Friday, September 26, 2008

Women think too much

My mom come up to me holding an advertisement in newspaper.

Mom: Son, buy me this TV (pointing to a Samsung brand flat screen) and this home theatre system (some cool looking theatre system)

Son: *Look at the price* Wow this is so cheap. Where's the venue for this promotion at?

Mom: SS2

Son: Oooo... (return back to minding my own business)

Mom: Hey, I ask you to buy me this. Do you hear me?

Son: What?! Buy it on your own la...

Mom: But you said you're going to buy a HDMI LCD TV for our living room

Son: Yes, I did but that was before big brother changes his plan to get a new desktop instead of a PS3

Mom: But you promised to buy.

Son: Gosh. I'm not the one whose eager to buy a TV around here but you are so you should buy it using your own money and not mine.

Mom: But you promis..

Before she could continue her sentence I interrupt abruptly

Son: money edi ar...

That's when trouble surged. My mom then goes hysterical, running around the house shouting in berate and start questioning where have all my money gone to. Have I gambled away or people duped me of it. Ya know,those irrational and non-sensical question women like to be in presuppose before they get their facts right.

As usual, I wouldn't even bother to correct her. Let her goes crazy and be anxious a little bit. To tell the truth I like to see the look on her face when she goes hysterical like its the end of the world which is priceless.

Anyway how can an adult ask a student to buy them things that cost above their head? I can buy you a pot of flower if you want.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bailout: It's all part of the New International Economic Order (New World Order)

Kurt Nimmo
September 23, 2008

According to a recent Rasmussen Reports survey, 28% of Americans support the banker bailout plan and another 35% are not sure what to think. “Adding weight to the large number of undecideds is the finding that 82% of Americans are following the bailout story, including 44% who say they are following it very closely. Sixty-five percent (65%) say they are at least somewhat confident they understand the reasons why the plan is being proposed.”

In fact, most people have no idea what’s behind the plan because the corporate media is not telling them the whole story. Most do not realize there is a crash right around the corner and it is part of the New International Economic Order — synonymous with the phrase New World Order — proposed by the Trilateral Commission, a coterie of bankers and directors of transnational corporations headed up by the chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank and a central figure in the Council on Foreign Relations, David Rockefeller.

“The Trilateral Commission is international and is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States,” Barry Goldwater wrote in 1979.

How best to realize this multinational consolidation? Break the bank — or rather the U.S. Treasury. In 2005, writing for the Federal Reserve, Dr. Laurence J. Kotlikoff noted: “Countries can and do go bankrupt. The United States, with its $65 trillion fiscal gap, seems clearly headed down that path.”

One year after Kotlikoff wrote this, the Bush administration sacked Treasury Secretary John Snow and replaced him with Hank Paulson, chairman of Goldman Sachs, one of a small number of institutions allowed to purchase bills, bonds, and notes directly form the Treasury. Paulson’s appointment was no mistake and it surely wasn’t a conflict of interest.

On March 31, 2008, Paulson released a 200 page document titled, “Blueprint for a Modernized Regulatory Structure.” It calls for the complete restructuring of U.S. markets and their regulatory structures to meet new “global standards,” that is to say bring them in line with the New International Economic Order, i.e., the New World Order.

Under Paulson’s “Proposed Treasury Authority to Purchase Troubled Assets,” (see the Fact Sheet on the U.S. Treasury’s website), the “Secretary will have the discretion, in consultation with the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, to purchase other assets, as deemed necessary to effectively stabilize financial markets.”

In other words, if passed by Congress, Paulson and Bernanke will have the authority to intervene in the markets as they — as minions of the global elite — deem necessary. It is not a stretch to imagine the outcome: a cornering of the gold, silver, or platinum markets, the snatching up of prime real estate and corporations, running the competition out of business. In essence, this represents the sovietization of the U.S. economy. It is central planning as envisioned by the global elite. It is a triumph for the New International Economic Order.

It is a fait accompli for the globalists.

