Saturday, January 17, 2009

Quick update

Currently using Maxis Broadband 7 days free trial. My house currently still out of internet connection hence I have to use Maxis Broadband to online lo..

To my surprise it has archieved 2.7MBps. Can't trust all this figure right. Later they gonna be as slow as streamyx so I'm not convinced yet to change to Maxis Broadband.

On another note, PAS just won Kuala Terengganu Parlimentary seat which is expected. The sign was clear that PAS won, it's not that I'm really that confident that they have won. But at 8pm all the mainstream media announce the vote is still counting and this is which gives me a strong belief that PAS has won even way before my friend sms me the official result at 9.45pm. As usual and predicted, if BN won they would definitely tak sabar-sabar wanna announce their victory.

How hard does it takes for you to count a constituency's vote? whole day? They are really insulting our intelligence by trying to feed us with lame excuse.

As I was writing this post, Maxis Broadband has proved my witch's prohecy that it always disconnect and indeed it has dissapointedly disconnected before I even could connect for a peaceful 10 minutes. I'm happy to tell you Maxis, I'm so gonna return you back after this 7 days free trial. Oh anyway, thanks for the free trial again.

Wahlan..Maxis Broadband archeived 7.3mbps by the end of this post and it's still climbing.Siao.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Whinny lil bitch

My brother asked me what do I think about this whole abolish English for Science and Mathematics system and revert it back to the outdated Bahasa Melayu system.

To begin, I find the issue being unneccessarily politicised is a heap of bullshit because this matter is literally pervaded and fraught with too much political stupidity into it. They decided one day to try converting both the most fundamental subject in the education 'world' (metaphore) into the international more accepted language namely English to give a trial and see does it beneficial to our younger generation or otherwise detriment to them. And after 6 years first the English language system is introduced for Science and Mathematics subject for primary and secondary school which has proved a success, some nimrod decided to challenge the credibility of such system and rebukely proposed to change back to Bahasa Melayu.

The argument raised by pro-Bahasa (this included some Prof view from some shit ass local university located deep down in our rainforest) is that despite there's an increase usage in English answering public examination and , but still the statistic is not reliable as it's biasedly interpreted because most of the improved section of student usage in English in answering public examination are commonly found to be those who reside in cities and not those who live in kampung(s) On top of that, it's sufficient to have English subject alone to teach and brush up our children's command of English language.

First thing I want to rebut this fluddy-daddy Prof. from some shit ass local university located deep down in our rainforest is that even if there's a convincing increase of usage in English among our children in overall, still I personally deplore the accuracy of such statistic cause as many of all and sundry would have known by now, the result statistic is unquestionably at a high probability would have been deliberately manipulated to potray that our children's intelligence has increased when the grim reality is they have not. So basically I'm neutral on whether our children's intelligence has improved over the years because few factors that's impeding such from happening are outmoded syllabus, parents over pampered their children with material wealth, and erratic political state. On the note that outskirt student will be put in a disadvantage position if English is implemented for Science and Mathematics because they generally not geographically incline to pick up such language carry the lest weight of all. You are basically denoting that government did too little for you failing to develop your state to be competitive with other subsisiting developed state. To give a personal fume at this Prof. you mean to say it's justify to drag the entire nation's future just because a scintilla hicks thinks it's not morally right to continue torturing the underdeveloped state.

Dude...this issue you talk to the government. If they had developed your state you wouldn't have such grounds to complaint right. You're purely being selfish. Anyway, the decision is not in your bloody murky hand. It's a democratic country. Majority rules! So shut the fuck up and continue shagging whichever laboratory assistant you have always been shagging.

I personally think adopting English for Science and Mathematics is not great enough to improve our children's education. As a matter of fact the best method is to overhaul the entire system. The usage of English for Science and Mathematics is merely solving a fraction of our education system problem which is hardly significant at all. Yes, I concur with you that by adopting English for Science and Mathematics does indeed help student to understand the English language better than if it's in Bahasa but the unsolved problem here is your bloody educator, your teacher , are poorly equipped with the English language which makes the entire notion of adopting English for Science and Mathematics to be redundant.

