Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm so titillated (edited)

Windows Live Messenger suck! Uber suck!

Tried one red brownish Oakley spectacle at KLCC. It was freaking cool, on me! Hehe. The sexyness in me was undoubtly complement with its presence.

Tried another dark brownish Calvin Klein spectacle at KLCC. It was freaking nice, on me! Hehe. It awefully brings out the sexyness in me too.

Chicks definitely gonna dig it I tell you. Too bad I didn't take picture of it or else, everybody gonna melt in front of my *cough* Super-cool leng chai without objection hot look .

Both of the spectacle arouses me. I'm gonna w*nk....

Oh wait...better stop or else something extremely dirty gonna come onto my blog (pun is intended)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Barf in my dream

20th September 2007, 10.45pm

Euk! Fucking gross. I overheard an elderly couple intimating with each other in their bathroom just a few feet away from my room.

Grotesque. The teochew couple are fucking shameless. They shouted and cried out some phrase that clearly denotes dirty behaviour, such as " don't rub so hard ", " dirty foreskin ", " arh...don't come near me ", " now you can fondle for one last time "," pull it out,very geli "

My chicken skin almost shred by itself.

There goes my innocent mind being corrupted by horny seasoned couple before I sleep. Hopefully I will not get (wet)dreams of wrinkled breast and gina. XD

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Common Law

The Chief Justice of Malaysia, Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim, was pretty upset over the dissonant drawbacks from legal fraternity when he suggest to abolish entirely the usage of English Common Law(ECL) system in Malaysia and to be replaced with a Malaysian Common Law(MCL). Tun Ahmad expressed his dissapointment towards our legal experts in reference to their captive mentality and rigid accordance to English Law despite the nation being independent for 50 years. In relation to this, Tun posts four important question for the legal fraternity to ponder ;

1) Does this condition reflect that this country is bereft of legal expertise?
2) Does it mean that English Common Law is the best option?
3) Does it mean that our legal experts are still shackled by the yoke of the colonials?
4) Is it true that our legal scholars are impotent,in other wors unable to formulate and develop a legal system better in comparison with English Common Law?

There are few excerpt which I found worth a confutation/explanation in the article written by Senior Fellow/Director at the Centre for Syariah , Law and Political Science Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia(Ikim) that accede to the abrupt massive overhaul in our legal system ignoring the pre-existing problem occuring.

" Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that all our civil court judges, from the lowest to the highest, are all appointed from among Malaysians,they do not show interest or use their abilities to modify English Common Law to suit or to conform to local circumstances"

" There may be certain values in the English legal tradition that may not suit our common moral percepts. It is against there elements that we must stand united"

" Formation of Malaysia Common Law must be based on the basic law of the land, i.e. Islam and Malay custom"

I personally perceive the idea behind massive overhaul of our legal system was political based,in regards of plans to place Syariah Law supreme over the civil court and completely hinder LLB graduate( legal graduates obtaining English Law degree) from praticising in Malaysia. In respect of it, local bar council,predominant LLB graduates, have unanimously rejected the overhaul proposal as being an insignificant move where instead there should be a reform in the judicial system subsequent to internal problem related to lack of independency and appointment transparency. Dealing a matter of grave concern imperatively precede others especially when the courts carry the idea of "ultimate protector of the land" to upheld the rule of law. Fairly accused, it is pointless to change legal preference when the operative mechanism itself is subject to criticism.

ECL ought to stay for the obvious reason. Despite the nation has gradually grown for the past 5 decades, English law veneratedly being the oldest rule of law standing, is a vital reference in making GOOD law. It is impossible to ignore the well-developed law which provide the best way of preventing rights from infringement. Arguably, America has departed from ECL but America is distinguishable from Malaysia on points of its historical and cultural development,more advanced society equiped with a codified Bill of Rights, proved the country's willingness to bring the law one step further by compromising more rights protection. By making our own Common Law system, will it gurantee much effective protection of rights of current calamity?Take into consideration the multi-cultural and religious society , the ECL meddle the extent when can Syariah Law affect non-Muslim's interest in Malaysia. Hence the ECL should stay in order to ensure the protection of non-Muslim's rights not infringed by the whims of the politicians. When superiority is given to Syariah Law, it will undoubtedly turn Malaysia formerly a secular state into a Islamic state,which many can't bear the consequence of further impediment of human rights in Malaysia. It's envisaged modern democracy would be redundant if parliament is absolutely bound by Islamic laws during the process of legislating.

