Friday, May 30, 2008

Loose Change Final Cut

If you want to be as well-informed as I am, watch the following inconvinient truth about 9/11 "terrorist attack"

Part 1

Part 2

The final cut of Loose Change is the long awaited documentary that goes over the 9/11 conspiracy. It is a follow-up to the Internet hit, Loose Change Second Edition. The previous Loose Change documentaries include lots of media footage of the September 11, 2001 attacks. They also include an in depth overview of the attacks, all the time pointing out inconsistencies in the account given by the 9/11 Commission Report, the FEMA Report, and this NIST Studies. It is believed that Charlie Sheen will narrate Loose Change Final Cut. This movie is sure to spark tough questions from its viewers. Regardless of your political stance, this movie is sure to keep you awake for weeks. You may never look at your government and media the same way again.
Further information.

What People Are Saying About Loose Change :

Loose Change, a documentary ...which just might be the first Internet blockbuster.
-Vanity Fair-
Loose Change is a... blizzard of statistics, photographs, documents, eyewitness accounts and expert testimony set to a trippy hip-hop backbeat.
Millions of people have heard its message. Like it or loathe it, you can't ignore Loose Change.
-London Guardian-

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A laughable awful mistake

It's a laughable awful mistake that ends with great twist. I've promised to lend a hand to my mate to help him to order 100 roses for his beloved girlfriend 21st birthday and conveniencely enough it was their 100 days of engagement. You see, my mate is currently residing at oversea to pursue his architectual degee while his beloved girlfriend stays back in Malaysia to pursue her ACCA. So it's understandably hard for the male to show his endless and undivided love at this moment to his other half as there's always a time and space gap in between them that duly hinders them from "physically interact" and only the exchange of lovey-dovey-shivering text messages temporarily console each other's kerinduan antara satu sama dan lain. Therefore being his considerate peer, me and Mr.YongSui took the effort to arrange ourself to make sure everything goes according to plan i.e to make an order of the desired amount of roses and ensure delivery reaches on time as this bouquet of flower plays a vital role in this story because it represent my mates sincerity and appreciation that greatly bridges up the wide distance of time and space between them.

In this " ai ching"(cinta) drama, I played a passive conduit role to become the messenger to convey whatever circumstances the bouquet should look like to Mr.YongSui because he knows where to get flower since he had spend countless number of flowers for his 35 ex-gfs before. My mate mailed me the picture of the details desired for the bouquet of flower. I posted the content of the email here because Mr.YongSui apparently was at college(his usual hang out place) presumably courting some siu mui mui there,refuses to log into his msn because scared MSN kena hack wo.. I hastely post up the message onto my blog for him to read before I rushes out to do some personal errand.

Flowers delivered...deadline ended. Mission accomplished.

Just when you think you can shrug off in relief,

My mate: Ei..apasal putih one? (Take note:There's no anger involved in the conversation.All done in carefree manner because we are mature people XD)

Cnigel : Huh?! *Apa lu cakap*

My mate: I thought I asked maroon roses for my darling

Cnigel : 0.0 *OMG*

I was stoned with my jaws dropped. How can I be so reckless failing to stress the word red roses maroon to Mr.YongSui. Oh man, that is so inadvertent I tell you. My mate was quite open about this mistake because he told me his darling loves the flower very much.

I mean ya, she should right? (Sarcasm) Haha. Let's look at the bright side shall we. My mate has taken a long effort from UK to deliver his appreciation to his special one therefore this particular appreciation (the flower) shouldn't be any ordinary one but should be an extraordinary one. The result of inadvertent error at getting the wrong colour rose I believe is an Act of God because she was an extraordinary individual to my mate so she trully deserve an extraordinary flower, the white ones as oppose to the ordinary common red roses. It's also rather convenient for the colour to be white as her 21st birthday also marks the 100th days of their engagement. It's so romantic. So divine. And the colour perfectly reflect the sincerity, loving, faithfulness, blissfulness, and bridal status of their relationship so much.

