Saturday, October 3, 2009

Need to keep the blog alive

I went to TGI Friday's on last Hari Raya and being my first time there I'm eager to try out their chef's recommended dish since it was the recommended and suppose to be the best dish within the restaurant. So my friend advise me to try out their menu that comes with Jack Daniel's sauce. After long deliberation , I settled for a shrimp and chicken combo with Jack Daniel's topping.

When my food arrived, and being myself a food critic I immediately try out their so-called signature sauce to taste whether it live up to its reputation or not. It's a black coloured sauce and to my dissappointment the very first instant I lay my tongue on that sauce the one only thing that goes in my mind, "Fuck, this is char siew sauce motherfucker..what Jack Daniel la.."

Fucking counterfeit meal.

Do you kow that according to the REAL world history, all the food in the world has been touched by chinese culture because it was the Chinese who first discover the whole world years before your fellow penipu Colombus did.

(Quick post without checking my grammatical error)

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