Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fuck the delay

Fuck Maxis Broadband and fuck that dimwit who keeps making our life non-sensical. Period.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Lie to Me

I watched Lie to Me on tv just now and my first impression about this new tv series is "it's two freaking thumbs up show!!". It's the next big show after prison break, burn notice, shark and CSI ( Heroes doesn't cut out to be a big show in my opinion because it's a show for mentally challenged human being to watch hence the obliteration here )

Lie to Me is a show that could help enhance your knowledge on the usage of body language and subsequently allowing you to have stronger observatory skill in the future to detect when somebody is lying or otherwise.

This is one good show that I pledged not to miss every episode because it can teach me how to improve my lying skill so that I can become a professional conmen. Continue, this show actually relays the psychology viewpoint at assisting police investigation which is of my interest.

I love psychology!

Anyway mind you, Lie to Me I refer to is this tv series and not to be mistaken from this and this porno dvd movie

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Biasness at its finest

My brother say what men earn , half will be shared with the wife but what the wife earn is solely hers. We men can't get a share from the women's earning.

If like that then I'm fucked lo. Better stay single so that life seems more fair haha....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Next on the list

Where is my next jalan-jalan cari makan spot?

Is Taman Mayang !!!! William's Mamak, Italian Mamak !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The infamous ribena longan.

Try to bump into me at there.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

To go or not to go by the book?

Was chatting with my vile cousin sister on msn and it was a brain-teaser trying to even have a decent informal conversation with her. I believe it was her profession that moulded her into being so adamant and obstinate in her way of thinking or is she like that all this while? Haha...don't wanna comment. Anyway never ever try to be sarcastic to a lawyer as it will only land you in a muzzle state beyond explicable. They don't buy " act cute " punya attitude. Isk..susah betul.

Cnigel says:
ei apa ni...kerja pun on9
curi tulang

Michelle says:
i thought who is this prince
sekali check u r the 1
why kerja cannot on line 1 meh
i thought u suppose to study 1

Cnigel says:
aiya...its very hard nowadays to spot a prince la....u think pak ma wong chi (white horse prince) u can simply find on da street?
now holidays la hou mou

Michelle says:
it is pak kau wong chee (white dog prince)
then go look 4 job lah

Cnigel says:
u damn syok leh get to on9 while working
not many can do dat u know

Michelle says:
y u jeaolus ah

Cnigel says:
abit la
u wat time start work everyday?

Michelle says:

Cnigel says:
sibuk abit ma
then can show a lil bit of concern too
wait a minute...i tot ur english name is melissa

Michelle says:
tht mayb ur girlfren's name

Cnigel says:
ei im serious la...

Michelle says:
wat so serious

Cnigel says:
i got 1 gal friend dat name melissa dats for sure

Michelle says:
i am only ur cousin lah
just like ur dad
so many gf

Cnigel says:
so how many bf u hav?
com on dun be shy....u carry the "(surname)" blood in u haha

Michelle says:
i didn't know u r denise
so ur bro must b daniel or derrick

Cnigel says:
lol u sarcastic bitch haha

Michelle says:
show respect 2 ur cousin ok
u monkey

Cnigel says:
aiyo..u really got no sense of humour la

Michelle says:
next time ur gf will b like a bitch

very funny as if u hve a sense of humour
i thought u r prince of bed chamber ( I'm prince of bed CHARMER grrr....)

Cnigel says:
sum word may be offending but it ultimately depends on the context i put in ma
ei dun try to evade my quest
how many bf u had b4?
u know da rules...silence aint doin good for u

Michelle says:
who do u think u r

Cnigel says:
ur cousin ma

Michelle says:
so wat
u also never answer my quest
so how many gf u hve
currently r u attach

Cnigel says:
u never ask me b4
i ask u 1st
so u dun try to twist da whole thing ard
u no need to go to court today?

Michelle says:
i never twist the whole thg
as v r still on d same subject but only the main character differ
the end result of our conversation will still b the same

Cnigel says:
twist and differ bear da same meaning ma
well not 100% same but

Michelle says:
twist is to change the whole story
differ is just don't agree but never change fact

(Here starts my English lesson. I don't need PPSMI thingee shit to teach me English because I have a better guru here )

Cnigel says:
ur twisting the story bcoz u claim u ask me the question 1st when the real fact is u never ask me not after i repeated my quest twice

Michelle says:
i never claim tht i asked u 1st

Cnigel says:

Michelle says:
i knew u asked tht quest
but b4 i answer u i just asked u the same qs

Cnigel says:
ya so no matter wat my question com first rite?