Besides that,the legal fraternity suffered further dependency at recent month when the quota for CLP examination has been reduced to a sheer 7%,making it totally impossible for LLB graduates to praticise locally. Amending the quota was trully a political based move as it provides immense opportunity for incompetent local law graduates (exclusive external LLB) particularly from UM and UKM to monopolise the legal industry. If MCL takes priority, government subsequently will try to revoke LLB recognition off its board of higher education in a form of eradicating UM and UKM competitors. Unsurprisingly, Malaysia government has already started this move on other profession, in an example medicine and engineering foreign degree.

In a nutshell, amending laws for the benefit of certain group can distort country's social economy causing lesser professionals to contribute service locally and prospect business opportunity will drop tremendously as businessman scouring other country to make investment,trying to evade possible political meltdown.

On an entire different note, analysis suspect the controversial flag burning photo at Batu Buruk was photoshopped!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Biased video

A video has been released filming the ugly scene take took place in Pantai Batu Buruk , Terrenganu recently. It is the only video that captured the whole dramatic incident despite the fact Malaysians' infamous posting culture of live mind-boggling video on youtube. Disticnt facts shows that many chinese journalist who present to make news coverage were either being hindered from entering the riot ground or their camera were confiscated for no substantial reason.This explain much why there's only one picture taken that night. The video below,I may quote, as being yet another controversial piece of "evidence" after the flag burning picture published by mainstream media that relate far away to what actually happened that night.

Several commentors of this video on Malaysiakini wrote the following,take heed,


" Clearly the video shows the word "UKOM".. UKOM stands for "Unit Komunikasi Kerajaan Negeri" which is the state government communication unit This shows the abuse of the state's machinery for the party's interest as in the beginning of the video it clearly shows "PAS Mengganas". Another thing is why only reporter from UKOM manages to capture the picture/video, not other reporters even from mainstream media.? and they even captured the video from within the police... why did the UKOM reporter is there if the riot was spontaniusly erupted, it must be planned before that the reporter from UKOM is there to capture the video. "

2)Hafidzul Hj Omar

" looks like d guy in serban/turban came frm d direction of d cameramen..cud he b d agent he seems to ask d boys to throw the stone..apo nak di kato..use our head and logic to c d real situation.. "

If you look at the chronology entire incident, first one and only picture taken on that night of an alleged holligans burning the national flag amid the riot was published on every news stream media. Second, surprisingly mat rempits who doesn't read newspaper knew that he has bounty over his head which again surprisingly he surrendered himself to the police the day before this video was released. Being a reasonable man, the only adducible evidence against the arsonist was a Malay citizen with a helmet covering most of his face which isn't substantial enough to prosecute any culpable offender.

Mat rempits are famous for being delinquent and precedently, they will not give in easily not without a fight. So, this anomalies does lead to the reasonable man conclude that there's conspiracy pervading the whole issue where its possible the authority force a random captured mat rempits who was found guilty of consuming drugs to take up the flag torching blame if he wish to have lighter sentence as the former offence carry heavier penalty. Better yet, force him to admit PAS directed him to do so.

This presumption has its basis actually. This happens alot to motorcylist who always ride at night where they were often accused for offence which they didn't commit. Some of the heard experience was a Singaporean who ride his bike onto Johor at night to have supper and on his way back, he was trapped in an illegal racing raid as a particular stretch of road heading towards Singapore was blocked both end. Police then begin to interrogate each motorcyclist. The victim claimed it's more like an army raiding a small group of bikers at that time where helicopter and massive truck were used during the whole operation. The victim claimed that despite the fact they were cleared of any offence, he still have to roll his bike back to the police station to complete the interrogation reports. The next day, newspaper reported a group of illegal racer has been nabbed together a picture of a line of motorcyclist rolling their bike from a bird's eye view.

