Monday, August 23, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wonder how if some girl has neither

Self-motivate T shirt for girls.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Breast feeding is good during puasa month

My 3 days trip to Bandung, Indonesia - the land where everyone bears a chance to be millionaire for once in their lifetime - is indeed a fruitful one.

One of many things I learn from visiting the poverty mundane country is, they could discuss breast feeding topics on national newspaper openly and deliberately incorporate obscene pictorial as form of illustration without any fear from religious objection consider the fact their country is far more religiously guided and conservative country than ours Malaysia.

But what is more surprising beside the fact their society is more open and liberal in discussing sexuality related topic in order to better educate their citizen with general knowledge , is the fact they would use old granny (furthest right) to instigate the society the essence of breast feeding on babies. Are they suggesting older women has more milk than the younger women?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

15th : Kim Hyun Joo

Search Google or youtube to get to know more about how this artist helps to turns Korea and become the next notable entertainment heaven in the world.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dr. M become witness

Dr.M, are you kidding me? News article.

You confirm that you willing to testify to defend Tun Ling from the criminal offence that he's being charged with at the moment? Did I hear wrongly?

I'm a little worried for you Dr.M.

No mean to disrespect you but do you still remember a time not too long ago, a year or two ago, you are summoned by the Royal Commission to explain or rather to assist in the Lingam Tape enquiry? And do you still remember how unhelpful you are towards the enquiry when you note to the panel of commission that the event took place while you're still in office as,

"I cannot remember" (Tak boleh ingat)

Do you you still remember this incident? If we follow according to your pure weak power of memory as evident in aforesaid public enquiry ,I would today sincerely doubt you would even remember what Tun Ling did back in the time when he approach you to conspire ...opps... I mean induce you into giving a close one eye approval for the outright devaluation of Port Klang Land for the purpose of self-profitering ?

UNLESS you could only remember this particular incident that took place years back on how Tun Dr.Ling DIDN'T conspire ...opps...I mean induce you into giving a close one eye approval for the outright devaluation of Port Klang Land for the purpose of self-profiteering.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Celebrity Endorsed Product

Do you know that there are growing trend of products which use celebrity endorsement as a form of attraction to greater appeal them for the eyes of consumer? There are few I cite as example such as mamee instant noodle that endorsed by a well known local celebrity

and I believe no stranger to anyone, fitness centre uses celebrity as their ambassador.

The growing trend of product using celebrity endorsement clearly shows that conventional method of advertising cum marketing which purely focus mainly around the idea of distribution product knowledge alone without any combined explicit and attractive image, begin to lose its effectiveness as its no longer economically viable and sustainable in the long run for any consumer product oriented business because every minute waste without effective profit making would adversely open rooms for more competitors to breach into your target market segment hence shrink your dominance portion within the market share pie chart.

Therefore the best way to attract consumer's attention to focus on certain new product launch, is by way of celebrity endorsement.

Businesses begin to opt for the celebrity endorsement idea clearly for this obvious reason. Reverse pyschology. By applying the reverse psychology , marketers able to turn the celebrity's fame into good account by asking, "your favourite celebrity likes it why can't you?"

Better yet, marketer will pose this question into your mind, " If you wear Calvin Klein today, yours will look as big as Mark Wahlberg!" How not to believe it's true right?

Beside that, the optimum benefit of employing celebrity as endorsement or ambassador could ensure that the brand would continue stay relevant and active in the mind of consumer. The outcome would promise greater brand awareness and greater greater profit making.

Once you get a celebrity endorse your product, consequentially the product would associate with the celebrity. It promise the effect of whenever you think of that particular celebrity, you would think of the brand. So you would buy that respective brand and not the competitor's brand.

When you think of Simon Yam, you think of Canon camera and no other brand else.

That's the optimism and objective marketers propose to their client but question left unanswered is, is this true? Do this optimism always work?

To be frank, I personal pay little interest to celebrity endorsed products as they generally misrepresent the product.

which part of Chong Wei can best describe or promote anti-virus programme? He can't even destroy the virus name called Lin-Dan in Thomas Cup. Even if he does, is he a computer expert to start of with to endorse that Kaspersky is inherently good?

The answer would be no.

Moreover, can you trust a badminton player to endorse a ubat gigi if given the chance? I've never seen an advertisement of this nature yet and I would laugh if ever such is made. Buat lawak lo kalau happen.

However the only one celebrity endorsed product that has never fail to catch my attention is bust enlargement ads. Bust line awareness is something you can't miss. Even if it's not meant for you!

Now I would only think of Ong Ai Leng as the celebrity with big bust! instead of bust enhancement treatment. What a great way to send wrong message to the public.