Sunday, August 23, 2009

Resetting my interesting life

I've been receiving a lots of whinning from the male whereby majority of them utter the similar complain that is, " Why is everyone's girlfriend looks prettier than theirs?". Such question will definitely without a single doubt would cross each guys mind when they are in a relationship. Therefore this shows that men are greedy-based creature and doesn't like to own one thing alone but many things at one time since it's evident from the fact that most item collectors out there are generally male.

So since men are biologically structured to be greedy hence they tend to request more everytime , so what can the women do about it?

Guys like to look at pretty girls. It's innate character that all men has so what can the women do about it?

This intrigue question of mine definitely gonna offend alot of ladies out there which is exactly the purpose I'm writing this post. To irks them! To irritate and fluster their emotional sensitive brain! I'm lost. I've forgotten what I should write next. I'm so fucking lazy to think argh....I need to have a rest now. Sien.

Damn fucking rambling post.

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