Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fable Comrades

When it comes to anti-ISA everyone is so united about it because it determine the course of our political future especially those opposition party leaders. If they are able to topple the government , these politician will receive the immense benefit first. Not the citizen.

But when it comes to PPSMI, English in Science and Maths, the Malaysian no longer pose a united front anymore. They all abruptly turned into racist.
Why? Does the question of our children's future bear less significant than our politician's future?

In Malaysia, yes it does. Politician should be given more priority first because they can promise you with sweet talk to amend this and that but at the end the effort is futile.

So in Malaysia we have to face the fact, be realistic. If the government can't help you, you must help yourself. To be hardworking to earn money so that your next of kin is able to learn English in Science and Maths at EXPENSIVE private school.

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