You have to first solve the core problem if you want to speak of real resolution. Back in my secondary, which is the early years of the implementation, I wasn't keen of speaking English to be truthful despite we're compulsary to learn Science and Mathematics in English. Yes, indeed it's true that I learn few new words from there and then but still I'm not being thrusted enough (poor grammar here :p) to speak English ,completely unable to brush off my ah beng cantonese language back then. Only those who excell in academic will find such implementation to be great advantage to them because as they already well-equipped with English language and such implementation will further help them to thrives further in acquiring new knowledge while we slowpoke will not benefit a single shit from it.

The fucking reason for such constrain is my teacher not keen to speak English with us. Well, not all only those Malay teacher. Most of my Mathematic teacher speaks bagus-bagus punya English. But the English term you learn from Mathematics hardly applicable to your future endeavour and my english teacher is so damn kao chat fierce I dare not speak anything in front of her. Besides that, there's little room for student to practise their English language when within the school compound ,tyranny and utilitarianism are strongly exercised whereby what you say will never be treated as correct and the school know what's best for you therefore you have no right to speech nor to defend yourself when you're haul up to the principal's office. I remember my history teacher, " Oh you semua bising ya..tak mau dengar cakap...demerit semua tak kisah" when she's not in a good mood. So the solution is revamp the entire teacher recruitment drive to inject new blood into the education industry. It would be a great advantage to the nation if all teacher are well-equipped with English language. Oh wait, if Malay teacher are proficient in English they wouldn't have become teacher in the first place. They would have taken up a profesional course funded by the government instead. *speechless*

To be honest, to adopt English is highly not possible in this racial oriented society because every race want to preserve their mother language. Pro- Bahasa substantiate their argument by submitting that if they give in to English language it will threathen the position of Bahasa Melayu as Bahasa Kebangsaan. A mandarin speaking family would have defended the usage of Mandarin as well. I personally is not a man who will forgets my background and will strongly support a movement to preserve my chinese culture as they represent my identity. However a strict implementation without the hand from non-govermental organisation will seriously gonna crush other culture's as English culture transcend our daily life. If English is adopted, there's a need of great participation from NGOs to perpetuate an exposure to our society to prevent them from forgetting background/culture as these are the essential tool to mould a healthy, discipline and respectable society.

Speaking of language, I got a coursemate who hail from Johor who finds it's agitating that cantonese is dominating in Malaysia and don't see the reason why she should adhere to the KL culture if it's not because of necessity. This is the same reason for Namewee's outburst. We're not forcing you to learn cantonese so that our language can dominate yours but with good faith we wish you could learn our culture so that in return you can be a multi-linguist which is no doubt beneficial to you. I trackbacked the history of chinese language from my dad and surprisingly to many of you all too, mandarin people always feel threathen by cantonese language because academically wise, cantonese has far wider vocabulary and words up their sleeve than mandarin language but because of the imperial fettering of cantonese language during the reformation years in China where mandarin holds more position in administration, mandarin language has become the bahasa perantaraan and obliterated cantonese language from education system thereafter.

Anyway, I think even if they really decided to revert back to old system, I don't think it has that immense adverse impact as everyone frantically presupposed. Imagine you have endured last 6 years with English language and now you're entering Form 1. What language you will regurgitate when you converse? English. Despite your secondary syllabus is now back to Bahasa , I think they will nail their English paper better than previous Bahasa batch of secondary student. If your kid is starting standard 1 this year and followed current issue closely you would have encouraged your kid to pick up English language no matter what it takes. But one of the staggering issue that I don't have time to discuss here is regarding chinese school and the impact of English language on their system. I damn kao tired now la...

Before I end, I think you would surprise that me and my dad concede the best way of learning a language is through the use of bahasa rojak because only through such way you get to learn other language easily. I think it would be iniquitous if we are allowed to answer our exam paper in bahasa rojak. Lol.