Not that you can do anything about it, at least nothing legal. “The bill would bar courts from reviewing actions taken under its authority,” reports Bloomberg. “This is a much-needed declaration of power for the Treasury secretary,” remarked historian John Steele Gordon, author of “Hamilton’s Blessing.” (Alexander Hamilton was a blessing for the bankers — he conceived the First Bank of the United States, modeled after the Bank of England.) Frank Razzano, a former assistant chief trial attorney at the Securities and Exchange Commission, told Bloomberg the Bush administration wants “dictatorial power unreviewable by the third branch of government, the courts.”

“This is not a monarchy,” economist Nouriel Roubini complained earlier this week.

No, it’s not a monarchy — instead, it’s shaping up to be a fascist dictatorship as Mussolini, the father of fascism, understood it: an absolutist state controlled by corporations and international bankers.

“If Wall Street gets away with this,” writes William Greider for The Nation, “I predict it will become a transforming event in American politics — exposing the deep deformities in our democracy and launching a tidal wave of righteous anger and popular rebellion.”

Mr. Greider may not know it, but the globalists are one step ahead of him. These would-be rebels will have to deal with the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team and other components of Northern Command, soon to be “an on-call federal response force for natural or manmade emergencies and disasters, including terrorist attacks,” according to the Army Times. It’s an “enduring mission,” dealing with terrorists who are opposed to being reduced to chattel slaves for the bankers and global elite.

“This is not a plan aimed at reviving the economy,” remarked Robert Brusca, chief economist of Fact and Opinion Economics.

Brusca’s right. It’s a plan designed by bankers to steal wealth through bankruptcy and economic depression. It’s designed to reduce you to serfdom and make you a peon to the New International Economic Order, aka the New World Order.

Finally, Council on Foreign Relations insider Carroll Quigley warned us about this back in 1966 when he wrote:

The powers of financial capitalism had (a) far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences. The apex of the systems was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations. Each central bank… sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pork Chop

My lecturer says " You guys are boring " to the floor because at that particular moment of time we declined to give a respond to her question.

Yes, we might be boring to you but try to endure having to looking at your humongously unflattering pork chop face poster in front of our college everyday.

You can't simply imagine how suffering my life is wanting to barf for my repugnance at your humongously unflattering pork chopped face poster everytime I see it.

You have such a below average face feature and yet you get to be featured in our college's biggest advertisement poster. That is so fucking unbelievable.I bet you slept to get on those ads.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The blame game,not again

" I urge the Chinese not to become like the Jewish in America, where it is not enought that they control the economy, but they also want to dominate politics," Ahmad told a news conference late yesterday in northen Penang state.

" Consider this a warning from the Malays," Ahmad said." The patience of the Malays has a limit. Do not push us against the wall, for we will be forced to turn back and push the Chinese for our own survival."

Well, it's not that Ahmad is without his point. As a matter of fact he does have. If you may assess carefully Jewish and the Chinese are characteristically similar in nature. Both of these race carry a thrifty knack inherent in their blood. Both of these race are extremely calculative and astute on the other hand making avail from other races at circumstance in this human eat human economical era. The most important similarity between both the race I have to mention is hardworking.

I don't blame Ahmad for uttering such statement because I find there's truthness in it (indeed Chinese are like Jewish) although it might inadvertently incite racial hatred and tension among races in these multi-cultural society we're currently living in. But you can't simply on one hand acknowledge a certain group's superior strength and on the other hand reluctant to improve yourself so you that wouldn't be left too far behind from the pack and doesn't have to go to the extent that you have to become impatience with Chinese and purport hostility in order to balance out the share of dominance so that you can survive. If it were to be done that way then this wouldn't be a fair game ain't it. It's a game of may the best man wins. If you would like us try not to control the economy, please do try your effort to outwit us in becoming the key economy player as competition arises will perpetuate healthy result for either party. You just don't blatantly whine and sulk and blame others for your own disgraceful failure just because you incapable to dominate the economy when inarguably in the first place you didn't even bother to take any effort to control it and by just thinking your usurpation of this so called Malay land will automatically give you the exclusive right to compel others to relinquish their property without consideration in order to satisfy your pride and dignity, if ever those were genuine, is sickening.

