Sunday, May 25, 2008

A laughable awful mistake

It's a laughable awful mistake that ends with great twist. I've promised to lend a hand to my mate to help him to order 100 roses for his beloved girlfriend 21st birthday and conveniencely enough it was their 100 days of engagement. You see, my mate is currently residing at oversea to pursue his architectual degee while his beloved girlfriend stays back in Malaysia to pursue her ACCA. So it's understandably hard for the male to show his endless and undivided love at this moment to his other half as there's always a time and space gap in between them that duly hinders them from "physically interact" and only the exchange of lovey-dovey-shivering text messages temporarily console each other's kerinduan antara satu sama dan lain. Therefore being his considerate peer, me and Mr.YongSui took the effort to arrange ourself to make sure everything goes according to plan i.e to make an order of the desired amount of roses and ensure delivery reaches on time as this bouquet of flower plays a vital role in this story because it represent my mates sincerity and appreciation that greatly bridges up the wide distance of time and space between them.

In this " ai ching"(cinta) drama, I played a passive conduit role to become the messenger to convey whatever circumstances the bouquet should look like to Mr.YongSui because he knows where to get flower since he had spend countless number of flowers for his 35 ex-gfs before. My mate mailed me the picture of the details desired for the bouquet of flower. I posted the content of the email here because Mr.YongSui apparently was at college(his usual hang out place) presumably courting some siu mui mui there,refuses to log into his msn because scared MSN kena hack wo.. I hastely post up the message onto my blog for him to read before I rushes out to do some personal errand.

Flowers delivered...deadline ended. Mission accomplished.

Just when you think you can shrug off in relief,

My mate: Ei..apasal putih one? (Take note:There's no anger involved in the conversation.All done in carefree manner because we are mature people XD)

Cnigel : Huh?! *Apa lu cakap*

My mate: I thought I asked maroon roses for my darling

Cnigel : 0.0 *OMG*

I was stoned with my jaws dropped. How can I be so reckless failing to stress the word red roses maroon to Mr.YongSui. Oh man, that is so inadvertent I tell you. My mate was quite open about this mistake because he told me his darling loves the flower very much.

I mean ya, she should right? (Sarcasm) Haha. Let's look at the bright side shall we. My mate has taken a long effort from UK to deliver his appreciation to his special one therefore this particular appreciation (the flower) shouldn't be any ordinary one but should be an extraordinary one. The result of inadvertent error at getting the wrong colour rose I believe is an Act of God because she was an extraordinary individual to my mate so she trully deserve an extraordinary flower, the white ones as oppose to the ordinary common red roses. It's also rather convenient for the colour to be white as her 21st birthday also marks the 100th days of their engagement. It's so romantic. So divine. And the colour perfectly reflect the sincerity, loving, faithfulness, blissfulness, and bridal status of their relationship so much.

Okay la..if you don't buy this reasoning for making the colour mistake perhaps this will do. Take it as a part favour and part prank from the hengdai. I think the whole episode has make us all elated (the couple and the prankster) as we had a great laugh at the end of the day looking at how Act of God has reverse a human's decision turning it into a better ONE. Haha.

OkayI'll stop now before someobody accuse me for putar-ing too much.

(I really suck at writting love related stuff so here is my deepest apology)

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