Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Summon Rate?

Here's a piece of good news I would say. I received an e-mail from my fellow collegue regard the latest revised traffic compaun rate. Below is the rough copy of what I received. I've sent it to my several concerned friend who often or more likely might find them useful. The original copy bears the Polis Diraja Malaysia letterhead form. (PM me if you want me to send you the original copy in my inbox so that you can print them out and put them in your car)

However in order to be safe, as you all know internet open rooms to deceit and con job, you can easily photoshop PDRM logo anyway . I then took my initiative to look up the internet to verify the substance of the aforesaid mail since the attached revised traffic compaun rate doesn't bear any date of commencement nor any site which I could verify its content.

I've scoured through quite a number of traffic summon related website and into futility it all doesn't touch on traffic compaun rate but instead on how to check whether a summon has been issued to your vehicle or otherwise. However I've managed to reach a website that resemble closely , as a matter of fact identical to the aforesaid email content and it further complements the aforesaid mail I received with additional info for my own benefit.

Beside the identical content, this website provides me the supposed source to verify its content just below the posting which is

"Disediakan oleh:
Cawangan Perhubungan Awam, Polis Diraja Malaysia , Ibu Pejabat Polis Bukit Aman, 50560 Kuala Lumpur ..
Email: "

Immediately I run up to PDRM's official website to trace back when this piece of information is released therefore provide me the benefit of zero chance for any cunning traffic officer who dare to try rebut my claim whenever I show them my evidence in challenging their discretion to issue me RM300 summon for whatever offence I henceforth commit. However to my dissappointment, there is not a slightest bit of trace that PDRM have ever issued such information in their website.

It may seems like the e-mail I receive is high likely made by some unscrupulous individual with ulterior intent to spam. But I'm being very obstinate in this matter because the likelihood of a revised traffic summon gravely affect person like me who always flout the law. I can't sleep with this outcome.

We need to fight to survive in this competitive world. Hence I did what most people wouldn't thought I would do. Write in to RPM to verify the contents published in the website I've earlier found.

Now, I'm hoping to get a positive reply from the RPM and begin my happy life travelling on Malaysia road without the fear of being framed up by traffic police to induce me to pay them kopi money. Finger-crossed.

Here's my letter to Polis Diraja Malaysia to verify the contents of my findings.

" Kepada tuan/punya yang berkenaan,

Saya menulis atas sebab ingin mendapat verifikasi tentang ketulenan KADAR KOMPAUN BARU SAMAN TRAFIK yang saya menemui di laman web ini,

Di dalam laman web inilah dimana saya diberi nota email Polis Diraja Malaysia untuk mendapat verifikasi .

Selain itu, saya juga menerima e-mail yang merujuk kepada perkara yang sama tetapi kelebihan email yang diterima saya terpacaknya logo Polis Diraja Malaysia diatas gambar rajah yang sama di laman web yang saya perkatakan di atas.

Saya berharap tuan/punya dapat memberi maklum balas kepada saya dan jikalau maklumat di laman web tersebut adalah tulen dan benar, sila memaklumkan saya bila Kadar baru ini mula berkuatkuasa.

Sekian terima kasih.

Yang benar,
Para pengguna trafik yang berhemah"

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