Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I oppose the greater protection for foreign maids

I strongly oppose the establishment of somewhat a trade union alike for the foreign maids because the disadvantage outweighs the advantages of having one. Providing greater legal protection to maids is always a NO-NO for me. The more protection we provide them, the harder for the employer to ensure them to carry out their job responsibily as the maids will become more bold possibly go over their employers head causing greater erosion of employer's protection.

First and foremost, we must apprehend the general jobscope of the maid before we shall constructively criticise against the greater protection for foreign maids in our country. Maids does the work of a housekeeper such as cleaning clothes,washing cars, wash dishes, sweep the floor,clean toilet and some even cook dinner (you must be crazy to eat their food after where their hands have went to)come in to reduce or usurp the domestic burden any contemporary working parents would have at home.

Working parents need maids for their benefit so that they wouldn't be tied up with housework, affecting their working performance. Work should be more important than housekeeping because work give you income and housekeeping merely give you fuss. Therefore existence of maid is to ensure working parents able to emphasise and focus more on their career without being necessary distracted by additional tedious brunt entail from housekeeping which they don't really need after work.

Let's us then understand maids in their own context. What are maid? They are the less qualified people on earth. They receive the lowest education which justify their zero logic usage in carrying out their housekeeping work. They does the most easy job on earth. All they need to do is to carry out the same work everyday. Although they might me tedious at times but that's what you get if you want easy pay job. Otherwise we would have hired a rocket scientist to clean and iron our clothes. Obviously with such a low class work, you can't expect to treat them like an emperor.

Okay. Now, the reason why I stand firm that we should imposed more restriction on maid as oppose to freedom in their work is because first, they are foreigners and we're required to be authoritative so that they could carry out their work orderly and efficiently otherwise they would laze around doing nothing in the house with those paid salary. We expect them to do their work without us further instruct them after the 1st or two guidance.

If you don't already know, normally those foreign maids you hired like from Indonesia,Vietnam,Cambodia they are those who lives in KAMPUNG and have never seen city light before. They got no brain and even if they do, they don't know how to use them because they do not receive any proper education before. Therefore sometimes you may need to whip or cane them in order to make them listen to you. We do not whip them out of fun. We whip them so that they will do their job properly.

The problem with giving authority and instruction to them may entail a drawback that they might think that you are discriminating them through the inhumane degrading treatment. Of course they would think such a way because they are mentally challenged. What most of the employers does to the maids are actually the usually treatment parent apply when they are educating their own children. Beat ,scold and cane( Of course this doesn't include YTL or Vincent Tan method of teaching. Rich men doesn't know how to educate their son except giving them unlimited credit gold credit card ) If you did something wrong, we tarik telinga or cane your paw. But maids are adult people and not chilren anymore so tarik telinga is not hefty enough to sanction them for doing something wrong.

You remember the incident when a chinese employers has been found guilty for abusing her maid, pouring hot water on the maids body and iron her nipple? You must not be swayed by the biasness , blindly accept the news published in the newspaper as acceptable truth and treating the law to always uphold justice. Justice in law is generally skewed. If you look from the employers perspective, the reason why employer sometimes have taken up such drastic measure is because the foreign maid is getting up the employers nerve for boldly defying orders. If your maid constantly defying your orders and doesnt accede to your command after you have paid exorbitant amount of money to hire them, what will you do? Of course you will turn livid and when you're angered that's when unforeseen circumstances will happen. The mental strain inflicted on the employer by the arrogance and obstination of the maid will cause the employer to release those long perpetuate anger onto the maid.

The maid is the main cause for the employer's action. Anger and pressure is the biggest biological influence for explaining criminal behaviour , a fact I learned in the course of my criminology study. On a side note, countless testimonial from experienced employer( those who've hired so many maids before ) fessed that foreign maids especially those well-informed one will not hesistate to fake out an alleged abuse treatment of the employer or pretend to fall sick and wanna go home ( this will cause a loss to the employers pocket as such activity will renders employers money in hiring the maid be forfeited despite after they returned the "sicked" maid ) are the reason why employer need to control their maid's behaviour.

To be frank, I wouldn't rule out completely the possiblity of Manohara lying about his abusive husband if not she wanted money from the Prince. This view of mine is completely based on my strong stereotype against Indonesian that all of them are generally cunning money-minded bastard like our UMNO politicians.

The law appears to protect the obvious victim but not the less obvious one. Employer is the REAL victim in EVERY maid abuse case. It was because the constant mental injury inflicted on the involuntary employer by the maid that lead to such ugly episode of griveous bodily harm on them, the pariah maids. Especially those maid who are very lazy.

What about the case of maid killing the employer? You think Malaysian employer could have been so cruel mistreat them until the maid hav to vindictive her trauma with a murder? You think housewife tak takut masuk penjara one ar if seriously injure them? The poor employer is the REAL victim. Most of the maids that pass the screening test before allowed to work in Malaysia doesn't undergo pyschology test. Many relevant and important personality test is precluded from being tested. If there's one or two psychopath women escaped from being detected at screening test, this doesn't mean there's no psycho maid or there right? Because this matters will greatly affect our country's foreign relation , therefore government will push strongly for protection in order to improve ties with neighbouring country who supply us with maids.

Facts: If employer injured maid, employer cruelty is given front cover but when maid injured the employer, the issue is swept under the carper.

All this problem arise because of the unscrupulous maid agency. ( I strictly oppose maid agency and travel agency ) Due to their greedy and selfish craving for easy money, they will charge their customer an exorbitant fee for every maid they brought into Malaysia under pretext that all maids have underwent rigorous health and performance testing before allowed to work ignoring the quality of those maids. Take your money first then only promise you good service. Do you know that maid agency charge an increased 93% of the supposingly fee to renew a maid visa and health record if you want them to process those matters for your maid ? My dad renewed my maid's visa and health record without the help of maid agency just below RM80 as opposed to RM1300 offered by the maid agency.

The maid agency is on the top of my blacklist group of despicable human that I don't want to interact with. (Ask me personally the rest of my blacklist group) Do you know how easy it is for them to recruit those foreign women to become maids in Malaysia? All they need is to travel to Indonesia and meet with a local runner who will induce all those easy kena tipu perempuan , normally uneducated village girls, with promise of high pay job and then arrange them to be either travel into Malaysia legally ( this will increase their price/salary value) or smuggled in and subsequently legitimized by the custom officer through a "healthy" bribe. After that, the maid agency will simply teach all this foreigners the simple housework and sell them at high price because there's a high demand in Malaysia.


Jim said...

i agree. its always the pros and cons, good or bad. lol.

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