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Silap mata Malaysian style

From the moment I laid by eyes on the front page of today's dailies, I was like FUCKED!

Our Royal Highness has issued an unprecedented statement refuting the claim that he has supported the massive Nov 10 rally to press for electoral reforms. The statement was conveyed by Datuk Wan Mohd Safiain Wan Hasan,Comptroller of the Royal Household to a press which it consist a purported defences that Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin has expressed displeasure over claims that he and the Palace approved and supported Saturday’s illegal rally in the city.

The statement is seens as a counter-argument towards the report made by Pas President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang stating the fact that the memorandum had been received by a palace official showed that the King supported the protest against the country's electoral system.

I was at a state of shock when I read this while savouring my plate of wantan mee at the market while wearing the Bersih shirt. The message instantly trigger my mind suggesting that by now I might have been a target of public criticism since I presume everyone at market vicinity has read similar front page and since I'm wearing a stark bright yellow Bersih shirt. I might be the culprit in the eyes of the public.

I rushes home to ask for audience at as Raja Petra Kamaruddin(RPK) who has been my God and his webpage, my bible for his civilised religion (independent news)ever since I got bored of reading bimbo's blog, to seek for further guidance.

Shrug off in relief and elated I am, RPK has proved me wrong once again. He in his latest post of The Corridors of Powers, Pete has explained in subtle manner convincing me so much not to take heed of the so call front-page YDPA's unprecedented statement as it's part of government nationwide brainwash .

Several oblivious facts that managed to trick an average lay person mind like me was the fact the Comptroller of the Royal Household who was issuing the statement isn't the Keeper of the Royal Seal. The former position as it's title precede himself, he's a mere housekeeper as oppose to the latter who was the Supreme King's spokesperson whose words reflects the general intention of the YDPA. Besides elucidating the surface of deceit, Pete further mind-boggle us ,his reader or I prefer his loyal devout, with a series of astonishing truism on how the Prime Minister's Department intermeddle with Royal Palace internal proceeding making it nearly impossible to convey a message to the King unless it has been scanned through by the PM's department for any significance. In Pete's word,

"he has been planted there as the eyes and ears of the government. And his job is not only to keep a watch on things and report back to the Prime Minister’s office whatever is happening in the Palace, but he has also been tasked with the job of frustrating every effort of The Agong in interacting with the rakyat (citizens)"

which refers to the hidden position of Comptroller of the Royal Household. Here's another reason elucidate by Pete on why Bersih organise a public rally instead of a personal audience with the King,

" was not wise to quietly deliver the BERSIH Memorandum to The Agong. If that had been done, then the Memorandum would have been hijacked and would have been diverted to the Prime Minister’s Department instead -- and The Agong would have never seen it. And that was also why it was necessary for 100,000 citizens to march to the Istana Negara to ‘escort’ the Memorandum -- although only 50,000 eventually got through because they sealed off all the roads into Kuala Lumpur which resulted in one of the worst traffic jams in history"

On the other hand, I'm completely overawe by Pete's affirmation regarding the hearsay that 19th Brigade of the Royal Malay Regiment or Regimen Askar Melayu Di-Raja (RAMD) has been commanded in a standby (Pete prefer stand-bye as in ready to wipe the government sense of bye) position near Sungai Buloh on Nov 10th was to intervene FRU's role if any fatal casualties occurs. The Regime is a fearsome battalion whose Commander-in-Chief is the Agong and its soldier will only obey its C-i-C no one else. I'm touched by our King's undivided support as he upheld his supreme role. More to my amazement, the Regime has deployed 14 armoured cars at Sungai Buloh military camp to answer any violence against the rally participants within 10 minutes. It would have been glorious if 14 tanks were driven to Sungai Buloh camp instead of armoured cars. Well, 14 armoured trucks are more than adequate.

Because of the presence of 19th Brigade of the Royal Malay Regiment as a monitoring and possiblecoup force against the goverment, the Bersih rally was left unharmed and the group at Pasar Seni and Masjid Negara was spared and allowed to proceed the march to Royal Palace at the end of the day. Without the presence of such important army, I doubt Nov 10th will end peacefully without repeating May 13 incident.

After meditating my mind with my bible,, my mind is calmer now and I'm not frantic to continue wearing Bersih shirt anymore because I have my Supreme King's confidence that under his Royal Highness ruling, our security and liberty will be watched over and lastly,

Long live the King. Long live Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin. Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku ! Daulat Tuanku!

Check out alboroto07 collection of video regarding Nov 10th.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Sad case(lousy post)

This is tragic. A bystander innocently suffered an unnecessary police brutality while fleeing away from an abrupt crowd arrest by the police.

How crestfallen we as a citizen can be upon realising this. A personnel who oathed to protect and to serve the public with all their heart ,backfires and destroy the very utmost significance of having a police around.

