Sunday, August 16, 2009

Neighbourhood watch my ass...

Today my neighbourhood had a brief meeting to discuss about the possibility of establishing our own security guard to vigilant our tiny neighbourhood. All this is organised and suggested by a Mangali Singh who work as an officer in Badan Pencegah Rasuah (BPR)

One of the funniest highlight happened today is that 99% of the resident here are chinese national and the 1% left is non-chinese and it was this 1% that initiate this idea of neighbourhood watch programme. Make sense because chinese don't even bother wanting to form a security guard or be part of if as their safety is more important (kiasi) and also money is part the considered issue, as always.

Stupidly I would say, this Mangali Singh thought he would successfully induce us the chinese to agree on his so-much-talked-about-security plan when the reason chinese attended is because they only concern about one thing that is how much they're going to fork out monthly for this so-much-talked-about-security plan. And the suggested monthly fee by the Mangali Singh clearly obvious was rebuked since chinese can arithmetically calculate on the spot how much this Mangali Singh gonna pocket from this project, that's unpalatable for the chinese who are more money-minded than this Mangali Singh.

We the chinese thought the suggested monthly fee introduced by this Mangali Singh is 500% above the worthiness of this project. Try to imagine, 1% voice of the neighbourhood try to introduce a business plan to 99% voice of the neighbourhood who are business minded people. That is so wrong man. No hell way you can persuade the chinese to agree to you cunning little plan because chinese is 500 times more cunning than you , Mangali Singh.

Another highlight that I want to raise is that this Mangali Singh propose that ,since he's going to retire soon, he will be leading the security system whereby he himself will play a part by vigilanting our tiny neighbourhood along with his humungous German Shephard. I got 3 words for this, Kua Lan Cheong. ( If this is the case, it looks like our security fee will goes into your retirement fund and your German Shephard's wellfare fund )

Beside that it's ridiculous for him to charge those who live in bigger house extra monthly security fee when the similar responsibility and jobscope of security guards applys to both small and big house equally. By paying extra fee for those who live in bigger house, this does not mean the security will double-watch the bigger house as they normally only ronda around the neighbour just to watch a close eye for each house. It's not like my house can be said worth more of the protection than those smaller house. In my neighbourhood, it was the smaller house that had frequent break-ins rather than the bigger house. Even if bigger house has record of break-ins this does not justify the extra payment for those who live in bigger house because it's not like the security guard is going to catch the thief for us if they saw one and it's not like they will double the effort when it comes to ronda-ing the bigger house.

They're merely playing the deterrance role to reduce break-ins. They can't prevent break-ins. One of the worst and lame excuses they give for imposing extra fee for those who live in bigger house is that their house are much taller hence need to "WATCH MORE"

Mahai...what kind of excuses is this? Do I need to pay you so much more just for you to look at my bigger house roof and compound? Utterly lame excuses. All I need is your security point at the entrance of our neighbourhood and frankly speaking security guard job is the easiest task on earth. They do not bear the responsibility if ever a break-in happens under their watch and they won't kamikaze for the owner to catch a parang weilding thief performing a break-in because all they will do in this situation is to help us the owner whose absence from home to contact the police department. That's all you lazy bastard. That's basically what you all security personnel do. Still think your job worth that much? Think again.

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