Sunday, August 30, 2009

You must be single

A woman was shopping in the local supermarket where she selected a quart of milk, eggs, a carton of juice, and a package of bacon. As she unloaded her items at the cash register to pay, a drunk standing behind her in line watched her place the four items on the belt and stated with assurance: "You must be single."

The woman looked at the four items on the belt, saw nothing unusual about her selection and said: "That's right. How on earth did you know?"

He replied: "Because you're frickin' ugly."

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pro vs Mediocre

International Medical University is introducing Bachelor of Science in Chiropractic. Did I see it wrongly? Chiropractic Malaysia wo...

What a grim course to be enrol . With so many massage parlour spread throughout the whole Malaysia I doubt any certified chiropractor could ever survive here. For the chinese dominated economy where price comes after value, people without a doubt would prefer visiting massage parlour because the china dolls can do what the chiropractor can do but with much much cheaper price and with often than not include extra service .

So you want 2-in-1 package offer or 1-in-1 package offer? Of course you would prefer the china doll 2-in-1 package ma...Haha

Friday, August 28, 2009

Unbelievable things in Malaysia

Real life anaconda look alike python. Picture belongs to the winner of TheStar Thumbnails 28 August 2009

I'm proud that deep down in our rain forest we still capable to foster a dinosaur sized reptile but too bad it's deceased now. Notice the bloody head. I believe it can devour an adult without sweat.

I love dinosaur.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pregnant with emotion

I want to start a topic on why girls wish to commit suicide after a breakup. First of all I know how excruciating it is to break up taking the point where you will feel extremely betrayed by the person whom you formerly lay your whole trust and confidence in as he decided to announce ending your long-standing-full-of-hope-relationship with you. I feel your pain women. I feel YA!!!

You will ask how come reality is so cruel and how vile could the men be as they could utter such deceitful word (let's breakup) in front of you without feeling guilty and sinful and most importantly ever feel personally responsible for the damage subsequently he's about to cause. The men are so selfish. You really wish all men burn in hell at that point of time. Well, let me inform you that NOT ALL MEN ARE THE SAME. There's no need to curse the entire male population just because you encountered a snot-nosed in your life. You just had your bad luck in your life so don't blame the entire population for your misadventure. You should blame yourself for being so stupid because you choose this guy and decided he's the right one when you still lack in understanding him. You deserve the sad consequence when he decided to dump you because you has foolishly chose him in the first place. Blame yourself.

Blame yourself for your stupidness. All you need is to grow from your mistake. There's no need to end your precious life just for a dimwit. It's not worth it. There's plenty of men waiting for you to shag. Opps I mean to love. It was your naive judgment that leads you where you are now. You should start a relationship only when you think you've attained the level of maturity to make good decision.

However this self assessment might be hard to reach because human tend to live in a subconscious mind when they are suppose to be in a conscious state. They always like to justify their action according to their emotion as they always act according to their emotion. What is right and wrong are basically gauge by their emotional bar. Human are like this. When they feel good that's right. When they feel bad that's wrong in their own dictionary. Life is driven by emotion.

You should not tell yourself everything is alright when you first notice an unpalatable behaviour from the men whom you thought is a nice guy because if you inadvertently accept his despicable behaviour by justifying it's gonna be okay well my dear friend you're heading for disaster. Imagine if you realise that the guy you're attached with is a playboy and yet you force yourself to be with him knowing that he might someday gonna dump you for another girl, isn't that your own fault? You must have a firm ground when it comes to choosing your life time partner. If you found out you really can't rationally compromise his misbehaviour then don't continue step deeper into the hole. Back up when you still have the chance. Don't hesitate. Don't be blinded by your emotion when you're deciding your future happiness.

It irks me whenever I heard a girl is trying to commit suicide due to break ups. I do not wish to be sympathetic to them, as a matter of fact I really do wish all this immature girl do ever success in commiting suicide as they're doing a great favour to vanish from this society and remove the unnecessary burden to their fighting-to-survive friends and family. If you really want to die so much, please die far far.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Since when MLTR is un-Islamic?

Pemuda PAS bantah konsert rock

Pemuda PAS membantah keras keputusan kerajaan membenarkan kumpulan Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR) mengadakan persembahannya di Genting Highlands awal bulan depan.