On different occasion, a motorcyclist was stopped by a group of unidentified males came out from a hidden bushes not far away from a police station and dragged into the face recognition room like a dummy. He has to endure the fear of possibly being shortlist. How outrageous is this. The mental assault he endure shouldn't have taken place at all. He would have feared for his life of being gang raped by those unidentified males prior the arrival at the police station. Yet, he wasn't been compensated for the shock he suffered. Atleast a couple of ringgit shall do.

Speaking of police, here's a witness who saw the entire episode when the alleged police officer released 4 live bullet on civilian.

Friday, September 14, 2007


I've this particular girl friend that always gets on my nerve. She always question my capability and often "sound" condescending whenever I present my view. She's the only girl that could step on my tail without me able to deflect those harsh cruel malevolent sarcastic words used upon me. It's so unpalatable when she always ask question that I can't answer except giving in to her. Question that only leads to one answer which is utterly damning against me.

Despite the argument and despication, I still love going out with her because it's an everyday challenge to actually someday I can get back to her. The usual defense I had whenever she got me speechless was, "I start to have this feeling that you're(girl friend) a guy who loves to see girl(me) suffer".

This is the only moment where I feel I was physically born as a male but biologically a women. I'm so frail. Unable to fight back. A sudden sissy[ness].

Anyway, I personally feel she will turn out to be a successful women someday because she has the criteria,potent psychology and high self-esteem, that could bring her up onto stage of success without avail. So I hereby giving her my full support in her endeavour

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ghost of law

I stumbled upon one of my mates MSN display pic. He erected a buddha statue photographed from alleged one of Singapore's temple that have 100 buddha statue displayed at the same time. Curiously I inquire further. Below is our electronic conversation.

Me: Are you a Buddhist?

Mate: Ya

Me: Are you scared of ghost?

Mate: No. What makes you say that?

Me: Then what you need that buddha statue on your msn to guard at?

Mate: Lol...(Typical reply)I took it from a Singapore temple. I find it fascinating. The temple have around 100 piece of similar statue erected,for your info.

Before I could reply.

Mate: There is no such thing as ghost. Those who study legal should know.

Me: Since when does the law assert the non-existence of ghost?

Mate: -_-" I don't know la.....

The froth that I get myself into, priceless.
(Initially I written statute instead of statue. A typical regurgitation effect)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I'm yet to resilient from excruciating phelgm cloaked sore throat pain. The agony I've to endure is simply dreadful. Unable to proceed food consumption at usual pace.

It's brain tormenting. I've an important wedding dinner to attend soon and I don't wish my germs being contagious to the guest.

The likelihood of deteriorating in health is I have low inhibition towards nice food. I've got to pay the price if heaty food is perpetuate on the eating menu.

Monday, September 10, 2007


Never ever trust the printed dailies. Especially The Star newspaper. The Star journalist has greatly undermines journalist professionalisme by reporting filtered indistinct facts. The dignity they used to reverended is tarnished by their own obsequious behave to serve the unscrupulous government of the day.

Fortunately ,the purported aggresive ceramah clash in Terengganu's truth has been brought alight by blogger who strive for truism. Below are the posting by Roslan SMS Corner entitle " Apa yang sebenarnya berlaku di Kuala Terengganu?"

Ia sepatutnya menjadi majlis ceramah umum. Tuan rumah di tempat ceramah tersebut telah berpuluh kali membenarkan kawasan rumahnya dijadikan tempat cermah oleh PAS, dan sepanjang sejarah tidak pernah berlaku gangguan apabila majlis-majlis ceramah dianjurkan di situ.

Tiba-tiba pihak polis enggan memberikan permit apabila BERSIH atau Gabungan Pilihnaraya Bersih dan Adil (badanag dianggotai PAS, PKR, DAP dan beberapa NGO lain) mahu mengadakan ceramah di tempat yang sama. Alasan-alasan penolakkan yang diberikan semuanya bukan merupakan isu sebelum ini.

