Friday, August 14, 2009

Papaya fresh milk

My wise colleague, a mother of one , told me today , If a girl want to enlarge her bust she should consume "Papaya and fresh milk blended" drink.

Wow...Now I'm a learned health consultant!

So which ever girl feel they need to size up their bust without risking their body from applying strange chemical treatment, do try out this natural method papaya and fresh milk blended drink. And if it works, let me know(examine) because then I can open a stall in pasar malam and make millions of dollars from it.


teddy's lair said...

wahahaha..That sounds a lil' nonsense to me..If it could then plastic surgery company can declare bancruptcy liao...and if it does then everyone will have a big bust all along the road..ISn't it interesting??

Cnigel said...

maybe the papaya u chose not ripe enough leh muahaha