Thursday, August 13, 2009

Breakfast in bed


Why all women like to have breakfast in bed? Why the fuck are they so fucking lazy? Can't they just scoot over to the dining table and savour a proper breakfast like everyone else?

It would definitely be the men's fault in contributing towards the creation of a big fat slob if men ever accede to women's vile request - aka " I wanna have breakfast in bed ".

Then when one fine day in the future, when these female gendered creature turned completely into a lardass, they will come back and blame the guy again for not loving them anymore because guys have aversion towards vertically inclined luggage bag.

Well, don't blame us. Don't say we didn't warn you in the first place to avoid unorthodox breakfast ethic.

So now you get what you deserve when you refuse to listen the men's voice.

Grin. Let's see how many girls still going to eat breakfast in bed.


teddy's lair said...

=P I didn't take my breakfast in bed...

Cnigel said...

good for u! and ur bf too haha