If you think it's fair to give you a piece of share of the economy without you even trying to work for it, then how about the Chinese? Is if fair to them to give up something in a form of gratitude for tumpang'ing this sacred land to someone who expunged the fact they are not locals, only the oborigenes are, and have to adhere to all their non-sensical,absurd and irrational demand.

I've seen much more mature thinking Malays than this monkey Ahmad who unquestionably would have taken the illicit route of money politic to buy the position he is possessing now. If you were those Malays who gain wealth through your own hard effort, you would know you can't blame others for your own unsuccess because every success story will always comeby a hard effort. I've meet several Malay Datuk who is far more much understanding, mature and liberal in their way of thinking unlike moneky Ahmad since successful people will never engage into a blame game. They always blame themself for their failure. Have you seen Datuk Lim Goh Tong and other prominent business figure engage into a blame game whereby it vitally helps them to climb up the level they are standing right now?

No right.

They should start accepting the fact that their race needs dire improvement if they don't want to see their race become minority in the future. The Chinese and Jewish has partially controlled the global economy , even the Indians are catching up. I've never seen a Malay in the Forbes list.

So right now the question needs to be answered, is the Chinese the one who's creating problem or the Malay who is creating problem by not acknowledging their problem?

I know by asking this question , indubitably I'm subjected to an action of sedition under sedition law but what I'm trying to highlight is mere truth and many would have know by now that truth always hurts! So it's about time that people start accepting truth and not lies.

Post Editorialist Calls for Killing Blogs and Alternative News Sites

Damn Infowars and the blogs. I mean, they are wrecking the CIA’s favorite newspaper, the Washington Post. Late last month, in an op-ed piece published in the aggrieved newspaper (section B, third page printed on dead trees), Dusty Horwitt averred enough is enough.

First, Dusty basically declares there to be too much crap on the web, most blogs have few readers, and people skim anyway. “According to Nielsen Online, the average visitor to newspaper Web sites stops by for just 1.5 minutes per day on average. By contrast, the average print newspaper reader spends 40 minutes with each day’s edition, according to the Project for Excellence in Journalism,” he argues.

For Mr. Horwitt, this “highlights the larger problem: The overload siphons audiences and revenue from newspapers such as The Post and other outlets that can spread important information, forcing these media to shrink and to rely increasingly on advertising to stay afloat.” Horwitt calls this “media fragmentation.”

I guess this means news websites like Infowars and Prison Planet do not post “important information,” although I’m sure the hundreds of thousands of people who visit Alex Jones’ websites every week would beg to differ. Many if not most of are sick and tired of corporate media spin and don’t trust big honking corporations to report news without bias.

Minus this “fragmentation,” the Post and other establishment newspapers would have had a far easier time selling us on the invasion and occupation of Iraq. The Post alone published dozens of editorials in favor of the neocon invasion and Walter Pincus once lamented that the newspaper ordered him to stop writing reports critical of Republicans. Even the establishment “liberal” Chris Matthews called the Post a neocon newspaper.

It’s not like the alternative media is blowing the Post’s solid standing on the internet away — it beats virtually all alternative news sites hands down with an Alexa ranking of 326, so I am not sure why Mr. Horwitt is complaining, although I have a good idea: it’s all about dominating information and opinion – thus consensus — an important aspect considering the Post was a vital link in the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird chain.

It’s also about the ridiculous cost of advertising. It costs over $800 a column inch for a black and white ad in the Post, whereas the nearest competition, the Washington Times, charges around a $100 for the same. Obviously, the Washington Post can’t get away with this sort of highway robbery on the internet, where ad rates are far more reasonable.

Second, Mr. Horwitt has an idea how to make the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, et al, more dominant and profitable again — make it more expensive, far more expensive, to own and operate a computer.

“Rather than call for government regulation of technology itself, perhaps the best way to limit the avalanche is to make the technologies that overproduce information more expensive and less widespread. It could be done via a progressive energy tax designed to keep energy prices at a consistently high level (while providing assistance to lower- and middle-income Americans).”

