Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hari Raya Haji

On Hari Raya Haji, I had a wonderful dim sum breakfast cum lunch at a restaurant locate in somewhere around Old Klang Road which the name I do not remember. It was a dim sum heaven recommended by the prestigious Brigid Cotter Prize holder whom in person can devour 6 pieces of char siew pao anytime so long as there's char siew in it. He's a char siew freak. You can tell this by his overweight figure. XD

Moving on, brother and I decided to hit the Sungei Wang mall as he need to purchase some body accessory while I need to update my (pirated)video collection. It was Hari Raya Haji , a public holiday and within my envisage, the mall is packed like a market la. It wasn't really that packed but just packed la. ( I know, I'm making senseless talk here haha...)

I finally managed to get Two and a Half Men Season 5 to fill up my utter boredom time during weekends as I don't have to attend any academic course for the moment unlike the prestigious Brigid Cotter Prize holder and his cronies.

There happen to have a Gundam model competition at the lobby on that day. I managed to snap few of the good looking ones and decide to share them with my readers afterall I always share the best thing that happens to me with all my friend.

Mind my poor photography skill as I only utilise an amatuer Canon PowershotSX1 IS. Feel kinda inferior when there' bigger boys carrying bigger guns to capture all the Gundam for competition on display. There's one point where there's this guy who carry super huge SLR for whatever brand I'm not familiar of actually gave me a condescending scorn when he notice of my miniature camera. This is really psychologically demeaning expecially for us guys you see because guys hate when people find ours SMALL! Guys always want BIG BIG things for themself as their ego and pride demands them to.

Plus girls don't like small wiener. Opps I mean small toys. Oppss I mean smaller gadget.

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