The calamity that occur on a neutral citizen who I would like to stress, pays taxation like any other responsible citizen is simply unacceptable. The case at hand, (refer to the link) he's a pisang goreng seller who earns low income, he pay taxs despite trivially and the accumulation of taxs of every citizen regardless of rich and poor , at the end of the day makes the government possible to handle its affair. We the citizen are the joint owner of this country and government work for all of us. Without us, government is nothing. That is why we shouldn't allow the government to manage the public fund without any accountablity to the public which is the reason why opposition has been fought hard over the past half decade to build a strong check and balance against the coalition government to prevent mismanagement of public fund from profilerating. The very essence of this can be objectively archived if citizen put their right to vote to use as a vote counts. As a matter of fact, a vote can deter life from being wasted.

I can't wait for the civil law suit against the government pertaining the injury suffered by the innocent pisang goreng seller to commence. I really do hope he would get an immense amount of damages from the proceedings. Based on precedent, as per Anwar and his comrade who suffered police brutality while under imprisonment by virtue of ISA, won damages up to 2.5 millions if I'm not mistaken. With such a amount of money I do hope our pisang goreng seller could live blissfully without needing to sigh anymore if today's pisang goreng didn't get to sell all off. Pisang goreng's case is more crucial than Anwar's case as it's an obvious abuse of power towards an innocent citizen who has done nothing wrong or has any criminal liability around his neck.

Totally an impromtu post. Apology for incoherent in the writings.


Special Agent Tom Rogers must get his daughter back. Parody of 24.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The sexist day

Today when concluding a problem question in tutorial class,

Me: Today's lesson is...women are trouble-maker.

Girl friend: Hey, you're so mean. That's not true.

I grinned and continued,

Me: Police shouldn't arrest the driver since he was compelled by the wife to speed above the speed limit. The wife instead should be culpable for the accident occured.

Girl friend: But the guy have a choice not to listen to her,ya know

Me: The guy as I said earlier, was compelled, as in duress in circumstances that if he refuse to react to the command, his marriage might be in jeopardy in the sense the wife will file a divorce against him hence he have to sever his savings to pay for the financial support requisite for the wife in such proceedings.

Girl friend:'re so bad and keji.

Me: Haha..I thought girls love bad guys wasn't it?. Well, I'm just being honest here if not you want me to lie is it?

Girl friend: Well...

Me: You see! Girls like boys lie to them cause that makes them happy so that we can give in to you. Guys have no other choice but to resort to lying just to please you bunch of people. Guys are being used against their own will. The lying now has become our habit inrreparably.

Girl friend: Hey, not all guys are like that okay (I presume she was refering to her *cough* loyal boyfriend)

Me: No, admit it. Girls love guys to flatter them with lovey-dovey mouth to ear whispering speeches and deceitful promise that are uncertain of its prospect enforceability cause that elevates them . Guys have to lie in order to please you girls.

By then, she was frowning and pouting already and I was elated to see her expression. Did you notice how I prevented myself from acceding that guys love to lie ? Instead I make it a point to bash the female species for making the guys to lie because girls love deceitful speech as that makes them happy and superior.

Anyway, above conversation was spurted out only because I wanted to agitate the girl friend of mine. If you notice the implied note in my speech, I was merely indicating that despite guys lie, all is because we want to see our love one happy (your forever love sugar bunny etc etc or any geli nickname you can think of for your significant half) and there's nothing much happier than seeing our significant half happy.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

At Masjid Jamek (part 1)

Me and my friend step off from the tube at Masjid Jamek followed by a sheer half of passengers onboard,strolling down few flight of stairs to meet our pool of Bersih clothed compatriots that was just finishing their prayers in Masjid Jamek mosque. Those who wasn't in their yellow T while onbard the tube without hesistant, jumped into the honourable royal Bersih suit as they exit the LRT station and joined the pool of compatriot who was seen very eager to start the historical march.

The crowd at Masjid Jamek begin building its mass as the clocks ticks closer to 2.15 despite the presence of blue uniform police officers armed with MP5 stationed at Masjid Jamek vicinity. Besides that, the obvious presence of trucks belongs to Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) caught most of the participants overawe and amazed at how gigantic this machine were and how inferior we the participants were.

I have to squeeze through the pool of crowd in order to get to the other side of the road so I can acquire more breathing space. Along the "excuse me,let me through" in the crowd, I came very close to a police officer wielding a MP5 who was at that time busy chit chatting with his collegue, in my heart I pray to God please make sure the machinegun don't misfire as the gun was left dangling and was POINTING at me. Within the crowd a guy who just finished covering up his face terrorist style with the yellow Bersih shirt caught my attention and instantly I knew drama is about to start any minute now.

