Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pregnant with emotion

I want to start a topic on why girls wish to commit suicide after a breakup. First of all I know how excruciating it is to break up taking the point where you will feel extremely betrayed by the person whom you formerly lay your whole trust and confidence in as he decided to announce ending your long-standing-full-of-hope-relationship with you. I feel your pain women. I feel YA!!!

You will ask how come reality is so cruel and how vile could the men be as they could utter such deceitful word (let's breakup) in front of you without feeling guilty and sinful and most importantly ever feel personally responsible for the damage subsequently he's about to cause. The men are so selfish. You really wish all men burn in hell at that point of time. Well, let me inform you that NOT ALL MEN ARE THE SAME. There's no need to curse the entire male population just because you encountered a snot-nosed in your life. You just had your bad luck in your life so don't blame the entire population for your misadventure. You should blame yourself for being so stupid because you choose this guy and decided he's the right one when you still lack in understanding him. You deserve the sad consequence when he decided to dump you because you has foolishly chose him in the first place. Blame yourself.

Blame yourself for your stupidness. All you need is to grow from your mistake. There's no need to end your precious life just for a dimwit. It's not worth it. There's plenty of men waiting for you to shag. Opps I mean to love. It was your naive judgment that leads you where you are now. You should start a relationship only when you think you've attained the level of maturity to make good decision.

However this self assessment might be hard to reach because human tend to live in a subconscious mind when they are suppose to be in a conscious state. They always like to justify their action according to their emotion as they always act according to their emotion. What is right and wrong are basically gauge by their emotional bar. Human are like this. When they feel good that's right. When they feel bad that's wrong in their own dictionary. Life is driven by emotion.

You should not tell yourself everything is alright when you first notice an unpalatable behaviour from the men whom you thought is a nice guy because if you inadvertently accept his despicable behaviour by justifying it's gonna be okay well my dear friend you're heading for disaster. Imagine if you realise that the guy you're attached with is a playboy and yet you force yourself to be with him knowing that he might someday gonna dump you for another girl, isn't that your own fault? You must have a firm ground when it comes to choosing your life time partner. If you found out you really can't rationally compromise his misbehaviour then don't continue step deeper into the hole. Back up when you still have the chance. Don't hesitate. Don't be blinded by your emotion when you're deciding your future happiness.

It irks me whenever I heard a girl is trying to commit suicide due to break ups. I do not wish to be sympathetic to them, as a matter of fact I really do wish all this immature girl do ever success in commiting suicide as they're doing a great favour to vanish from this society and remove the unnecessary burden to their fighting-to-survive friends and family. If you really want to die so much, please die far far.

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