Thursday, December 18, 2008

Life without internet

Sorry for no update in this blog for the past few weeks. My house got no internet connection. Only able to update myself in the cyberspace once awhile. Currently at Kwee's house hopefully to do some course research and probably shag Kwee's PS3 after this.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The truth about Mumbai attacks (False Flag Terror Attack)

For those whose less incline in reading up the truth behind Mumbai attack, here's a video explaining the basic stuff you need to know about the attack.

The false flag terror attack is staged because the US ,again, need an excuse to invade another country, this time Pakistan, under the pretext of continuing their war on terror agenda and all this pre-planned shenanigans will comfortably facilitate US further erosion on the Middle East democracy , and this perfectly staged terror in Mumbai which again attract global attention of 9/11 alike precede the fundamental goal in US next real agenda, that is to dismantle Iran from its nuclear enriched power reserve. The success at occupying Pakistan via military invasion will later secure US in greater position at crippling Iran's democracy causing Iran to be cornered as US army have occupy Iran's border-sharing neighbour namely Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Obama announced in his manisfesto that if he win the presidency he will immediately pull back all American troops from Iraq however not forthcoming about his intention to use those retreated troop from Iraq to attack Iran in prospect. Pakistan has never been in US invasion notebook prior to this but the recent exile of pro-US President Musharraf event gives American a justified reason to have a "regime change" in that country so that Pakistan will assist America in attacking Iran. Benazir Bhutto's has never be a conformist towards the American policy . She had revealed to the world at large a day before her assasination that Osama bin Laden is actually dead and she also further reveal the hidden agenda President Musharraf holds with the Americans. I believe this is the cause to her assasination because she revealed too much of western's secret agenda.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Namewee outrage

Omg! WTF

Have you watch namewee's latest video? It's preposterous. His act is getting more and more immoral. Gosh, I regret defending his freedom of expression earlier on.

I'm boycotting namewee from this moment onwards.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The other night I had a small sms conversation with a coursemate of mine and this particular sms really give me two slap in the face.

"Your gay face help you subscribe defeatness to get my dream girl next to you. Victory dom"

At first I seriously have no idea what he's trying to relay to me. I was in complete muzzy. To subscribe defeatness?! I was like WTF...what does that suppose to mean la.. Subscribe astro I understand la..but what is it suppose to mean by subscribe defeatness?

Anyway after pondering for awhile trying to rationalise the whole context, I realised something. He had just impute that I got a faggot looking face. Argh...bloody fucker. I was fuming all around.

Although I bath in Diamond water but you don't need to belittle my face like that one also can have skin as smooth as baby backside one ma..but first you must SUBSCRIBE to my Diamond water. Haha.