Thursday, May 22, 2008

To parents:Don't bloody hell intimidate my intellectual

My parent is the worst bigot and the most senile seasoned couple ever lived. You wan to know why? It's utterly pointless for you to even attempt to reason out with them. They just simply don't get it. Baffled. No matter how reasonable and plausible your explanation can be, none of that will ever make it into their tiny little retarded brain because they're apparently deaf . With the perpetuate and unneccessary mental agony of facing this obstacle at my already full of mess life, it ain't gonna help my stress level. No even a bit.

I've been living in a family where every conversation we engaged upon is tantamount to hustling 2 pieces of hard rocks together which will produce a result none other than quarrelling. Just try to imagine engaging a debate with the consciencely handicapped dimwit who are pyschologically fixed to be impervious against any outsource view except their own. Let me tell you,they are so adamant with their prejudiced views that they cannot accept a no for an answer. They simply deplore any divergent views and pratices strong arbritary. All they do best is follow their intuition because their intuition was alleged to derived from "I eat more salt than you eat rice" theory. This grandmother unbecoming theory has always been the tool of last resort in order to pacify me the one who seek genuine reasonableness in tackling the dispute of life.

The atmoshpere of every unwarranted debate carry the irksome of talking to a bunch of old jerks with their hearing aid defunct. All they do is hurl misunderstanding fact against me and I patiently prohibiting my anger from using vulgar words to present my reasoning and discreetly refute all the lies thrown at me. However to my dismay, they said yes (accede to my defence) but later on goes back to square one (quarrel about the intial topic again) as if I didn't produce any defence at all.

They pratice hypocrisy at best. It's so grosteque to see how the parents easily sway towards what the general public perceive is correct. They have the tendency to favour outsider and daringly used me as an escapegoat to potray how good they are in front of their pang yao but me otherwise. Can you imagine how sickening can it be when your parents didn't even bother defending you when other people have slightly get their facts incorrect about me and continue allow the misunderstanding to exacerbate further when I'm not in a position to refute the insinuation. Where is the moral support here? I did alot in my effort trying to protect their reputation and dignity and yet they betrayed the very core principle of trust that should pervade a family. I personally hate people who betrayed my trust and I'm very keen of vindicating my loss towards the traitor. For those who have gained my trust, I will undoubtlessly give my best effort try to protect them whenever they needed my help as a return for their trust which I will construe as moral support which I trully treasure.

You may vociferately fume at my un-fillial and ungrateful selfish puerile attitude of mine because you will say no matter what our parent's advise is ,they are always right. Right (Sense the sarcasm) I'm not trying to rebel here. I'm just trying to be reasonable so don't bloody hell try to get me wrong. In this liberal society , we NO LONGER accept propaganda from the whim of the powerful elite because we are capable of coming up with our own discretion based on the information we're receiving and we cannot withstand arbitrary power that would impede our mental development . I'm not saying I don't heed my parents advise. As a matter of fact, I've told my parents outrightly no matter what they say I'll keep them in my mind for reference in my decision making but not to accede to them just because they say I must. When we're living in a liberal world, we have to take note of every hindsight and advise given by the surrounding people and try to modify the given suggested method to mitigate any flaws or drawbacks entail from the hindsight and advise. This is what makes contemporary man different from those conservative minded person. We learn from your mistake and use it towards our benefit to tackle our daily predicament. We DON'T follow your mistake because they're redundant at today's world and please fuck, don't be so repetitive in the quarrel. I'm having a excruciating mental agony already.

(I don't wish to continue further. Frantic that my blood pressure gonna ascend again)

My family is my problem.

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