Konsert ini "penghinaan besar" kepada umat Islam dan negara ini kerana ia diadakan pada bulan Ramadhan, kata ketua dewan itu Nasrudin Hassan hari ini.

"Pemuda PAS mengutuk sekeras-kerasnya jemaah menteri yang membuat keputusan ini.

"Di mana ia adalah suatu tindakan yang kurang ajar dan penghinaan besar terhadap umat Islam di Malaysia," katanya dalam satu kenyataan hari ini.

Pemuda PAS juga, tambahnya, "tidak teragak-agak untuk mengarahkan seluruh pemuda Islam agar turun membantah konsert tersebut daripada terus berlangsung" sekiranya ia tetap diadakan 5 September ini.

Beliau turut menyeru Pemuda Umno serta pertubuhan-pertubuhan Islam lain seperti Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung (GPMS), Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM), Pertubuhan Kebajikan dan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia (Pekida) menyertai demonstrasi Pemuda PAS.

Konsert Eternity Tour 2009: Live in Malaysia itu disifatkan boleh melalaikan dan merosakkan moral umat Islam.

"Pastinya konsert ini akan membawa umat leka dan lalai malah merosakkan moral dan akhlak mereka," kata Nasrudin lagi.

Beliau berkata konsert berkenaan juga tidak sesuai diadakan tidak lama selepas sambutan kemerdekaan pada 31 Ogos yang seharusnya diraikan dengan majlis tahlil dan forum patriotisme.

Nasrudin juga mahu Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan dan para mufti menyatakan pendirian mereka terhadap “pesta maksiat” anjuran Star Planet Sdn Bhd.

Jelasnya, badan-badan berkenaan perlu menunjukkan peranan mereka supaya dapat "membersihkan bumi Malaysia dari maksiat dan mungkar tajaan kerajaan Umno/BN."

Kumpulan rock balada yang popular dengan lagu 'That's Why You Go Away', 'Paint My Love' dan 'Sleeping Child' itu akan mengunjungi Malaysia sebagai sebahagian siri jelajah konsert 'Eternity' untuk mempromosikan album ketujuh mereka dengan judul berkenaan.

Malaysia dan Singapura dua negara di luar Denmark yang akan dikunjungi MLTR.

Kumpulan berkenaan telah membuat konsert jelajah sekitar Denmark sejak Jun dan kembali semula berkonsert di negara berkenaan pada tahun depan.

How MLTR can possibly hurt our fellow Muslim cousin in Malaysia? I don't see the rationale here. Its not like they are wearing skimpy clothes like gwen stefani does or gothically insinuating style like Avril Lavigne.

They are merely a harmless Danish soft rock band that share romantic ballad for the tuning of our ear. What's so wrong being that anyway? Is that un-Islamic? What is Islamic in the first place. Our respectful Muslim friend don't even provide a substantial argument to reprimand MLTR concert and how on earth can we stand by with this irrationality ?

Even if they do justify their action, it was the Muslim themself that should behave since the concert is held at Genting Highland , the city of entertainment where alcohol and gambling pervades the entire location. There's a reason why they held MLTR or most of the concert in Genting because they are targeting NON-MUSLIM fans!!! So corrupting the morals of Muslim cousin is a non-issue.

Get a grip of the circumstance before you start twisting your tongue with your own confusion my dear PAS friend.

Selamat Hari Raya

Oh now I only realise this. Hari Raya just around the corner and this means....... there's gonna be LEMANG EVERYWHERE!!!!!! yahoo. Going to stuff myself with malay delicacy this whole september!!

Lemang here I come! Still got what malay delicacy should I try? Any suggestion?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mesti kena loteri secepat mungkin!!

My brother raised an interesting fact about this highlight. Read the below news article extracted from TheStar online.

Poor can bank on food at this centre

KUALA LUMPUR: Situated amongst major banks in the vicinity of Jalan Tun Perak is a “bank” like no other.

Launched yesterday by Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Senator Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun, the Food Bank for the Poor (FBP) is a community project by Grace Community Services.

The project aims to channel food that would otherwise be wasted or discarded to charitable homes, rehabilitation and feeding centres and to those homeless and in poverty.

Chew called for more support to aid in feeding the poor and commended Grace Community Services for their efforts.

