Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The other night I had a small sms conversation with a coursemate of mine and this particular sms really give me two slap in the face.

"Your gay face help you subscribe defeatness to get my dream girl next to you. Victory dom"

At first I seriously have no idea what he's trying to relay to me. I was in complete muzzy. To subscribe defeatness?! I was like WTF...what does that suppose to mean la.. Subscribe astro I understand la..but what is it suppose to mean by subscribe defeatness?

Anyway after pondering for awhile trying to rationalise the whole context, I realised something. He had just impute that I got a faggot looking face. Argh...bloody fucker. I was fuming all around.

Although I bath in Diamond water but you don't need to belittle my face like that one also can have skin as smooth as baby backside one ma..but first you must SUBSCRIBE to my Diamond water. Haha.

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