Okay la..if you don't buy this reasoning for making the colour mistake perhaps this will do. Take it as a part favour and part prank from the hengdai. I think the whole episode has make us all elated (the couple and the prankster) as we had a great laugh at the end of the day looking at how Act of God has reverse a human's decision turning it into a better ONE. Haha.

OkayI'll stop now before someobody accuse me for putar-ing too much.

(I really suck at writting love related stuff so here is my deepest apology)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

To parents:Don't bloody hell intimidate my intellectual

My parent is the worst bigot and the most senile seasoned couple ever lived. You wan to know why? It's utterly pointless for you to even attempt to reason out with them. They just simply don't get it. Baffled. No matter how reasonable and plausible your explanation can be, none of that will ever make it into their tiny little retarded brain because they're apparently deaf . With the perpetuate and unneccessary mental agony of facing this obstacle at my already full of mess life, it ain't gonna help my stress level. No even a bit.

I've been living in a family where every conversation we engaged upon is tantamount to hustling 2 pieces of hard rocks together which will produce a result none other than quarrelling. Just try to imagine engaging a debate with the consciencely handicapped dimwit who are pyschologically fixed to be impervious against any outsource view except their own. Let me tell you,they are so adamant with their prejudiced views that they cannot accept a no for an answer. They simply deplore any divergent views and pratices strong arbritary. All they do best is follow their intuition because their intuition was alleged to derived from "I eat more salt than you eat rice" theory. This grandmother unbecoming theory has always been the tool of last resort in order to pacify me the one who seek genuine reasonableness in tackling the dispute of life.

The atmoshpere of every unwarranted debate carry the irksome of talking to a bunch of old jerks with their hearing aid defunct. All they do is hurl misunderstanding fact against me and I patiently prohibiting my anger from using vulgar words to present my reasoning and discreetly refute all the lies thrown at me. However to my dismay, they said yes (accede to my defence) but later on goes back to square one (quarrel about the intial topic again) as if I didn't produce any defence at all.

They pratice hypocrisy at best. It's so grosteque to see how the parents easily sway towards what the general public perceive is correct. They have the tendency to favour outsider and daringly used me as an escapegoat to potray how good they are in front of their pang yao but me otherwise. Can you imagine how sickening can it be when your parents didn't even bother defending you when other people have slightly get their facts incorrect about me and continue allow the misunderstanding to exacerbate further when I'm not in a position to refute the insinuation. Where is the moral support here? I did alot in my effort trying to protect their reputation and dignity and yet they betrayed the very core principle of trust that should pervade a family. I personally hate people who betrayed my trust and I'm very keen of vindicating my loss towards the traitor. For those who have gained my trust, I will undoubtlessly give my best effort try to protect them whenever they needed my help as a return for their trust which I will construe as moral support which I trully treasure.

You may vociferately fume at my un-fillial and ungrateful selfish puerile attitude of mine because you will say no matter what our parent's advise is ,they are always right. Right (Sense the sarcasm) I'm not trying to rebel here. I'm just trying to be reasonable so don't bloody hell try to get me wrong. In this liberal society , we NO LONGER accept propaganda from the whim of the powerful elite because we are capable of coming up with our own discretion based on the information we're receiving and we cannot withstand arbitrary power that would impede our mental development . I'm not saying I don't heed my parents advise. As a matter of fact, I've told my parents outrightly no matter what they say I'll keep them in my mind for reference in my decision making but not to accede to them just because they say I must. When we're living in a liberal world, we have to take note of every hindsight and advise given by the surrounding people and try to modify the given suggested method to mitigate any flaws or drawbacks entail from the hindsight and advise. This is what makes contemporary man different from those conservative minded person. We learn from your mistake and use it towards our benefit to tackle our daily predicament. We DON'T follow your mistake because they're redundant at today's world and please fuck, don't be so repetitive in the quarrel. I'm having a excruciating mental agony already.

