Friday, December 28, 2007

The Peak @ Bukit Prima

We went over to The Peak recently and almost decided to purchase one of the fucking beautifulicious and spacious 3-storey semi-detached house. The house is so fucking luxurious and spacious (did I mention spacious again?) I've ample space to park my car inside my suppose-to-be-room. With the view overseeing many many small little houses, and escape from the noisy traffic congestion, it's a dream come true. Unfortunately, the siblings conceded 2 reasonable point, that the youngest delinquent child of the family are still receiving education and still uncertain whether will he flunk his degree or otherwise (need to incur some money to fund my re-sit ma..) and the house will be in completion not until year 2010. We can't wait for that long. I'll be caught under ISA by then.

So, the siblings have placed a bet to compete to see who will buy The Peak precede the other. Let the game begin. Okay, anyone wants a gigolo service? Very cheap.RM50 per hour. Price open to negotiation.

Still scouting for nice semi-detach. Any suggestion where I can find semi-D regardless it's three storey or not?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

On an erratic level of emotion

I can't hold back any longer. I have to blurt it out.
It's agonisingly stressful to carry such burden on my chest.
I'm spitting it out today no matter what it causes me
Here goes,

"I'm a fuck wiz!!"

That's it. I'm done with my shoutout.

Have a good day mate.