Lalu dipaksa batallah majlis tersebut. Yang menjadi isu adalah cara bagaimana ianya dibatalkan. Pihak polis melalui FRU menggunakan gas pemedih mata dan memancut air dari water canon nya. Itu taktik biasa, walaupun pada malam tersebut tindakan itu dirasakan amat keterlaluan kerana pihak penganjur telah pun berjanji akan memaklumkan dari hal pembatalan itu kepada yang hadir secara aman.

Isu yang paling besar adalah seorang anggota polis telah melepaskan tembakan dari senjatapinya, peluru hidup ke arah mereka yang hadir. Menurut laporan para pendokong PAS yang terlatih telah mengenal-pasti seorang penghasut dikalangan mereka, yang tidak dikenali. Dalam suasana haru-biru itu, seorang penghasut upahan memang mampu membakar semangat dan mencetuskan lagi ketegangan. Lalu beliau telah dipeganga dan didapati rupanya beliau seorang anggota polis yang tidak beruniform.

Apakah tindakan anda jika berada dalam situasi itu? Dahlah suasana tegang rupa-rupanya ada pula penghasut yang mahu menghasut agar para hadirin yang hadir melakukan keganasan! Bila diselidik, penghasut itu pula rupanya anggota polis yang sepatutnya memelihara keamanan. Lalu patilah mereka yang hadir akan marah.

Kalau sekadar hadir berunifrom seperti anggota FRU dan pegawai polis yang lain, tak mengapa, mereka dapat dicam dan dikenali dan mereka biasanya tidak membuat kerja-kerja biadap ini. Tetapi yang ini hadir semata-mata untuk membuat kacau.

Siapa pun yang waras yang hadir pada malam itu akan marah dan bertindak. Lalu si penghasut tadi dipegang, dan dalam kekalutan itu, beliau yang menempah penyakit, cuba melepaskan diri lalu dilepaskannya beberapa das tembakan dari senjatapi yang dibawanya.
Hasil dari tembakan itu terkena seorang bernama Suwandi Abdul Ghani di dadanya (diberitakan baru sahaj menjalani pembedahan di HUSM, Kubang Kerian) dan seorang lagi Muhamad Azman terkena dileher dan kini berada di Hsopital Kuala Terengganu.

Mengapa perlu ditembak dengan peluru hidup?

Tajuk akhbar hari ini sepatutnya bukan: 4 polis cedera rusuhan di Kuala Terengganu (Berita Harian) atau RM1 million damage 23 held (NST) 27 held and 7 injured in riot (The Sun) tetapi sepatutnya:

Polis tembak peluru hidup ke arah orang awam!

Sebentar tadi pihak BERSIH telah mengadakan sidang akhbarnya, dan tuntutan utama mereka agar satu Suruhanjaya Di Raja segera diadakan bagi menyiasat punca kejadian ini dan apa yang yang sebenarnya berlaku. Jangan kerongkong kita disumbat dengan versi pihak polis dan Umno/BN Terengganu. Biar siasatan terbuka dan adil dibuat. Kalau benar yang bersalah BERSIH atau PAS biar kita bongkar, sebagaimana kalau yang salah polis dan Umno/BN biar kita bongkar juga. Biar rakyat tahu yang sebenarnya.

Kerana kini ada pihak yang mengatakan rupanya kejadian ini sudah pre planned. Sengaja diadakan untuk menggagalkan ceramah BERSIH dan menghitamkan wajah pembangkang khasnya PAS dan PKR yangs emakin mendapat tempat di Terengganu.

Ayuh atas darah dua orang rakyat Malaysia yang tumpah di bumi Batu Burok ini kita tuntut agar Suruhanjaya Bebas Di Raja segera dibentuk biar rakyat Malaysia sendiri mengetahui apa yang sebenarnya berlaku.

Do you feel insecure at this moment? Contemplating a migration?

Well, definitely I am right now.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Chef Wantan

Dad was expected to be back late therefore we've to cook the rest of the dishes for dinner on our own.

Me: Bloody hell. He left us with 2 unfinished dish to cook.