(I don't wish to continue further. Frantic that my blood pressure gonna ascend again)

My family is my problem.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I also know how to kao lui okay~(temporary post)

With 100 red roses maroon to be precise.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gua tengah tunggu Anwar.That's all.

Does Tun Dr.M's recent resignation going to have any strong thrust effect to make Pak Lah voluntarily relinquish his party Presidency and Prime Minister position after the latter blatantly ignore the loud message of the public on last PRU-12? Does Tun Dr.M's resignation adequate enough to send a strong signal to other dissident within the UMNO party to does what he did? Because if he could, it will utterly spilt/dissect UMNO into small cebis-cebisan and we could see the end of UMNO.

Therefore we will have to monitor closely the post political progess of Tun's resignation to determine whether does he still acquire that robust affluential power to procure other party member to heed to his calling to make a vote of no confidence against Pak Lah. Time will tell whether is this resignation effective enough to push down Pak Lah. Please borne in mind, this resignation was Tun's last resort in his attempt to crush Pak Lah's leadership and if Tun fail at this final attempt of his, I doubt he will ever make appearance anymore. Maybe he's going for a long slumber away from public like Tun Salleh Abbas. Afterall both of them share the same Tun title.

In my opinion,on the second I read about Tun's resignation on the cyberspace my dearly perception suggest that he has finally given up hope after countless futile attempt to pressure Pak Lah to resign in dignity hence the resignation. It all depends how you construe the meaning behind his resignation. Different people has different perception. Ya know.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The ugly Singaporean

Have affluent, educated Singaporeans become too self-centred and insensitive to other people’s plights? Can Singapore be considered a First World city with such boorishness? A mature, developed country isn’t defined only by wealth and education; it is also about humanity and concern for others.

JUSTIFIABLY or not, the disastrous Sichuan earthquake has sparked off a re-look here at a Singaporean characteristic that overshadows his economic achievement.

In a TV interview, a tourist who just returned unhurt complained angrily about his encounter with airport delay and telephone breakdown at a time when the Chinese were frantically rescuing people.

One viewer commented: “He kept complaining bitterly as if the whole world owed him an explanation about the airport delay.”

Another added: “the man was practically shouting at the camera. His behaviour was really shocking.”

In the face of the terrible suffering, the middle-aged Singaporean’s insensitive complaint about his personal inconvenience spread consternation and a sense of shame among viewers.

It highlighted a trait often attributed to affluent, educated Singaporeans that they have become too self-centred and insensitive to other people’s plights.

After years of social campaigns, tales still abound of people rushing for train seats or refusing to give one up to the elderly, ill treatment of maids, littering or inconsiderate driving.

Many of the offenders are middle-class, young and educated who seem to have little interest in other people’s feelings.

The Singaporean tourist, instead of lending a helping hand, was fuming about his own safety – even after he was safely back home.

“Typical ugly Singaporean the sort that makes other people dislike us – totally self-centred,” said a blogger.

Others disagree, with one defending it as a normal reaction for a foreigner desperate to escape quickly. “He may have put it badly, but he was scared and obviously wanted to return to his family,” he said.

“Realistically speaking, not every one can be highly principled about helping in a disaster in a foreign country,” he added.

Most, however, condemned his insensitivity. “It reflects the overall selfishness and self-centredness of middle-class Singaporeans,” said ‘investor’.

“My general impression is that they are the second most selfish and self-centred people in Asia, next only to Hong Kongers.”

The debate raised the question whether Singapore could be considered a First World city with such boorishness.

A mature, developed country isn’t defined only by wealth and education; it is also about humanity and concern for others.

Several days earlier, a girl who refused to give up a seat (meant for the elderly and the handicapped) to a pregnant woman, called her a “bitch” because she had stared at her and shook her head.

Some blame it on the environment, especially an elitist, each-man-for-himself mentality.

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch” is a theme that has been drilled into every child and adult. A whole generation has grown up believing that if Singaporeans get into trouble, they can expect no help from anyone.

