Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Hour can't make my electric bill cheaper

Earth Hour is yet another capitalist conspiracy shit. The event is to coordinate everyone on earth to accede to the agenda that global warming is for real. People wake up! It's one a pack of lies that they're feeding you with. The idea that turning off your light, critically reduce electric consumption could significantly help to mitigate the global warming effect is a heap of rubbish.

Even if you switch off the light in union to show a sign of referendum to the world leaders(or people who has power to determine the world's future)to acknowledge your "social" conscious so that they could undertake a course of action to vigorously fight against global warming is fallacy.
Global warming is an agenda that could be used to promulgate alot of things. It has the effect of significantly change the way our life to be. Global warming hoax is firstly introduced so that money could be raised through charity in order to fund some unscrupulous scientist at perpetuate their scientific research.
Earth Hour at the beginning was not part of the global warming instrument but was taken to next level to be incorporated into global warming agenda because by placing Earth Hour alongside with global warming, the capitalist could easily promote to push forward a electric saving bulb which claimed could save energy by reducing consumption by ratio 1:9 bulb. Meaning one energy saving light bulb equivalent to 9 normal light bulb. Therefore the leading energy saving light bulb could dominate the global market by way of exclusive copyright. By doing this they could change the entire trend of bulb WORLD.

One the face of it, the energy saving light bulb appears benevolent than the old type of light bulb. Then why the hell am I making myself look stupid by going against such a brilliant concept that could literally save our life? Well, my friend the fact is these energy saving light bulb is more detriment than your ordinary light bulb because it's not disposable friendly. It has a grave effect towards the environment while minimally reduce electric consumption. It's similar disposal trouble as plastic wrapper. So basically it's bad for the environment.

Therefore by supporting Earth Hour is tantamount to supporting future environment destruction. Although even with or without your humble participation of Earth Hour, the capitalist will still be able to introduce the energy saving light bulb withou sweat. Earth Hour is just a convenient advertisement for them. The grim reality is that we actually can't do much to stop these capitalist domination because they're not within our disposal. We have to play along with their game afterall without them we can't survive. Can't live with them, can't live without them. ( This reminds me of a matriachal society humour article I read the other day. It completely ridicule feminist movement )

If you find my short post about the conspiracy of earth hour isn't convincing , I can't help you because I wrote this down in a haste so I don't have time to elaborate further or provide you with some useful link. I wrote down what goes on in my mind.