Sunday, September 27, 2009

It grinds my gears

Yet again I would like to complain. I'm not sure whether its regretable or fortunate for me to have another informal chit chat with my nemesis cousin sister who pratices law by profession. As usual, she would find the error in the sentence I use in order to make her look more superior than I am.

Yesterday I saw my cousin sister online in the middle of the night which is unorthodox I would say since she's those schedule oriented type of person who would sleep on time because she's a good loving mother who needs to take care her 2 little dragon well-being and her adequate sleep is vital for her. I soon found out it was my cousin brother-in-law using my cousin sister's msn account and being my usual self I'm as sarcastic at my best in the cyberspace ( because you hardly need to be responsible of what you write in the internet as words can be easily misinterpreted without confirming with the writer's facial expression and actual mood )

So I asked my cousin brother-in-law whether has she already went to bed and he said she hasn't and she was standing right behind him monitors our humble conversation. In my sarcastic respond to that I said, "ok...lets us consider she has already slept" as a form of implication I would like to assume that she's invisible at that moment of time.

And falling exactly into the realm of respond I would expect from my sarcasm, whenever I step on her tail making her feel a slight agitation which without a single doubt she would reprimand it with her so much mind-bending non-sensical talk. She said, "You can't consider someone to be asleep or otherwise. Someone is either asleep or not. You can't consider it"

I was seriously dumbstruck at that time. Why can't a person apprehend a simple sarcasm or joke? Was my implication really that hard to understand? It's not a rocket science logic to feel that your presence is unwanted. She really ticks me off. Of course as usual I would try my level best to explain to the senile-zero-humour loving mother of 2 my rational behind my statement.

Yes she may bears a point saying we can't consider whether one is asleep or not. You can't assume a fact ( that she's not asleep yet ) to be otherwise. No argument on this point. But my contention is that I am actually making a figure of speech hence justify for me to undermine the factual position of current situation. I'm not saying you're not asleep but I'm saying I would like to assume you're invisible as it's very hard for me and my cousin brother-in-law to have a guy talk. Therefore I do not find the choice of word I used is illogical. I am merely teling you a metaphore or an expression. What is the fact is the less bit of my consideration. I don't care whether you're asleep or not, I just want you to be not around the monitor screen thats all. *Chuckle*

Of course I know she's reading my blog that's why I'm writing this complain post to continue making her feel agitated and flustered. Muahaha.....

Anyway, the constant incoherent respond I always get from her really grinds my gears. You can't have a relaxed conversation with them. They have to be so adversarial at everytime. Damn pity the husband. How can he survive with her for so long?

Get the joke?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Swine Flu: Biggest Scam of 2009 Begins

The plague of modern society is preparing for the event that will quite possibly be the most dangerous thing to happen to humanity since the last great outbreak: the release of the Swine Flu vaccination. That’s right, not the flu, the “prevention.”

A “top news story” featured on AOL this morning with the brazen title “2,000 Students at Washington State University Have Swine Flu.”

The article says that “More than 2,000 students at Washington State University have come down with swine flu symptoms in just the first week of classes, school officials said Friday” (Emphasis mine).

Swine flu symptoms. What does that even mean? A runny nose? No doubt this information is based on self-reporting (like much of the “information” we have on the Swine Flu), which means that most of the students were probably hung over from the ‘first week of classes’ and reported these symptoms as potentially being the Swine Flu – because that’s what everyone is telling them it probably is.

No other information is provided in this fear-mongering article which serves no purpose other than to spread media hype in an attempt to grease the American population for the arrival of the soon-to-be-released Swine Flu vaccinations, coming to a doctor near you in the near future.

The article goes on to say that “A presidential panel estimates that upward of half of the U.S. population could come down with the H1N1 this year.” Oh my God, really?

Read what the Federal Health Minister of Australia has to say about the Swine Flu:

“In Australia, where the winter season has begun, Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon is reassuring parents the swine flu is no more dangerous than regular seasonal flu. “Most people, including children, will experience very mild symptoms and recover without any medical intervention,” she said.”

The article goes on to discuss that the Swine Flu is no more dangerous than any other seasonal flu, and will likely be responsible for possibly 100 death in the United States. Meanwhile, we will be mass-injecting over 75 million people with a vaccine that has been proven to be dangerous to our nerve systems.

This article discusses Squalene, an ingredient in the Swine Flu that has been linked to very adverse symptoms which are probably worse than the Swine Flu.

As someone who works in marketing, I know a “pre-sell” when I see one. Pre-selling is an extremely powerful sales tactic in which a source that seems reputable (ie. the target audience is likely to trust the source) begins to subtly convince the intended victim, er, customer, that an upcoming product or service is worthwhile in order to increase the likelihood of selling the product once it arrives. says pre-selling is:
2) To promote (a product not yet on the market) by means of advertising.
3) To condition (a potential customer) in advance for later purchase of a product.

“But the Swine Flu vaccine is not a product ,” you say, “it’s intended to save the lives of millions of Americans!”

First of all, countless health officials and medical professionals do not agree – and I’ll bet most are afraid to speak up. Secondly, the vaccine absolutely is a product, and the drug companies are bracing themselves for the billions of dollars they are about to receive from the sale of Swine Flu vaccines.

The “pandemic” is nothing but a combination of very good marketing on the part of Drug companies, and the fear-mongering of a bunch of lemmings, the media, who maintain their station in our society by spreading fear, misinformation and half-truths.

Most people in the mainstream media are most likely just stupid, or irresponsible at worst. On the other hand, the drug companies are downright profit-hungry murderers, a plague on their fellow human beings (if they can be called humans at all).

They use us as guinea pigs for profit.

It’s difficult to blame this one on the stupidity of the America public because this is one of the most well-planned and well-executed marketing ploys in history, and one that plays on the natural human fear to protect one’s health.

How many parents will unknowingly damage their child’s future health, in an ironic attempt to protect their health, in the coming year? How will we damage future generations of humanity with our drug experimentation?

I have no doubt that future generations will look back on these last few decades as an atrocity in the annals of human history, much like we now think about shock treatment and lobotomies to cure “mental illnesses” that were largely imagined.

As has been said before, “want to become a millionaire? Invent a disease and market the cure.”



Monday, September 7, 2009

Cat Shit One

Trailer for the anime series Cat Shit One. Title: Cat Shit One - the Animated Series Production: Studio Anima Director: Kazuya Sasahara Original Manga (released in the USA as Apocalypse Meow): Motofumi Kobayashi Format: 23 min. 12 episodes Target Viewers: Survival game fans and military fans

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Very cold

Now I'm officially a fresh graduate! So fresh you can eat it and immediately get stomachache after that. I'm not as fresh as sushi type of fresh. I'm the unhealthy type of fresh.

Continue dabble around the city centre to check out hot chicks hopefully they dig fresh grad so I could earn some extra pocket money in return for their kind appreciation for my luscious body.