Monday, October 5, 2009

Bad luck

Not sure whether it is a good news or a bad news however it can be describe as a mixed news. The bad news is, my facebook account has been hacked or phished as how facebook administrator term it. I receive security warning from facebook in my email notifying me there's been a suspicious activity going in my facebook account which subsequently force the facebook administration to change my password for security purposes. If I wish to continue using my facebook account firstly I need to clean the malware in my computer and later then retrieve the new changed password from the administrator.

I've previously modify my facebook setting to allow email notification for any messages or activity that happens in my facebook account. According to notification that I received in my email, the virus had posted 7 spam on my wall. All the spam are spam la..lazy to elaborate and now playing my duty as good friend, I would like warn my facebook friend, please don't click on those links as the virus could spread over to your facebook account later.

Surprisingly I would say, that there are 2 person actually even bother to reply my obvious-spam-generated wall post. Mr.KokFai replied "that's spam or what?" and Johnson Hue replied, "how???u try adi ar???" . Come on people. You knew me very well. Do you even think I'm those type of person who would waste my time uploading so many links when the probablity of my friend clicking those links is close to zero. (It was suppose to be zero before this two brilliant chap decide to reply to them) So mentally challenged. *Snobbish*

KokFai please don't take this post seriously. I don't have any topic to post today therefore I need a victim. A non-suspicious victim. Haha...Love you.

Okay. About the good news. I guess it's a sign that I should stop playing facebook as karma is punishing me for being such a naughty girl in facebook "world"

Anyway my final shoutout, I've to attend a banking seminar this week. Gosh. I'm so not ready for economist lesson yet .

Just for those who concern, Royal Police of Malaysia yet to reply my mail. Niama. So called Tegas, Adil dan Berhemah.


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