Monday, April 14, 2008

Youngsters nowadays got nothing else to do

The recent KL Freeze took place at Pavillion Mall Bukit Bintang , I would like to call it a phenomenon of " Kao Kao Zhan , Mou Pong Chan"(play a fool,didnt do business) . They came and went without the intention to shop. 1000 people who thought intially were shoppers who actually aren't, cause most of the shop owners great dissapointment at the end of the Freeze show. The fashion show (prior the Freeze took place) organiser had his hope short-lived upon realising that the bunch of people standing before his fashion show was actually dabbling around before their defining moment take place and not because of his state of the art fashion design. Really a pain in the neck for the entire shopping mall occupants.

Were you wish you are there? I'm not, for a note. I'm simply too old for this shit.

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