Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hakka Mee in Pudu

It's my most frequent place on earth.

I will come to this hakka mee stall in Jalan Pudu Wai Sik Kai every weekend just to savour the best hakka mee. For the past 1 1/2 decade, this is my weekend spot. I would die if I can't eat here once in a week. I remember I used to throw a wobbler when my dad's not free to bring me here when I was smaller. I grumbled and refuse to chow down any food for the whole day. That's practically how committed I was to this special Hakka mee in Jalan Pudu.

They serve the best Hakka Mee. I've been to other hakka mee stall so that I would not be bias in my tastebud but no other place can serve as delicious as this place. I don't mean to be mean but to be honest, other hakka mee out there taste like crap compared to the one here in Wai Sik Kai.

Two words can only best describe this Hakka Mee. It's Beyond Comparable.

They will serve your Hakka Mee in traditional chinese bowl with all those caligraphy design around it which always reminds me of our dearly chinese culture.

What is so special about this Hakka Mee from Wai Sik Kai is that the mee itself is a homemade recipe. You can even eat the mee on its on without mixing with any gravy yet it's still tasty. The slices of char siew included in your mee is exactly the right size. Not too big and not too small.

Inside the bowl: Hakka Mee (with or without black sauce),nicely thinned char siew,fresh choy sam and homemade minced pork.

One of the most important point to take note when you eat this Hakka Mee is that, to eat them while it's hot. That's where the inexplicable unique taste lies. Beside the mee alone, their complimentary wantan soup is worth a mention because the soup is unlike your typically wantan soup which they will somehow make you go thirsty after certain take but not from this hakka mee stall. Their soup are made from fine grained ikan bilis ingredient that carries zero additive which makes the taste so clear that you want to take another sip again after the other.

Their soup is so delicious not because it carries any special flavouring but its so delicious because it carry the natural low oil based taste that flows smoothly down your throat. I'm not joking. That's practically what I feel everytime I eat here.

Oh yeah, you should try their lou shu fun too. Yet another delicious homemade product that worth trying before you die.

A perfect street food!

Location : Right in front of Pudu Pusat Tuisyen Martin.
Opens at 6am-2pm

Price : Street food price so don't bother bringing your credit card
Close on the Monday of every first and third week of the month

Ratings : 8.5 /10

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hari Raya Haji

On Hari Raya Haji, I had a wonderful dim sum breakfast cum lunch at a restaurant locate in somewhere around Old Klang Road which the name I do not remember. It was a dim sum heaven recommended by the prestigious Brigid Cotter Prize holder whom in person can devour 6 pieces of char siew pao anytime so long as there's char siew in it. He's a char siew freak. You can tell this by his overweight figure. XD

Moving on, brother and I decided to hit the Sungei Wang mall as he need to purchase some body accessory while I need to update my (pirated)video collection. It was Hari Raya Haji , a public holiday and within my envisage, the mall is packed like a market la. It wasn't really that packed but just packed la. ( I know, I'm making senseless talk here haha...)

I finally managed to get Two and a Half Men Season 5 to fill up my utter boredom time during weekends as I don't have to attend any academic course for the moment unlike the prestigious Brigid Cotter Prize holder and his cronies.

There happen to have a Gundam model competition at the lobby on that day. I managed to snap few of the good looking ones and decide to share them with my readers afterall I always share the best thing that happens to me with all my friend.

Mind my poor photography skill as I only utilise an amatuer Canon PowershotSX1 IS. Feel kinda inferior when there' bigger boys carrying bigger guns to capture all the Gundam for competition on display. There's one point where there's this guy who carry super huge SLR for whatever brand I'm not familiar of actually gave me a condescending scorn when he notice of my miniature camera. This is really psychologically demeaning expecially for us guys you see because guys hate when people find ours SMALL! Guys always want BIG BIG things for themself as their ego and pride demands them to.

Plus girls don't like small wiener. Opps I mean small toys. Oppss I mean smaller gadget.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Being offensive

I'm so proud of my team today. I'm happy to see that my team members all rise up in unison to fend off the senseless damning allegation hurled towards our department. I get to see the beauty of unity taking place as each staff comes to defending the very integrity of our department.

We were innocently accused of being negligent in handling one section of our daily wok routine despite we adhere strictly to the give protocol at carrying out our daily work.

All is thanks but no thanks to a bystander who inadvertently influenced our stakeholder through a serious misinterpretation of what our department has been doing for all these years. I didn't know a slight misinterpretation could have caused such a huge commotion. Well, this is not surprising as money is an issue in every corner of the working world.

Everyone stood up and refute the accusation. I being the lest experienced didn't lose out at giving my five cent opinion. Really really a five cent opinion. I just concur to whatever my senior's argument were to defend our department from external influence since their arguments are technically defensible. I even personally believe that our big boss would agree with us and stand on our side.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Clinical test

Finally I've the leisure to write something on this blog. I'm able to get the time off from my busy work to write simply because I've obtained a half day MC today.

I went to the company's panel clinic to seek medical help to diagnose the excruciating throat pain I have been suffering from ever since Monday morning although my ulterior intention is not to cure my pain but to elicit MC for the next day as generally in my honest opinion doctors have no remedy to sickness but remedy for curi tulang. However, instead of issue MC for the next day the panel doctor issued half day MC for today. What a dissappointment.

The reason given by the doctor to justify only a half day MC given today is because he said my fever will recede by next morning.Therefore no point issue me MC the next day. Yes. You heard not wrongly. Fever. The doctor instead of diagnose my throat pain he diagnosed me a fever . I was like what? I have been experiencing acute throat pain whereby I have to undergo VERY PAINFUL episode of burning sensation in my throat whenever I try to swallow food. Even drinking water might gives me a problem. I literally have to shout out in pain whenever I try to swallow a food. That's how painful it was but why suddenly fever?

I find this doctor abit retarded. He certified my " fever " symptom after he shoved the termometer under my tongue and elicited my testimony that I have been experiencing chilling effect lately aka sekejap sejuk sekejap panas. I was dumb can this doctor be? I complained of burning throat but he go on relied on the termometer result that was shoved under my tongue as conclusive evidence that I'm certified fever. Didn't it ever cross his mind that my throat is very close in proximity to my tongue? The temperature below my tongue can be sensically understandable will be high likely influenced by my burning throat nearby. I had chilling effect not because of feverish but because of the pain I am suffering in my throat you moron. It's so painful that my lower jaw have practically gone numb.

How can you rely on my tongue temperature to certify I'm feverish when you didn't even compare the temperature on my forehead which is not HOT at all. I know when I'm feverish because I know my body better than you , doctor who care nothing but to charge patient with exorbitant fees and good for nothing fever,antibiotic and painkiller tablets. Doctors are like policemen. They are the authority when the matters concern his area of expertise but they care less about the core reason of your sickness. They don't want to listen to our explanation because they think they know our body better than us.

I hate the doctor this much simply because he rejected my demand to give me MC for the next day. However looking at the bright side, I not only get to take half day off today, I also receive medicine which is ALL FREE OF CHARGE. All thanks to my beloved company whose footing the bill. If I were to pay for my own medical bill and yet failed to elicit MC for the next day I would have throw a tantrum across the clinic.

Half day MC or no MC?

Half day MC better because FOC medicine and get to bitch about medical practitioner ma point of explaining when the doctor couldn't be bother about your health.