Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gua tengah tunggu Anwar.That's all.

Does Tun Dr.M's recent resignation going to have any strong thrust effect to make Pak Lah voluntarily relinquish his party Presidency and Prime Minister position after the latter blatantly ignore the loud message of the public on last PRU-12? Does Tun Dr.M's resignation adequate enough to send a strong signal to other dissident within the UMNO party to does what he did? Because if he could, it will utterly spilt/dissect UMNO into small cebis-cebisan and we could see the end of UMNO.

Therefore we will have to monitor closely the post political progess of Tun's resignation to determine whether does he still acquire that robust affluential power to procure other party member to heed to his calling to make a vote of no confidence against Pak Lah. Time will tell whether is this resignation effective enough to push down Pak Lah. Please borne in mind, this resignation was Tun's last resort in his attempt to crush Pak Lah's leadership and if Tun fail at this final attempt of his, I doubt he will ever make appearance anymore. Maybe he's going for a long slumber away from public like Tun Salleh Abbas. Afterall both of them share the same Tun title.

In my opinion,on the second I read about Tun's resignation on the cyberspace my dearly perception suggest that he has finally given up hope after countless futile attempt to pressure Pak Lah to resign in dignity hence the resignation. It all depends how you construe the meaning behind his resignation. Different people has different perception. Ya know.

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