Among the crowd were many bystander who pretend as bystander but deceived by the videocam held on their hands. I presume they are the participants who doesn't wish to expressly praticipate but wanted to be part of the historical event hence the videocam to capture their memorable moment. Though they didn't clad in predominant colour, they still receive my veneration for not being a coward aka countrymen objector and stood for what is right for the country and future generation to come. (I'm still dissapointed with my friend for failing to bring the videocam despite numerous reminder from me)(Soon I'll have a post specifically to bash those who bash me for attending Nov 10th rally)

While checking out the crowd(no bootylicious girls spotted) and taking picture with huge FRU truck,an abrupt roar came from a group of yellow and maroon coloured participants outside Masjid Jamek shouting in Arabian. We're completely muzzied by the crowd as we're oblivious to what's happening within the crowd. The shout of I've-no-idea-what's-going-on soon pervade the crowd. A Muslim veteran stood beside me joined the crowd and shouted a clear pronunciation of " Allah akhbar" into my ears. I was numbed. Since when does this rally turn into a religious one? Then I try to recall the meaning of such infectionest word in my thoughts and within second it triggered me, it means Allah the great! My innocence time spending listening to waktu solat MTV in front the tv and reading the subtitle pays off as it help me overcoming my predicament. As I understood the meaning shouted by my Muslim cousin, subsequently I no longer have the misconception that this would be a religious rally. Allah akhbar is a phrase used by our Muslim cousin where they preach for the God for holy aura to boost their courage in fending off fiend,in literature meaning XD

Moving on, the crowd gets hyped up within second. It's like a scene of New Year eve where the crowd shout the count down consistently but in this picture, everyone shout " Allah Akhbar".

Alamak...mengantuk dah.sambung lain kali ya.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Opportunity knocks only once

I had the most wonderful experience in my 20 year of life. It's exciting as well. There is no words can best describe my current feeling other than exultingly glad and elated to participate and be part of the historical march of 100,000(some can't make it due to massive jam around KL city) that no liberal countrymen like me could ever forget.

Able to experience for the first time what it feels like under the umbrella of conscious supporters,to fight for a similar cause regardless of race,is one hell of an experience money can't buy. I'm able to feel the tension no other countrymen objector(coward)could ever feel. The thrill and excitement will forever instilled in me and it's a story I would love to tell to my next of kin about my

However sadly I've to say, I didn't manage to capture on video an ugly scene where FRU indulge into brutality when confronting our fellow Unit Amal(aka protector of BERSIH rally)from dashing towards the Dataran Merdeka as I was pretty shocked and shackled when it happened 10 metres in front of me. I was stunned at that point of time because FRU are threatening them with M-16.

I was among the fated one with the opportunity to capture a likelihood stark evidence of police brutality for other members of the public to see.However, fate wasn't on my side. I would like to ask for forgiveness for my omission towards my beloved countrymen because all I get was this picture. If I have a videocam with me I would have done what I should have done. I only possess a poor camerahandphone with lousy video feature.K800i that is. All the crucial evidence is only capable of being adduce orally. My apology to everyone.

I would start writing a proper blog regarding the historical event on today onwards. Before that to be possible, I would like to express my grievest dissapointment to my company(you know who you are) on the historical day for failing to bring a videocam as I've requested/emphasised earlier and for his semi-bold semi-coward unintelligent assessment of the rowdy and frenzy situation(aka panic for no apparent reason) and to his pointless effort for carrying a digital camera when he doesn't know when and what he should take picture of. TAKE PICTURE OF THE FRENZY GATHERING NOT AFTER CROWD HAS DISPERSED!!!!!!!!!!

Coverage of November 10th march will only be done in amass in cyberspace. Ignore mainstream media. They are not going to report you anything benevolent about the entire event. Visit following site for better knowledge of the entire event.

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Old fart

Lately I'm suffering from an unexplainable amnesia. Weird, it's not that I'm over-seasoned(old) enough to start to suffer one but regardless of it, I noticed I underwent a strange short term memory lost. I've become so absent-minded that I can easily forgot what I've wanted to say 30 second ago.

My daily conversation is meddled by this anomaly. My speech startled inadvertently. I feel like I've become dumb within days.

What's happening to me?

Am I sick? What sort of ailment has contracted me?'s agonisingly stressful. The stultifying endurance is dragging my fatigue lower and lower by days. I can no longer lead a normal life anymore.

Hopefully I'll resilient as soon as possible. Well, I know there's a faster way for me to recover in no less than 5 second that is someone faster get a PS3 so I can play ma!!! Haha...

Anyway, I've found an article that interest me on TheStar Weekender today. It's about the face fortune by Madam Zorra(non-chinese) on personality telling through the evaluation of our hair parting. I have to admit it that she's quite accurate.

