Friday, February 15, 2008

40K just to say "marry me"...

Sigh. Kepala pusing. Mo Ngan Tai.

The most talked topic in blogosphere right now ,apart from GE-12 , is the 40K ringgit billboard marriage proposal by a hick named David to his beloved significant half, Kelly Tan E Li along LDP highway on Valentine's Day.

The lamest trick out of the book. All the strain he has to get down to was to copy from our typical "Taiwanese ah-beng ah-lian romance movie" for his puny insincere trick, and incorporate it as if it's his own hard thought concept and ideas. You know why I deplore his method of kao-ing his lady? The answer is simply. Lack of sincerity and utterly boastful.

First and foremost, of course it's not my deal to say anything if he's a wealthy rich middle-men who has tones of money to spend and it's justiciable for him to do so but to be spendthrift at the age of 26 I presume he must either earns 6 digit per month or he has a super wealthy daddy. His particular as disclosed in the newspaper, Mr. David here works as an account executive in an advertising company. EXECUTIVE sial!!!! How often can you find an executive at age 26? fucking rare if you ask me.

There's only 2 ways to mould an elusive young executive breed like David here. First, he must have started building his career earlier way before he finishes his PMR examination, in other word a genius who walks faster than the rest of the common people and climbs the corporate ladder like playing snake and ladder(excuse the lame comparison). Or two, that it's his dad's fucking company he's currently holding that executive position in! From his dorky look, we can safely concede its the latter mould because as we know , a genius wouldn't have done what he had did.

Fine, he has a rich daddy. We're envious. You can't expect a filty rich man's son not to be treated as a prince and spends his dad's hard(easy?) earned money unfetteringly right? It's like asking Lim Goh Tong's descendant not to use a single shit of his bloodshed money.

So next intrigue question is, why do you need to waste so much of money to dupe a ladies heart? Is it Kelly's chee-bye made out of plated gold as Shadowfox eloquently put it. Kelly Tan E Li , at first I mistaken her occupation as a nail polisher as I wasn't paying much attention into my reading (just wanna skip the deceitful conspiracial article) so almost fume at David's foolhardy act for unnecessarily wasting money for a pathetic twat. As I read carefully, Kelly Tan rupa-rupanya is a nail salon owner in Bangsar and she's just 24 years old. WTF! This one more teruk. Her own business somemore. At her age, girls ngam-ngam start to build their career in this highly competitive gender equal world. Some have to sacrifice their dignity just to get the opportunity to earn higher than the rest unlike Kelly here. No doubt, without any refute, her nail salon must be modal by her sweet ah pah who can't effort to see her sweet little over-pampered princess suffers the brunt of being someone's employee.

I want to recapitulate. It's clearly obvious that the so call romantic billboard marriage proposal was a rich man's game. Only dumbass rich unfillial doofus kid will idiotically and blatantly announces his wealth to the general public and making a big ass huge 40k offer for criminal to kidnap his ass and extort the hell off shit out of his dad's coffin saving.

Me and my brother has conceded that it's normal for you to spendthrift, boast out your wealthiness if you wanna shag a rich man's daughter because no way poor guy like yours trully gonna get hitch with a rich man's daughter whose willing to eat bobo chacha with you by the roadside enduring all the carbon dioxide. If that ever happens, pigs can fly edi.

Quote from my brother, " Ini adalah seumpama mengunakan duit untuk menghimpit orang" (Lo chin lei tat yan)

My best wishes to David and Kelly, may both of you escape prospect extortion envisaged gonna bestowed on you and your family members and may God always be myside.