It may be a good teaching for a small city without resources, but it has also spawned an antithesis: If you can expect no help from others, you also do not need to care for others.

“Living in a society where only money talks makes all of us less human and less caring,” says ‘Anonymous’.

Another writer said he was a typically an apathetic, uncaring Singaporean until he went to live in the United States.

“Two years into my stay there and having been offered help by plenty of strangers on the street, I found myself doing the same,” he said.

“The typical Singaporean reaction when they are offered unsolicited help is a suspicious glare. Certainly not encouraging to would-be helpers,” he added.

The person who has the single biggest influence on how Singaporeans think and behave is Lee Kuan Yew. Many of the current leaders and civil servants as well as older Singaporeans, emulate him.

The Minister Mentor has never been too concerned about his own – or Singapore’s – popularity as much as its interests. Giving charity to countries in need, for example, has rarely been its forte.

The political elite, followed by and large by the citizenry, takes after Lee’s generally no-welfare, harshly competitive and unsentimental leadership.

Last year, the “survival of the fittest” type view, believed to prevail among the top elites, burst into a public furore following remarks made by the scholar-daughter of a government MP.

Condemning a young professional, Derek Wee, who wrote about the pressures faced by the common people, the student, Wee Shu Min lambasted the critic as wretched, an idiot and “leech”.

She appeared to be defending the class divide in Singapore or “a tyranny of the capable and the clever” saying that “the only other class is the complement.”

She ended by telling Derek: “Please, get out of my elite uncaring face.”

Her MP father criticised her intemperate language, but supported some of her sentiments expressed.

A nationwide condemnation ensued.

The issue would have ended there if it were just regarded as a teenager’s rants. It was more than that.

Because Shu Min was a scholar designed for a possible leadership role and daughter of a People’s Action Party MP (from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s constituency), it instantly became a political hot potato.

The critics said it reflected a government perception that a class divide was inevitable and may even be necessary to encourage people to strive harder in life.

The target of her invective, Derek Wee, was actually echoing a popular public sentiment when he said Singaporeans were suffering partly because the government failed to understand their plight.

Shu Min’s message was that failures were caused by laziness or lack of capabilities, which the persons themselves were responsible – with no words of support or care for those in need.

Insight Down South by Seah Chiang Nee

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Bandar Mahkota Cheras standoff.

Thousand residence from Bandar Sg. Long and Mahkota Cheras defying police order where they forcefully remove the concrete barrier previously placed by the authority which ended with police firing water cannon onto them and arrested 4 participants. It is learned that Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng was sent to Kajang Hospital due to an injury ensued after he took the forefront, standing in front of the water canon to prevent the police from aiming it at the crowd. He was reported to have been assaulted during the commotion between police and protesters (after water cannon is disgorged I presume.Yes,I'm speaking from experience)

The stark question that was left in doubt in my mind is this, did Mr.Kenny Lee participate in the demonstration? Did the self-proclaimed to be world's one and only guy possessing the highest integrity (yi-hei ) and a man of justice and righteousness lend a hand in safeguarding his community's interest before himself? or is he just another rotund whimp that talks more than action and a glutton who inconveniencely doesn't have the adequate size of balls to render him the guts to be selfless for once? (suk-chun)

You may say who am I to question the bravery and imperviousness of another person. I may not have a robust body figure that could outwit my opponent if a fight happens but I definitely have the guts to join my 50,000 BERSIH comrades on Nov 10th temporarily causes KL city into a state of lockdown,braving the chemical laced water cannon and my all time favourite, wallking in the middle of highway amid traffic jams without fear to submit a memorandum to our beloved King. I may not have the guts to fight against the police but I definitely have the guts to standby my comrade and give them my indubious moral cum physical presence support.

So Kenny, my answer is simply. Did you or did you not participate in the demonstration? (Actually I know the answer already one, just purposely wanna irks him)Haha.