Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chinese and Indians

I concur with what Russel Peter said , " Chinese people and Indian people cannot do business together because Indian cannot live without a bargain and chinese people cannot give you a bargain"

" The chinese is to get every penny from you and Indian is to keep every penny "

It's a fucking reality! Indian is the most terrible people you should face when you're introducing product. They will use threat if possible in order to procure a discount out of you and the agony you have to face from this dilemma is traumatising at first.

Gosh. I'm scared of Indian already. Atleast Chinese if they don't like you they will keep it to themself without explicitly angered it out ya know. Indian people will first be friend with you before they force a discount out of you. Bloody macha!

Say no to macha! ( sorry for the stereotype it's a humour anyway )

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