Notice how Horwitt believes there is an overproduction of information and it’s up to the government to create an artificial scarcity and jack up prices on equipment and energy so you’ll go back to feeding quarters into newspaper vending machines. Notice how he’s a compassionate conservative and wants to take even more of your money and give it to poor people so they can have what you’ll scarcely be able to afford.

As an “environmental analyst,” Mr. Hewitt also tells us this restriction of choice will be good for the environment.

“It’s possible that over time, an energy tax, by making some computers, Web sites, blogs and perhaps cable TV channels too costly to maintain, could reduce the supply of information. If Americans are finally giving up SUVs because of high oil prices, might we not eventually do the same with some information technologies that only seem to fragment our society, not unite it? A reduced supply of information technology might at least gradually cause us to gravitate toward community-centered media such as local newspapers instead of the hyper-individualistic outlets we have now.”

You know, those small local newspapers long ago snatched up by media conglomerates, mega-corporations such as General Electric, Westinghouse, Murdoch’s News Corporation, Viacom, Disney, Time-Warner, etc., corporations more interested in infotainment than actual news.

As if threatening to sic the government on us is not enough — and as if we don’t have enough government intervention in our lives already — Mr. Horwitt tries to scare us with the prospect of lost jobs: “If the thought of more expensive information technologies makes you flinch, consider economist Alan Blinder’s warning that the Internet could lead to the outsourcing of 40 million American service jobs over the next 10 to 20 years, including such jobs as financial analysts, lawyers and computer programmers. So newspapers aren’t the only ones to be hit by cheap information technologies.”

But let’s not belabor this more than necessary. Simply put, Dusty Horwitt is worried he will be out of a job if the trend toward decentralized and de-corporatized media continues without government intervention. He also probably realizes the establishment is threatened and must reign in the free flow of information and get us back on the propaganda teat.

Finally, socialist control methods such as those offered by Mr. Horwitt will simply not work. The former Soviet Union tried to dominate media technology as well and this in part led to the collapse of the Soviet government.

Finally, a Russian word comes to mind: Samizdat. Google it.

The corporatists may eventually make our technology too expensive to use, but they will not be able to stamp out the innate desire for information free of corporate efforts to turn it into crude propaganda to sell us wars and other bankster scams.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lei kao ngo geh lui la(Come court my daughter)

To all aunties out there, if every single aunty offered or asked me to make a court at their daughter I would have be utterly busy to dead, wouldn't it?

How could you all be so selfish? How could you simply ask me to chase after your daughter and make me abandon my private lifestyle? How can...

Please la...please open up some breathing room for me. I'm too young to die.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why punishment?

To put it into a literal and concise manner, punishment is imposed in order to deter or imposed a retribution to prevent the repetition of the alleged crime by the offender in the future. If you take a look at it in a morally point of view, punishment is there for the reason to serve you with a dire lesson that hopefully will warn a first time offender about the consequence that entails in the event repetition of alleged crime took place. On the other hand if you look at it in a social context, punishment plays a critical role in sending out a strong and robust message to the world at large as a pre-warning to all not to emulate what this particular offender has committed as the consequence will impartially served upon you as well.

Lets put the general understanding of the essence of punishment being imposed aside, we need to accede that punishment ought to be in sufficient severity which should be proportionate to the crime committed and also it must be swift and certain in order to effectively deter criminal behaviour.

There's no dispute arising saying punishment should be expunged but definitely one question crucially need to be addressed is whether the sufficiency of severity was adequate enough because based on global studies, crimes rate has yet to reduce however is gradually increasing by year at a grave concern rate. So does this implicit that punishment is not adequate to deter criminal behaviour?