Michelle says:
so tht is 2 very different thg
so r such a lawyer buruk
the rule in ct didn't said tht if i am being asked the qs 1st
i must answer it 1st

Cnigel says:
u also say la..."the rule in court"

Michelle says:
as i can tell different thg until somebody clarify from me

Cnigel says:
r we sumwhere near a court rite now?

Michelle says:
so b4 i asnwer u i just ask u the same q
why u so ken jeong
i won't tell ur mom
anyway we share the same surname mah

Cnigel says:
ya no prob if u ask me the same quest but i expect an answer from u 1st b4 i answer urs ma

Michelle says:
we r out of ct but the rule still apply
just like sport no matter where we play the game
the same rules will apply

Cnigel says:
rules r man made...sports rule can be altered at the will of its player

Michelle says:
vice versa i expect the same thg from u also mah

Cnigel says:
ct rules are temporary fixed until it was amend u answer my question first la
y u try to evade it?
whenever one try so hard to evade a question irregardless whether there's a jury ard or not....naturally or by instinct we presume ure guilty

Michelle says:
since u raised the q 1st therefore the burden is on u to proof it b4 a jury or a judge finds a person guilty or not guilty
don't use ur s114 on presumption
it doesn't work here
i got to go di
hve to buy lunch for my youngest bf ( her glutton son who calls me black t-shirt kao fu )

Cnigel says:
aiyo.....wat court rule ur taking abt...i din talk abt ct rule saying human instinct la

Michelle says:
wat human instinct
if there is so much of human instinct
there won't b so many divorce cases lah
we follow head not our heart

Cnigel says:
divorce can be due to many factor

Michelle says:
eh since u so free can u check out somethg
for ur biggest cousin sister

Cnigel says:
and those factor will influence one person's rational

Michelle says:
go to n check 4 her how to get loan to set up kinder

Cnigel says:
money,lack of communication, sui chung tung when get married da time aka pregnant marriage
wah....i got pay onot 1st?
now i jobless 1 u know

Michelle says:
wow tht means ur EQ is not tht strong lah
u ask her lah
mayb she will belanja u steam bot

Cnigel says:
its factor that affect ones psychological well being
ok la
but i cant gurantee anything 1 wo
i no professional training on how to check info in internet
i'll try my best

Michelle says:
ok lah
really got 2 go

Sense of humour is not a sense to them. They only sense adversarial. Sigh. So snobbish leh.I just wanna know one question now...whose being 9 mm tap 8 here? I post a very straight forward question and she's able to skillfully deflect it until I also don't know where my question has flew to.

Can you find for me?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

5 Things you Didn't know about Cold War

The term “cold war” goes back to a 14th-century medieval writer named Don Juan Manuel, who referred to the uneasy peace between Muslims and Christians in Spain. But it was George Orwell, in a piece titled “You and the Atomic Bomb,” who applied the term as we know it best to the protracted economic, geopolitical and ideological battle between the United States, the Soviet Union and their shifting allies.

The precise dates of the Cold War are the subject of debate, though most agree that it began at some point in the summer of 1945 and continued until the collapse of the Soviet Union at the end of 1991. Whatever the case, it dominated global politics and culture for the entire second half of the 20th century, and its effects are ongoing.

To bring you up to speed, we present five things you didn’t know about the only war that categorically could have ended all wars through total and complete annihilation -- the Cold War.

1- It cost the U.S. about $8 trillion
Eminent foreign relations historian Walter LaFeber has put the U.S. military expenditures bill for the Cold War at around $8 trillion. This is a reasonable figure when you take into consideration wars in Korea and Vietnam; intervention in Afghanistan, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Chile, Grenada, and elsewhere; psychological warfare through covert CIA operations such as the Congress for Cultural Freedom and Radio Free Europe; and, of course, the research, development, testing, and construction of tens of thousands of nuclear weapons (at a high point in the late 1960s, both the U.S. and the USSR were each spending $50 million a day on those weapons).

