Sunday, September 27, 2009

It grinds my gears

Yet again I would like to complain. I'm not sure whether its regretable or fortunate for me to have another informal chit chat with my nemesis cousin sister who pratices law by profession. As usual, she would find the error in the sentence I use in order to make her look more superior than I am.

Yesterday I saw my cousin sister online in the middle of the night which is unorthodox I would say since she's those schedule oriented type of person who would sleep on time because she's a good loving mother who needs to take care her 2 little dragon well-being and her adequate sleep is vital for her. I soon found out it was my cousin brother-in-law using my cousin sister's msn account and being my usual self I'm as sarcastic at my best in the cyberspace ( because you hardly need to be responsible of what you write in the internet as words can be easily misinterpreted without confirming with the writer's facial expression and actual mood )

So I asked my cousin brother-in-law whether has she already went to bed and he said she hasn't and she was standing right behind him monitors our humble conversation. In my sarcastic respond to that I said, "ok...lets us consider she has already slept" as a form of implication I would like to assume that she's invisible at that moment of time.

And falling exactly into the realm of respond I would expect from my sarcasm, whenever I step on her tail making her feel a slight agitation which without a single doubt she would reprimand it with her so much mind-bending non-sensical talk. She said, "You can't consider someone to be asleep or otherwise. Someone is either asleep or not. You can't consider it"

I was seriously dumbstruck at that time. Why can't a person apprehend a simple sarcasm or joke? Was my implication really that hard to understand? It's not a rocket science logic to feel that your presence is unwanted. She really ticks me off. Of course as usual I would try my level best to explain to the senile-zero-humour loving mother of 2 my rational behind my statement.

Yes she may bears a point saying we can't consider whether one is asleep or not. You can't assume a fact ( that she's not asleep yet ) to be otherwise. No argument on this point. But my contention is that I am actually making a figure of speech hence justify for me to undermine the factual position of current situation. I'm not saying you're not asleep but I'm saying I would like to assume you're invisible as it's very hard for me and my cousin brother-in-law to have a guy talk. Therefore I do not find the choice of word I used is illogical. I am merely teling you a metaphore or an expression. What is the fact is the less bit of my consideration. I don't care whether you're asleep or not, I just want you to be not around the monitor screen thats all. *Chuckle*

Of course I know she's reading my blog that's why I'm writing this complain post to continue making her feel agitated and flustered. Muahaha.....

Anyway, the constant incoherent respond I always get from her really grinds my gears. You can't have a relaxed conversation with them. They have to be so adversarial at everytime. Damn pity the husband. How can he survive with her for so long?

Get the joke?

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