Grace Community Services chairman Dr Henry Pillai said: “It’s been five years since we started feeding the poor on the streets here.”

He added that the organisation currently provides 2,000 meals every day in areas around the Klang Valley, Rawang, Seremban and Raub.

It's ridiculous to suggest those who present to receive food aid from the government are indeed poor. Look at the size of those vagrant that came to procure those free food( If you watch TV coverage you will comprehend more about the ground situation at the community aiding programme) . None of them even look like they are physically poor to us. As a matter of fat, most of them despite wearing ripped shirt they are all good in health. They eat sleep and repeat the same routine everyday. How can you suggest they are poor?

They are far more physically healthy than most of the working people out there. Today, young professionals are spotted to be very skinny because they are mostly sleep deprived and consume lesser meal due to battling hard to meet ends means. Together with the petty pay offered to these bunch of young professional makes it more likely to categories them as the poor rather than those hobos who are not contributing anything towards the society.

Therefore it was the young working people that requires food aid and not those vagrant. It was politically wrong to suggest otherwise. Working people are shredding their skin in order to survive in the competitive age world and yet the government is helping those who are not fighting to survive. Unfair. Injustice.

Dear government,
Please please help me and send me some pocket money because I'm broke now. Officially. But I would also appreciate if my readers will drop by my blog more often and also promote my blog to your friends so that my blog traffic can increase thereby helping me to earn some extra pocket money through my blog advertisement. Thank you.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nothing to say la...diu

Remember the last time I said I'm going to William's mamak at Taman Mayang? Well after eating at that place , trying out their so call best dish, I got 5 words for it. " Not worth eating second time "

The fusion between wantan and chicken chop is simply nauseating and they are basically selling a dish which you can normally find in luxury restaurant but there you get it in street style together with street pricing of course. So whoever wanna taste high end western food yet doesn't have the money to pay for it, try eating at William's then.

Resetting my interesting life

I've been receiving a lots of whinning from the male whereby majority of them utter the similar complain that is, " Why is everyone's girlfriend looks prettier than theirs?". Such question will definitely without a single doubt would cross each guys mind when they are in a relationship. Therefore this shows that men are greedy-based creature and doesn't like to own one thing alone but many things at one time since it's evident from the fact that most item collectors out there are generally male.

So since men are biologically structured to be greedy hence they tend to request more everytime , so what can the women do about it?

Guys like to look at pretty girls. It's innate character that all men has so what can the women do about it?

This intrigue question of mine definitely gonna offend alot of ladies out there which is exactly the purpose I'm writing this post. To irks them! To irritate and fluster their emotional sensitive brain! I'm lost. I've forgotten what I should write next. I'm so fucking lazy to think argh....I need to have a rest now. Sien.

Damn fucking rambling post.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Neighbourhood watch my ass...

Today my neighbourhood had a brief meeting to discuss about the possibility of establishing our own security guard to vigilant our tiny neighbourhood. All this is organised and suggested by a Mangali Singh who work as an officer in Badan Pencegah Rasuah (BPR)

One of the funniest highlight happened today is that 99% of the resident here are chinese national and the 1% left is non-chinese and it was this 1% that initiate this idea of neighbourhood watch programme. Make sense because chinese don't even bother wanting to form a security guard or be part of if as their safety is more important (kiasi) and also money is part the considered issue, as always.

Stupidly I would say, this Mangali Singh thought he would successfully induce us the chinese to agree on his so-much-talked-about-security plan when the reason chinese attended is because they only concern about one thing that is how much they're going to fork out monthly for this so-much-talked-about-security plan. And the suggested monthly fee by the Mangali Singh clearly obvious was rebuked since chinese can arithmetically calculate on the spot how much this Mangali Singh gonna pocket from this project, that's unpalatable for the chinese who are more money-minded than this Mangali Singh.

We the chinese thought the suggested monthly fee introduced by this Mangali Singh is 500% above the worthiness of this project. Try to imagine, 1% voice of the neighbourhood try to introduce a business plan to 99% voice of the neighbourhood who are business minded people. That is so wrong man. No hell way you can persuade the chinese to agree to you cunning little plan because chinese is 500 times more cunning than you , Mangali Singh.

