Monday, July 27, 2009

Lie to Me

I watched Lie to Me on tv just now and my first impression about this new tv series is "it's two freaking thumbs up show!!". It's the next big show after prison break, burn notice, shark and CSI ( Heroes doesn't cut out to be a big show in my opinion because it's a show for mentally challenged human being to watch hence the obliteration here )

Lie to Me is a show that could help enhance your knowledge on the usage of body language and subsequently allowing you to have stronger observatory skill in the future to detect when somebody is lying or otherwise.

This is one good show that I pledged not to miss every episode because it can teach me how to improve my lying skill so that I can become a professional conmen. Continue, this show actually relays the psychology viewpoint at assisting police investigation which is of my interest.

I love psychology!

Anyway mind you, Lie to Me I refer to is this tv series and not to be mistaken from this and this porno dvd movie

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