Monday, August 24, 2009

Mesti kena loteri secepat mungkin!!

My brother raised an interesting fact about this highlight. Read the below news article extracted from TheStar online.

Poor can bank on food at this centre

KUALA LUMPUR: Situated amongst major banks in the vicinity of Jalan Tun Perak is a “bank” like no other.

Launched yesterday by Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Senator Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun, the Food Bank for the Poor (FBP) is a community project by Grace Community Services.

The project aims to channel food that would otherwise be wasted or discarded to charitable homes, rehabilitation and feeding centres and to those homeless and in poverty.

Chew called for more support to aid in feeding the poor and commended Grace Community Services for their efforts.

Grace Community Services chairman Dr Henry Pillai said: “It’s been five years since we started feeding the poor on the streets here.”

He added that the organisation currently provides 2,000 meals every day in areas around the Klang Valley, Rawang, Seremban and Raub.

It's ridiculous to suggest those who present to receive food aid from the government are indeed poor. Look at the size of those vagrant that came to procure those free food( If you watch TV coverage you will comprehend more about the ground situation at the community aiding programme) . None of them even look like they are physically poor to us. As a matter of fat, most of them despite wearing ripped shirt they are all good in health. They eat sleep and repeat the same routine everyday. How can you suggest they are poor?

They are far more physically healthy than most of the working people out there. Today, young professionals are spotted to be very skinny because they are mostly sleep deprived and consume lesser meal due to battling hard to meet ends means. Together with the petty pay offered to these bunch of young professional makes it more likely to categories them as the poor rather than those hobos who are not contributing anything towards the society.

Therefore it was the young working people that requires food aid and not those vagrant. It was politically wrong to suggest otherwise. Working people are shredding their skin in order to survive in the competitive age world and yet the government is helping those who are not fighting to survive. Unfair. Injustice.

Dear government,
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