Saturday, November 3, 2007

Old fart

Lately I'm suffering from an unexplainable amnesia. Weird, it's not that I'm over-seasoned(old) enough to start to suffer one but regardless of it, I noticed I underwent a strange short term memory lost. I've become so absent-minded that I can easily forgot what I've wanted to say 30 second ago.

My daily conversation is meddled by this anomaly. My speech startled inadvertently. I feel like I've become dumb within days.

What's happening to me?

Am I sick? What sort of ailment has contracted me?'s agonisingly stressful. The stultifying endurance is dragging my fatigue lower and lower by days. I can no longer lead a normal life anymore.

Hopefully I'll resilient as soon as possible. Well, I know there's a faster way for me to recover in no less than 5 second that is someone faster get a PS3 so I can play ma!!! Haha...

Anyway, I've found an article that interest me on TheStar Weekender today. It's about the face fortune by Madam Zorra(non-chinese) on personality telling through the evaluation of our hair parting. I have to admit it that she's quite accurate.

My personality according to her evaluation, right parting hair ;

Those who part their hair from right to left are conventional, law-abiding and loyal. They prefer to go by the book than having to face situations.

Easily kept in check and willing to conform, they can be easily managed, especially when they have been brought up in such an environment from young.

They are usually model students.

Wu...I'm a model students. Wait,you mean I'm a model as in literally a model who walks on the skyway or a mere role model student? I don't see any potential modeling in me ya know.

Secondly, I have fringe ;

A person who refuses to do away with a fringe is like a child who cannot do away with his security blanket. He clings to the past because he is afraid to try new things.

These types are retiring and cautious, but are at times charming and child-like. They may be eccentric, shy and coquettish, but are seldom malicious. It is said that the fringe, like the beard, is a shield behind which one hides.

People who wear a fringe are hiding behind it. They are wary of exposing their true self. Sometimes they are really just hiding a large or wide forehead. This is a real shame as the forehead is the seat of the planet Sun, and exposing it can bring one all the Sun qualities, like power, happiness, confidence and leadership.

So show your forehead to the world.

I'm abit offended by the part where I'm like a child who cannot do away with his security blanket but extremely elated on the charming part. Yes, it's another part of my vainglorious personality that I can't change. Okay lah..maybe I'm a mummy's boy but I'm trying very hard to do away with that insecure feeling of mine.

Seldom malicious? I concur. I'm more to cunning and corny as oppose to malicious.

The reason I'm still wearing a fringe is because I couldn't enjoy the company of my fringe once I started working. It's not that I've something to hide back there just that I wanted to enjoy my fringe as long as circumstances allowed. My mom has been fuming and berating my fringe ever since she came back from overseas. She say it covers up my entrance of fortune.

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