Friday, May 9, 2008

The Bandar Mahkota Cheras standoff.

Thousand residence from Bandar Sg. Long and Mahkota Cheras defying police order where they forcefully remove the concrete barrier previously placed by the authority which ended with police firing water cannon onto them and arrested 4 participants. It is learned that Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng was sent to Kajang Hospital due to an injury ensued after he took the forefront, standing in front of the water canon to prevent the police from aiming it at the crowd. He was reported to have been assaulted during the commotion between police and protesters (after water cannon is disgorged I presume.Yes,I'm speaking from experience)

The stark question that was left in doubt in my mind is this, did Mr.Kenny Lee participate in the demonstration? Did the self-proclaimed to be world's one and only guy possessing the highest integrity (yi-hei ) and a man of justice and righteousness lend a hand in safeguarding his community's interest before himself? or is he just another rotund whimp that talks more than action and a glutton who inconveniencely doesn't have the adequate size of balls to render him the guts to be selfless for once? (suk-chun)

You may say who am I to question the bravery and imperviousness of another person. I may not have a robust body figure that could outwit my opponent if a fight happens but I definitely have the guts to join my 50,000 BERSIH comrades on Nov 10th temporarily causes KL city into a state of lockdown,braving the chemical laced water cannon and my all time favourite, wallking in the middle of highway amid traffic jams without fear to submit a memorandum to our beloved King. I may not have the guts to fight against the police but I definitely have the guts to standby my comrade and give them my indubious moral cum physical presence support.

So Kenny, my answer is simply. Did you or did you not participate in the demonstration? (Actually I know the answer already one, just purposely wanna irks him)Haha.

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Anonymous said...

This polis are useless bums. In fact I saw them bullying chinese and indians for no reasons. I also took some pics of polis asking for bribes in massage parlours which I frequent. They just went to the SPA and ask football money from the SPA massage owner. So useless is the polis. They are good in getting bribes but ask them to just catch a killer or rapist, or just keep the neighbourhood from crimes then they are more useless then a baby sitter. I took some pics from my h/hone camera of polis accepting bribes in massage parlours in cheras and sungai long and will be posting it on the web soon. Any of you interest in download the pics please contact me at 012-369 1850