The answer would be severity of the punishment is more than adequate. At coming to such a conclusion is because the sentencing policy has been amended countlessly to be adaptive to the changing of era and evolution that took place.In other words sentencing policy has been refurbished and revamped to obtain the ultimate sanction to curb crime yet the crime rate has hardly reduced. The reason simply because the ultimate deterrence of criminal behaviour shouldn't lies merely on the effort of sentencing policy(punishment) because criminal behaviour at times doesn't rest upon the imperviousness of an individual against the law but rather the behaviour was due to an inevitable pressure socially generated or forces that drive people to commit crimes.

We shouldn't be rigid in solving the matters, to impede criminal behaviour by merely relying on the criminal processes, as we should be liberalistic and analytical in scouring out the contributing factor towards the steady increase of crime rate other than blaming the inadequacy of the sentencing policy.

One of the contributing factors towards criminal behaviour is sociology. The rampant availability of drugs in the street is responsible for all the social ills that occurs in our society today whereby an excessive addiction of it could make an individual to lose its self-inhibition and also will appear more bold compared to pre-inebriated state. By consuming drugs, people would have greater courage to commit crime such as snatch theft,burglary and murder because their mind no longers able to control their subsequent action. Therefore as indentified contribution towards criminal behaviour at this level, it is safe to say that the law enforcement and the local authority should also play a pivotal part in helping to curb criminal behaviour.

Beside the availability of illicit chemical products that could erode the human brain, the pressure compelled by the society towards imperfect or with criminal record individual is deplorable. The society is sadly I would say has become less incline to be sympathetic and supportive towards its own kind. They no longer keen to lend a hand to help the needy to stand on their own feet again but instead perpetuately degrade the imperfect or with criminal record individual with ill-treatment and avoidance. Like for an example, a kid who was born in a less fortunate family background will always be the victim of bully because he picked for his inferiority or he might be picked based on his severely slow respond towards anything that he encounters,aka dumb,whereby then the constant prying and condescending stare the flimsy kid receive daily by bullies will create a bubble of fear inside of him that indirectly weakens his self-esteem which then might affect him pyschologically. A troubled kid is more likely to steal, to inflict grievous bodily harm and commit suicide because they personally feel that they have no ample space to breath ,what more to live hence the only way to release the angst within themself is to commit crime because that's the only moment people will pay attention to them.

When it comes to dealing a troubled kid's issue, punishment may not always be the right answer because rehabilitation is not the key to solving a pyschological issue. It's the support and encouragement by his close one ,the relative and family members , that will greatly alter the result of invoking the criminal behaviour inside the troubled kid in the first place. Therefore, the society also plays a pivotal part in helping to curb criminal behaviour from critically arising. A good moral value always start from the family. The parent shouldn't expect that their prodigy will turn out to have a qualitative characteristic by just divest the responsibility to the education system to make them one as such philosophy carries no truism in it because the greatest character building process starts at home. The parents firstly have to make a good example for the children such as not to indulge into social-ills. Besides that parent is advisable to undergo a course to understand children pyschology to apprehend the knowledge in nurturing a kid in a healthy manner. Once the children has been well brought up, although there is no qurantee that they will not commit crime in the future but such education back at home will minimise or diminish the high likelihood of the younger generation to indulge into any crime. In concern of domestic education, domestic punishment is one of the crucial deciding factor of creating a criminal behaviour as the severity of domestic punishment indeed will affect the child to be more aggressive and more bold if it was misused.

Children has to be nurtured since they are young because children absorb knowledge much easier compared to teenagers due to their inherent inquisitive growing up nature. In relation to this, therefore the education feed to them at their younger years must be precise and morally incorporated because whatever things we teach them now will instil forever in their mind and used to build their prospect character.

Despite above extrinsic factor that contribute to criminal behaviour, at the end of the day we still have to concede that there's a need to preserve punishment as a form of deterrence of criminal behaviour as it is able to partly contribute to the rehabilitation if not ultimately, as it might be effective towards offender who commit crime without contemplating the consequence. As for those repeat offender, they are naturally immune to punishment process hence the solution for this matter is best solve by revert back to the roots of the problem, to educate society to play a supportive role in providing beloved encouragement that can help to rebuild back offender's trust against the society whereby lending a hand to them so that they can stand up again as everyone deserve a second chance.