My personality according to her evaluation, right parting hair ;

Those who part their hair from right to left are conventional, law-abiding and loyal. They prefer to go by the book than having to face situations.

Easily kept in check and willing to conform, they can be easily managed, especially when they have been brought up in such an environment from young.

They are usually model students.

Wu...I'm a model students. Wait,you mean I'm a model as in literally a model who walks on the skyway or a mere role model student? I don't see any potential modeling in me ya know.

Secondly, I have fringe ;

A person who refuses to do away with a fringe is like a child who cannot do away with his security blanket. He clings to the past because he is afraid to try new things.

These types are retiring and cautious, but are at times charming and child-like. They may be eccentric, shy and coquettish, but are seldom malicious. It is said that the fringe, like the beard, is a shield behind which one hides.

People who wear a fringe are hiding behind it. They are wary of exposing their true self. Sometimes they are really just hiding a large or wide forehead. This is a real shame as the forehead is the seat of the planet Sun, and exposing it can bring one all the Sun qualities, like power, happiness, confidence and leadership.

So show your forehead to the world.

I'm abit offended by the part where I'm like a child who cannot do away with his security blanket but extremely elated on the charming part. Yes, it's another part of my vainglorious personality that I can't change. Okay lah..maybe I'm a mummy's boy but I'm trying very hard to do away with that insecure feeling of mine.

Seldom malicious? I concur. I'm more to cunning and corny as oppose to malicious.

The reason I'm still wearing a fringe is because I couldn't enjoy the company of my fringe once I started working. It's not that I've something to hide back there just that I wanted to enjoy my fringe as long as circumstances allowed. My mom has been fuming and berating my fringe ever since she came back from overseas. She say it covers up my entrance of fortune.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

We jalan(walk) together

Finally I found the webpage of prospect candidate in the upcoming General Election of my constituency.

Here I proudly present to you Jenice Lee Ying Hua from DAP. *standing ovation*

I'll edit this post when I'm free.


Darn it. My doofus lecturer's face is now all over the newspaper in Malaysia. So envy.Here

How can a lecturer who constantly swear and utters profanity in lecture gets to be in the front page of newspaper ? Karma obviously is temporary out of order.

A lecturer who once denounces alternative lecturer as bullshit,irrelevant, and spits at the DAP's democratic agenda is now a defending lawyer for the innocent-indonesian-looking sister of the Commercial Crimes Investigation Department Director Datuk Ramli Yusoff aka 27 million man

How absurd. How can such an arrogant corky twat get to be on front-page. So sakit hati weh...

A callous remarks he made in the lecturer that still vividly play in my mind is, MIC rules! I'm so agitated when he deluges the lecture hall with his biased vigorous perception about the politics scene in Malaysia. The only submission I've concur of him regarding Malaysia politic was opposition party is impecunious. Other than this, all are bunch of bias craps and lies. The class should have shouted back at him, MIC CORRUPTED!!!Haha...I bet he'll go speechless after that.

Obviously he's attached to a MIC linked firm since its reflected in his hyper intergrity towards Uncle Samy's party. I was wondering earlier, how much is he getting paid for representing Datuk Ramli Yusoff? How much confidential information will he gets out of this litigation?

I have a feeling this case will end with an acquittal. This corruption charges wouldn't have emerged if not because GE is in the corner. The 3 charges against Datuk of a mere failure to declare asset and suspiscion of a Director position in a timber company is simply inadequate to prosecute him. There doesn't seems to be a prima facie case over here. Non of the charges relate to 27 million alleged corruption claim by the mainstream media. How does the prosecutor know the amount of corruption when Datuk failed to declare his asset? Failing to declare asset doesn't mean he's guilty of corruption ya know and don't forget Datuk in the press conference has stated he has declared all his asset under the law. It's so obvious that Datuk is being victimise by the whims of power as part of government's move to eradicate corruption within the police force. If you give it a think, do you think a high rank officer like Datuk is dumb enough to let you obtain subtantial evidence to prosecute him? Please la...he's a law degree. MASTER sumore,siao ar.. After the GE, he'll be acquitted. Trust my intuition. But he definitely will not get back his CCID post after that. Most probably he's demoted or sacked during the proceeding of the case. So at the end of the day, whether he's guilty or otherwise, he's out of the force. Read here to know more about the turf war within the police force which leads to the result of CCID's corruption charges.

Anyway, just don't want to make this posting sounds hatred against my lecturer,I would like to compliment that my lecturer is one of the coolest and most sporting people on earth.He's the only lecturer who uses the word "Ciao" as goodbyes and uber proud of his ethnicity. I bet he's in vain right now having to know his macho face is known to the subconscious society. Bangga sial.

Take a look at how agonizingly painful when police aren't obliging their protocol to serve the public, the tax payers.