By way of comparison, the U.S. is currently spending roughly $8 billion per month on the war in Iraq. Money spent on the Cold War could fund that operation for another 80 years.

2- It was predicted by Adolf Hitler
Historian John Lewis Gaddis’ We Now Know: Rethinking Cold War History begins with Alexis de Tocqueville’s famous 1835 Cold War prediction, and follows it with German Chancellor Adolf Hitler’s lesser-known 1945 one, quoted from Francois Genoud’s 1961 work, The Testament of Adolf Hitler: The Hitler-Bormann Documents:

“… there will remain in the world only two Great Powers capable of confronting each other -- the United States and Soviet Russia. The laws of both history and geography will compel these two Powers to a trial of strength, either military or in the fields of economics and ideology. These same laws make it inevitable that both Powers should become enemies of Europe. And it is equally certain that both these Powers will sooner or later find it desirable to seek the support of the sole surviving great nation in Europe, the German people.”

With Hitler, it always comes back to Germany, but considering the intense Cold War battleground that Berlin became, he was more right than wrong on this one.

3- Its first casualty was a Christian missionary
In 1942, John Morrison Birch was working in occupied China as a Christian missionary when, by accident, he came to the rescue of Colonel Jimmy Doolittle and his Tokyo Raiders, who had to bail out during the Doolittle Raid, the first U.S. aerial raid on Japanese soil. The men had been hiding from Japanese troops and Birch led them to safety. Doolittle hooked Birch up with his CO, who noted that Birch’s experience and contacts in China, along with his command of Mandarin, would make him an outstanding intelligence resource. From then until the end of the war in the Pacific, Birch served with distinction in the U.S. 14th Air Force.

Just 10 days after Japan officially surrendered on August 15, 1945, Birch was sent by the OSS (forerunner to the CIA) on a mission within China. There, he and the men he led ran into a group of Chinese communists who took them prisoner and ultimately executed Birch. As a result, many regard him as the Cold War’s first causality.

4- It ended in part because of Apple
The hobbyist culture and the economic flexibility in the U.S., both largely absent in the Soviet Union and Soviet-bloc countries, encouraged guys like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak to take on industry giants like IBM. As a result, the information age erupted, spreading information that wasn’t spun by news outlets or crafted by governments into propaganda, but expressed by everyday citizens.

The most remarkable testament to this comes from Professor Karen Dawisha, director of Miami University’s Havighurst Center for Russian and Post-Soviet Studies. Dawisha quotes a Czech microcomputer maker in the mid-1980s moaning about the impact of PCs: “With these computers comes not only technology, but also ideology… Children might soon begin to believe that Western technology represents the peak and our technology is obsolete and bad… [I]n 10 years’ time it will be too late to change our children. By then they will want to change us.”

5- At one point, the U.S. had more communists on its side than the USSR
In 1969, the CIA concluded that there was no possibility of an alliance with the People’s Republic of China. At the same time, Soviet troops were exchanging gunfire with Chinese troops along their shared border, leading China to wonder how far the Soviets would take the aggression, and further, what they could do to prevent it. The solution was to open discussions with their most imminent new enemy’s biggest enemy: the U.S.

Meanwhile, the U.S. wanted China in their corner regarding their increasing troop commitment in Vietnam. President Nixon’s 1972 trips to China proved a diplomatic coup for both countries, and following them both, Henry Kissinger penned a memo to Nixon calling China “a tacit ally,” swinging 870 million communists to the U.S. side. This shaky alliance is considered a pivotal moment in bringing the Cold War to an eventual end.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Layan aje

An uncle at the pork noodle stall talks to the boss.

Uncle : You see nowadays damn niamakochaohai. At the Michael Jackson funeral oo they cry like hell. They dun even cry that hard when their own father passed away. What has the world become into la... I don't know what to say.

Boss : Yalo... (Damn layan lo)

I smirked and continued my bowl of delicious pork noodle before I start my day job.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Learn how to fight in 5 minutes

Now after watching this video and countless closed door practise, I'm ready to go out and kick some ass.

