Monday, September 17, 2007

Biased video

A video has been released filming the ugly scene take took place in Pantai Batu Buruk , Terrenganu recently. It is the only video that captured the whole dramatic incident despite the fact Malaysians' infamous posting culture of live mind-boggling video on youtube. Disticnt facts shows that many chinese journalist who present to make news coverage were either being hindered from entering the riot ground or their camera were confiscated for no substantial reason.This explain much why there's only one picture taken that night. The video below,I may quote, as being yet another controversial piece of "evidence" after the flag burning picture published by mainstream media that relate far away to what actually happened that night.

Several commentors of this video on Malaysiakini wrote the following,take heed,


" Clearly the video shows the word "UKOM".. UKOM stands for "Unit Komunikasi Kerajaan Negeri" which is the state government communication unit This shows the abuse of the state's machinery for the party's interest as in the beginning of the video it clearly shows "PAS Mengganas". Another thing is why only reporter from UKOM manages to capture the picture/video, not other reporters even from mainstream media.? and they even captured the video from within the police... why did the UKOM reporter is there if the riot was spontaniusly erupted, it must be planned before that the reporter from UKOM is there to capture the video. "

2)Hafidzul Hj Omar

" looks like d guy in serban/turban came frm d direction of d cameramen..cud he b d agent he seems to ask d boys to throw the stone..apo nak di kato..use our head and logic to c d real situation.. "

If you look at the chronology entire incident, first one and only picture taken on that night of an alleged holligans burning the national flag amid the riot was published on every news stream media. Second, surprisingly mat rempits who doesn't read newspaper knew that he has bounty over his head which again surprisingly he surrendered himself to the police the day before this video was released. Being a reasonable man, the only adducible evidence against the arsonist was a Malay citizen with a helmet covering most of his face which isn't substantial enough to prosecute any culpable offender.

Mat rempits are famous for being delinquent and precedently, they will not give in easily not without a fight. So, this anomalies does lead to the reasonable man conclude that there's conspiracy pervading the whole issue where its possible the authority force a random captured mat rempits who was found guilty of consuming drugs to take up the flag torching blame if he wish to have lighter sentence as the former offence carry heavier penalty. Better yet, force him to admit PAS directed him to do so.

This presumption has its basis actually. This happens alot to motorcylist who always ride at night where they were often accused for offence which they didn't commit. Some of the heard experience was a Singaporean who ride his bike onto Johor at night to have supper and on his way back, he was trapped in an illegal racing raid as a particular stretch of road heading towards Singapore was blocked both end. Police then begin to interrogate each motorcyclist. The victim claimed it's more like an army raiding a small group of bikers at that time where helicopter and massive truck were used during the whole operation. The victim claimed that despite the fact they were cleared of any offence, he still have to roll his bike back to the police station to complete the interrogation reports. The next day, newspaper reported a group of illegal racer has been nabbed together a picture of a line of motorcyclist rolling their bike from a bird's eye view.

On different occasion, a motorcyclist was stopped by a group of unidentified males came out from a hidden bushes not far away from a police station and dragged into the face recognition room like a dummy. He has to endure the fear of possibly being shortlist. How outrageous is this. The mental assault he endure shouldn't have taken place at all. He would have feared for his life of being gang raped by those unidentified males prior the arrival at the police station. Yet, he wasn't been compensated for the shock he suffered. Atleast a couple of ringgit shall do.

Speaking of police, here's a witness who saw the entire episode when the alleged police officer released 4 live bullet on civilian.

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