Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's a fact, accept it

I was laughing my ass out today when reading the newspaper finding out that a lawyer was duped by conmen into buying fake rolex believing they was genuine. Really a disgrace to the board. Lawyer was ironically being duped. I bet she's a woman.

Indeed it's a woman. I don't mean to be sexist here but the truth is female lawyers easily fall prey to fraudster despite them being legally knowledgable, certificately proven to possess higher conscience to differentiate what's right and wrong by profession with the man on the street, because the fact which is indisputable that male lawyers has lesser likelihood to be duped by conmen compared to female lawyers. Note: I'm not saying generally male lawyers are not/cannot/wouldn't/shouldn't be duped but man less likely to be duped. It's biologically unviable for men to fall prey that easily to conman. The reason follows.

Woman will always be woman. They simply love to bargain anything before buying them and utterly adores cheap branded stuff .You can call that economical or calculative. But I would call that a weakness. This is the weakness that could bring detriments to them indirectly and someday it would have be the cause of their own death. Because of their "Tam Siu Pin Yi"( eagerness for cheap thing) habit, now there's still numerous grouses of woman dissatisfied with their result of consuming cheap slimming pill where some of this illicit pill cause mutilating side effect towards their skin compenent and women falling to prey to medium who assure them their ailment will be healed only if they have sexual intercourse with them and the numbers of housewife duped into scratch and win contest has yet to decreased.

There's always a good among the evil. It's an undeniable fact that woman indeed is a better bargaining tool compared to man and it's another fact that men must bring a woman along if they want to obtain a reasonably-extraordinary-impossible-to-get cheap price from the chao ah pek seller.

The female lawyer due to her inherent argumentative and vigourous inborn bargaining knack, believed in her woman intuition so much, finally fall to her weakness resulting a burning sensation in her pocket. It's because of her perpetuate habit of buying cheap stuff that has contributed her to accede willingly towards the word "cheap price" especially if the goods are branded and blindlessly purchase them . What makes her thinks that a below market price Rolex were to be a genuine one in the first place? The rolex definitely would have been either counterfeit or stolen goods and purchasing either status( counterfeit or stolen )would have make the lawyers culpable for participating in infringing intellectual property rights or appropriating stolen property. Even if a genuine Rolex owner wishes to sell off his watch in order to raise money for whatever reason he may give you, what makes you think he can sell it off with a good price to the people on the street, who are generally kiasu? The owner would have obtained higher selling price if he sold it to the original Rolex shop or pawn shop. What makes them so stupid to sell it to you? Get my point?

Male lawyer or men generally wouldn't fall prey easily to conmen. Why? The reason is simple. Because of our own weakness. The ego of the men is the one thing that doesn't permit us to buy cheap stuff. We will be the laughing stock if we do. Hence we're not likely to bargain to get cheaper price ,this explain the men's introvert bargaining capability, so whenever we saw cheap stuff on display we'll think twice before we buy. You never see a men who would tussle with other men to grasp cheap clothes during mega sale ,do you? Well exceptionally fags of course. Men has strict requirement for quality of goods as men doesn't always buy stuff in a bulk because we buy according to our adequacy. We buy when we need it. Unlike woman, they buy stuff eventhough they knew it they doesn't need it. When men walk down the street and saw pretty stuff on sale, we merely compliments it but won't proceed into buying it as contrary, the woman will try to bargain and lets see if they can get a nice reasonably-extraordinary-impossible-to-get cheap price out of the seller. If they can, fireworks will be shooting out from the sky, marking a triumph for the economically viable species of the earth.

A little advise to all female out there, if you really want a something dirt cheap yet you wouldn't want to regret later on, heed my advise go to Petaling Street. There you will be greeted with a whole pack of friendly imigrant workers who provide service with a smile, (not bed service) selling you counterfeit goods with a durability guaranted and if got any problem you can come back and fix the defects for FREE. Yes, free.Bet you women like this word, you bunch of loser! haha...

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