Who wanna be my victim?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

SS15 Burger Shop

The other day I went to Subang Jaya to try out the much talked about SS15 Burger Shop near Asia Cafe. To my surprise, their burger goes beyond what I expect. It's taste deserve my two thumbs up recommendation.

The burger they sell is superb nice. Really value for money. I've never tried such a delicious burger for decade already. Cheap burger I mean ( pointless comparing their burger with TGI's or Nandos because both came from different market section )

Photo taken from bangsar-babe's blog

Their burger is absolutely filling. You eat one burger there is equivalent to you eating one McD medium set . I ordered their most expensive burger Double Cheese Chicken Special and it completely overpowered my choosy taste bud. I like their burger very much because they put alot of ingredient in it so there's more to bite and their burger ain't your typical Ramly burger's quality. Besides that I also ordered their nugget due to high recommendation from my friend. And indeed again, their nugget really caught me by surprise. Their nugget is not covered with ordinary flour for nugget but was covered with rice flour that make its outer crust layer crispy exactly like the Fish n Chip.

Their burger definitely value for money. I've pledge myself to frequent their shop atleast once a month. Alot of rich bimbo with weak sense of taste will find their burger rather normal or bland but not to me because I don't compare their burger with high class burger. I based my judgment according to their own respective field. Street burger against street burger. I will never compare a street burger with restaurant burger. That's bias if I do so.

For a street food, I would generously give them 4.5 out of 5 star for the food's specialty.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mak Ling Ling

Mak Ling Ling is the most well-known fortune teller in Hong Kong, and a self-proclaimed relationship specialist. As dodgy as fortunetelling is, Mak has learned a lot about relationships from years of hearing the dysfunctions and neuroses of Hong Kongers

Fortunetelling is so popular in Hong Kong because we also play the role of a shrink.

My clients are mostly female, mostly with relationship problems, and they mostly cry as soon as they speak.

A balanced life is a happy life. There are several supporting columns in buildings so the whole structure won’t fall when one column crumbles. So it is too with life: there should be more than one focus to make it balanced – but women just don’t get that.

Men, unlike women, do not put all their bets on a relationship – they develop careers, a social life, and hobbies. They can get through the day happily without a woman. To women, living without a man is equivalent to a life in hell.

Men need more than one woman just like women need another handbag or another pair of shoes.

Romantic love is the most elusive thing in the world – when people change, they change. To put all your hope in that only sets yourself up for failure.

Staying in a wrong relationship is worse than being single. Too many women equate marriage with happiness, divorce with misfortune, and being single with a curse. That’s bullshit. Everyday I have many clients weeping to me about their philandering husbands.

Love is problematic not because it is elusive; it is problematic because people are too hardheaded when dealing with such an elusive issue.

Women in their late twenties become frantic if they are not in a stable relationship.

Don’t dig for a truth that’s going to upset you. Some women regard themselves as the happiest person on earth until they find evidence their husbands are having affairs.

Checking your partner’s email or phone seldom brings any comfort though that may be what you have been looking for. Keep looking for disasters and they will come if you look long enough.

The very thing that one can’t have is usually the thing one wants most. Women in Hong Kong are desperate for men because they already have their careers.

When they fi nd a husband, they will start complaining about something else.

Ten out of ten men would like to have an affair – it’s just that not all of them have the courage to cheat. Men, by nature, always need excitement. A man in a mid-life crisis often falls in love with a young woman in order to feel like a young man again.

They crave the feeling of first love. A man who never cheats is somewhat like a person with anorexia – they both may suddenly fi nd themselves binging.

Hong Kongers are under a lot of stress but they don’t have enough emotional outlets. They almost never go to psychiatrists, so they either talk to the fortunetellers or they take it out on the maids, or both.

I did a rap song with the band “Fama.” It is scary that people actually liked the song. Even scarier, I might have to perform it on TVB.

If I could change fate, I wouldn’t be here talking to you, and the coffi n suppliers would be out of business because nobody would die.

There is only one way to learn about life – and that is to live it.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Michael Jackson

The faces of Mike that I want to remember

The faces of Mike that I don't want to remember

He looks like he got a pair of balls under his chin.

I'm uncertain where this picture should fall into. It's more like half I want to remember and half I don't want to remember.

Guess which other half I want to remember? *cackle*