is dead. I'm flustered by such callous remark because it outrightly implicit a derogatory assumption towards the male gender that we no longer courteous to women anymore but at the same time I would cackle at these snot-nosed's self-induced stupidity without themself actually realising the fact. Those who hang on such belief is utter nimrod.

Chivalry has never die. It will never die for christ sake so long as the human race is still distinguishable by two contrasting gender. It's disparaging to say that men no longer be courteous, irresponsibly claimed by a bunch of destined-to-be-spinster-for-life women because chivalry is very much still alive. Men has always been treating girls nicely even till now. Men will always treat girls nicely because we're naturally born that way. God created Adam to compromise with Eve. Chivalry is innate in men because the law of human nature equip us with such inborn knack so that it will help us to reach our inclination to procreate. Men are born to love women. By attacking one of the essence of men's role in the law of human nature, these bunch of despicable women are culpable for treason to the God.

Ok. Let's not try to be so divine here. XD

Anyway, I'm trying to let you know the point that chivalry will never die and the reason why some idiot say they are dead is because these bunch of despicable women are too demanding and expect too much out of guys. They grew smarter by days by hour by minute by second which sadly I would say corrupted their rational pretty much. We have been treating you people nice but yet you say chivalry is dead because you expect extraordinary chivalry . That's why you say it's dead. You're blinded by your own ego and materialism wishing only the best for yourself. You self-centred bunch of despicable women. You need to brush aside your ego in order to apprehend chivalry.

Women always expect men to open door for them then only it count as chivalry. Women always expect men to buy them flowers then only it count as chivalry. Women always expect men to tuck them up to sleep then only it count as chivalry. Women always expect men to pay for the meal then only it count as chivalry. Women always expect men to not quarrel with them then only it count as chivalry. Women always expect men to accompany them to shop then only it count as chivalry. Women always expect men to tell them how much they love her then only it count as chivalry. Women always expect men to help them at doing house chore then only it count as chivalry. Women expect men to be able to read their thoughts then only it count as chivalry.

You think men are supermen ar ?! We, men, do not express our chivalrious that obvious in most of the times. We are being chivalrious whenever we tolerate your nagging eventhough it's wee hour into the night. We are being chivalrious whenever we clean up the mess you make. We are being chivalrious whenever we refrain from engaging a feud with you even after you put our faces down in front of your bimbo girl friends.

Men are chivalrious because naturally their instinct is to want the girl to be happy. Men happy whenever women happy and men sad whenever women sad. Whenever men treat girls nicely and unannounced, and in my opinion that's the pinnacle of all chivalry.

Your extraordinary expectation from men is prohibiting you from tasting the real chivalry. If you have found the right and only one person whom you think qualify to be your soulmate to spend the rest of your life with, you will never question the integrity of the meaning of chivalry because the right person will unquestionably give you the best treatment no other men could give and no girl could resist. If you still complaining that the guy you let your hand had a way with isn't chivalry enough to you well my dear poor friend, you and him is not meant for each other. A right guy will always be chivalrious to their second half. It's an undisputable truth. Have you found the right one?

Girls sighing in pensively will say nice guys can no longer be found anymore. They are either taken or married. Well, it's not absolutely true. Yours trully is a nice guy and I have few more nice guy friend and yet none of us are attracted to you,why? Reason is simple. We will never get arouse by you no matter how frequently you flash your seductive white tigh and curvaceous ass before us if you continue having such a snobbish attitude. Girls who are narcisstic and doesn't appreciate themself will never get to taste chivalry in their life. Nice guy also have brain. They only choose nice girl. If you find nice guy not coming towards you it is because you are not nice to begin with. Start evaluating your own personality already.

( I avoid citing example how guys be chivalry unannounced to the girls because I wouldn't want to be tampering with the sacred love experience everyone ought to savour hence jeopardising the sanctity of men women's mating game, otherwise women will get smarter and when they are able to envisage what's coming then this will cause the guys having tougher time to win their heart. I won't betray my own gender :p )