Mom: I asked the maid cook the rest.

Me: Hell no! I'm cooking. How can you give a non-chinese to cook chinese cuisine?! It's like stuffing shit into your mouth. ( I was pretty vulgar at home if you havn't notice)

I hence proceed to ask the maid to prepare all the required cooking utensil.

Maid: You cook?

Me: Yeah. ( heavy sarcasm)

I commence with boiling the vegetable. A simple job that I've done numerous time. I let the water boil then sprinkle relevant condiment addition of some cooking oil. I then soak the vegetable until they turn into cooked colour. Means dark green la ,you noob! I picked a stem and give it a chew. It was crunchy. Cooked crunchiness. After that I placed all the cooked vegetable onto a plate, my assistant the maid, interupts,

" It's not cooked yet" ( My maid speak english)

" It's cooked ,damn it", I replied vigorously.

Next dish I was going to prepare is my mom's hometown, Bahau, signature chicken dip sauce. All the necessary ingredients are garlic,onion and ginger. All chopped into tiny pieces and then dump them into a ditch of boiling oil. Stir until it turns goldish colour. Add salt into the ditch of oil. Continue stirring and's done and ready to be served. Top the sauce with onion leaves.

I was half naked during the whole process and my maid was so eager to see me got boiled by some splashing hot oil. Unfortunately she didn't get the chance. Pity her.

I was pretty agitated when my maid condescend my cooking skill. The fright in her eyes is so flustering. Make me wanna spank her with the pan. For the record, the male species in my family has better cooking talent compared with the female species. My mom has a pretty bad sense of taste when it comes to cooking while my sis only know how to make nutritious food. Those grotesque blended juice. Euk..wanna barf whenever I recall of that. My dad learned cooking himself from those aunty tinggal kat rumah sebelah and used most of my mom's hometown recipe in his cooking menu.

My friend once asked me how many times have I cooked for a girl. I just told him , "definitely more than once"

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Ambang merdeka

Ahmad Lufti Othman[Source]
August 31,07

Ketika saya dan Pengarang Harakah, Taufek Yahya memikirkan tajuk muka depan Harakah keluaran 1-15 September 2007, ada tiga tajuk yang kami bincangkan, iaitu "Sambut Merdeka Untuk BN", "BN Rampas Sambutan Merdeka", dan "Merdeka Jadi Kempen BN".

Apabila kami memilih "Merdeka Jadi Kempen BN", tidak terlantas langsung bahawa sambutan Di Ambang Kemerdekaan malam tadi akan menjadi lebih buruk, sarat dengan propaganda murahan BN (dulunya Perikatan) dan begitu meloyakan.

Malah, bagi saya, sambutan yang dianggap paling gemilang itu (dan pastinya paling banyak menghanguskan wang rakyat walhal ia tidak dapat menyemai semangat patriotisme warga) akan dikenang sebagai acara yang sebenarnya dianjurkan oleh parti pemerintah (dan bukannya kerajaan) untuk berkempen politik menjelang pilihan raya umum ke-12, tetapi dengan menggunakan dana dan kemudahan awam.

Menjelang Maghrib semalam, ketua pemberita Harakah, Wan Nordin Wan Yaakob menghantar SMS kepada saya, maklumkan gelagat dan aksi hadirin yang mula memenuhi Dataran Merdeka. "Di antaranya, Puteri Umno yang bergurau-senda dengan anggota Pemuda, tampar menampar, tidak hormat langsung azan," SMS Nordin dipetik.

Ia tentulah langsung tidak mengejutkan kita, apatah lagi mutakhir ini pelbagai gosip tentang perlakuan "luar batas" wakil rakyat Umno, baik lelaki mahupun wanita, heboh diperkatakan. Dan masyarakat umum pun sudah "mangli" dengan hal berkenaan.

Beberapa rakan Pemuda Umno juga agak kerap "membuat lawak kotor" perihal hubungan mereka dengan anggota Puteri, terutama semasa kempen-kempen pilihan raya kecil.