Another highlight that I want to raise is that this Mangali Singh propose that ,since he's going to retire soon, he will be leading the security system whereby he himself will play a part by vigilanting our tiny neighbourhood along with his humungous German Shephard. I got 3 words for this, Kua Lan Cheong. ( If this is the case, it looks like our security fee will goes into your retirement fund and your German Shephard's wellfare fund )

Beside that it's ridiculous for him to charge those who live in bigger house extra monthly security fee when the similar responsibility and jobscope of security guards applys to both small and big house equally. By paying extra fee for those who live in bigger house, this does not mean the security will double-watch the bigger house as they normally only ronda around the neighbour just to watch a close eye for each house. It's not like my house can be said worth more of the protection than those smaller house. In my neighbourhood, it was the smaller house that had frequent break-ins rather than the bigger house. Even if bigger house has record of break-ins this does not justify the extra payment for those who live in bigger house because it's not like the security guard is going to catch the thief for us if they saw one and it's not like they will double the effort when it comes to ronda-ing the bigger house.

They're merely playing the deterrance role to reduce break-ins. They can't prevent break-ins. One of the worst and lame excuses they give for imposing extra fee for those who live in bigger house is that their house are much taller hence need to "WATCH MORE"

Mahai...what kind of excuses is this? Do I need to pay you so much more just for you to look at my bigger house roof and compound? Utterly lame excuses. All I need is your security point at the entrance of our neighbourhood and frankly speaking security guard job is the easiest task on earth. They do not bear the responsibility if ever a break-in happens under their watch and they won't kamikaze for the owner to catch a parang weilding thief performing a break-in because all they will do in this situation is to help us the owner whose absence from home to contact the police department. That's all you lazy bastard. That's basically what you all security personnel do. Still think your job worth that much? Think again.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chinese and Indians

I concur with what Russel Peter said , " Chinese people and Indian people cannot do business together because Indian cannot live without a bargain and chinese people cannot give you a bargain"

" The chinese is to get every penny from you and Indian is to keep every penny "

It's a fucking reality! Indian is the most terrible people you should face when you're introducing product. They will use threat if possible in order to procure a discount out of you and the agony you have to face from this dilemma is traumatising at first.

Gosh. I'm scared of Indian already. Atleast Chinese if they don't like you they will keep it to themself without explicitly angered it out ya know. Indian people will first be friend with you before they force a discount out of you. Bloody macha!

Say no to macha! ( sorry for the stereotype it's a humour anyway )

Friday, August 14, 2009

Papaya fresh milk

My wise colleague, a mother of one , told me today , If a girl want to enlarge her bust she should consume "Papaya and fresh milk blended" drink.

Wow...Now I'm a learned health consultant!

So which ever girl feel they need to size up their bust without risking their body from applying strange chemical treatment, do try out this natural method papaya and fresh milk blended drink. And if it works, let me know(examine) because then I can open a stall in pasar malam and make millions of dollars from it.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Breakfast in bed


Why all women like to have breakfast in bed? Why the fuck are they so fucking lazy? Can't they just scoot over to the dining table and savour a proper breakfast like everyone else?

It would definitely be the men's fault in contributing towards the creation of a big fat slob if men ever accede to women's vile request - aka " I wanna have breakfast in bed ".

Then when one fine day in the future, when these female gendered creature turned completely into a lardass, they will come back and blame the guy again for not loving them anymore because guys have aversion towards vertically inclined luggage bag.

Well, don't blame us. Don't say we didn't warn you in the first place to avoid unorthodox breakfast ethic.

So now you get what you deserve when you refuse to listen the men's voice.

Grin. Let's see how many girls still going to eat breakfast in bed.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fable Comrades

When it comes to anti-ISA everyone is so united about it because it determine the course of our political future especially those opposition party leaders. If they are able to topple the government , these politician will receive the immense benefit first. Not the citizen.

But when it comes to PPSMI, English in Science and Maths, the Malaysian no longer pose a united front anymore. They all abruptly turned into racist.
Why? Does the question of our children's future bear less significant than our politician's future?

In Malaysia, yes it does. Politician should be given more priority first because they can promise you with sweet talk to amend this and that but at the end the effort is futile.

So in Malaysia we have to face the fact, be realistic. If the government can't help you, you must help yourself. To be hardworking to earn money so that your next of kin is able to learn English in Science and Maths at EXPENSIVE private school.