Apa pun, ketika menyaksikan lintas langsung dari Dataran Merdeka, sebelum ketibaan tetamu kehormat, darah saya mula menyirap. "Apa sudah jadi ni? Sambutan merdeka atau perayaan Umno?" Jerkah saya apabila nampak bendera Umno berkibaran di mana-mana, memenuhi padang, sambil bendera dua lagi parti utama komponen BN, iaitu MCA dan MIC kelihatan beriringan.

Anggota Putera, Puteri dan Wanita Umno berpakaian rasmi parti, seolah-olah suasana perhimpunan agung Umno di PWTC. Begitu juga dengan rakan-rakan sejawat mereka dalam MCA dan MIC. Wahhh ... mudah sekali "Perikatan" hijacked sambutan merdeka selepas segala fakta sejarah menyingkirkan penjajah British diputar-belitkan.

Mata saya berbinau-binau melihat panji-panji tiga parti berkenaan melingkungi lokasi strategik, bukan kerana marah di atas sentimen politik kepartian, tetapi jelak dengan sikap penguasa yang begitu rakus-tamak memanipulasi apa jua keadaan untuk kepentingan mereka. Bagi saya, ini satu penyelewengan dan salah guna kuasa yang cukup ketara.

Belum cukupkah dengan senarai panjang korupsi Umno-BN memilikpartikan segala kemudahan, jentera dan dana awam? Belum puaskah dengan komisyen politik (rasuah) atas setiap projek "pembangunan", daripada projek potong rumput, papan tanda jalan hinggalah kepada pembinaan Istana Negara baru dan Port Klang Free Zone?

Ya, kalaupun mahu berkempen, bersikaplah bagai anak jantan, guna peruntukan parti sendiri (itupun pastinya dikumpulkan melalui tebaran rangkaian korupsi yang makin canggih).

Isteri saya yang ada di sebelah hampir tersedak. "Sabarlah bang, bukankah dah jangka dulu lagi?" katanya cuba menyejukkan gelora di dada saya. Beliau mungkin merujuk kenyataan Rais Yatim - menteri yang bertanggungjawab mengendalikan acara sambutan merdeka - tidak lama dahulu, yang menjelaskan bahawa parti-parti di bawah Perikatan yang kononnya bertanggungjawabkan memerdekakan negara akan diberi penghormatan khusus.

Nurin, anak bongsu kami, riang apabila melihat sausana di Dataran Merdeka. "Nurin nak pegi, nak pegi ...," sambil menunjuk kaca tv, mungkin mengingatkan kami baru saja membawanya ke sana, tiga malam lalu, ketika persiapan akhir sibuk diatur.

Abangnya, Umar Mukhtar menyampuk: "Tak baik ke sana Nurin, itu tempat Umno." Biarpun baru sembilan tahun, Umar mempunyai tanggapan negatif terhadap apa saja yang dikaitkan dengan Umno.

Baru-baru ini, Umar bertanya saya: "Ayah, mengapa orang perempuan Umno jarang pakai tudung? Umar tengok mereka pakai tudung waktu orang mati saja. Itu pun bukan pakai macam tudung ibu, masih nampak rambut." Saya rasa Umar tidak maksudkan isteri Perdana Menteri atau isteri timbalannya. Takut nanti saya dituduh "menghasut" anak saya "derhaka" kepada pemimpin utama negara pula.

Saya mulanya tersandar keletihan kerana seharian ziarah saudara-mara dari Tanjong Karang, ke Bukit Badong dan seterusnya Kundang bingkas bangun untuk mempastikan betul-betul apakah benar "Perikatan" yang diketuai Umno sudah menawan (sebenarnya menjajah) Dataran Merdeka.

Tidak syak lagi. Pandangan mata saya tidak dibohongi. Memang bendera Umno bersama MCA, MIC, berceracak di segenap pelosok padang bersejarah itu. Saya segera menelefon beberapa rakan untuk meluahkan rasa jengkel di hati.

Mereka turut berkongsi rasa, malah ada yang melepaskan geram dalam nada lebih keras. "Biasalah tu, perangai anak-anak warisan penjajah," kata seorang darinya

He say bersambung wo....