Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hakka Mee in Pudu

It's my most frequent place on earth.

I will come to this hakka mee stall in Jalan Pudu Wai Sik Kai every weekend just to savour the best hakka mee. For the past 1 1/2 decade, this is my weekend spot. I would die if I can't eat here once in a week. I remember I used to throw a wobbler when my dad's not free to bring me here when I was smaller. I grumbled and refuse to chow down any food for the whole day. That's practically how committed I was to this special Hakka mee in Jalan Pudu.

They serve the best Hakka Mee. I've been to other hakka mee stall so that I would not be bias in my tastebud but no other place can serve as delicious as this place. I don't mean to be mean but to be honest, other hakka mee out there taste like crap compared to the one here in Wai Sik Kai.

Two words can only best describe this Hakka Mee. It's Beyond Comparable.

They will serve your Hakka Mee in traditional chinese bowl with all those caligraphy design around it which always reminds me of our dearly chinese culture.

What is so special about this Hakka Mee from Wai Sik Kai is that the mee itself is a homemade recipe. You can even eat the mee on its on without mixing with any gravy yet it's still tasty. The slices of char siew included in your mee is exactly the right size. Not too big and not too small.

Inside the bowl: Hakka Mee (with or without black sauce),nicely thinned char siew,fresh choy sam and homemade minced pork.

One of the most important point to take note when you eat this Hakka Mee is that, to eat them while it's hot. That's where the inexplicable unique taste lies. Beside the mee alone, their complimentary wantan soup is worth a mention because the soup is unlike your typically wantan soup which they will somehow make you go thirsty after certain take but not from this hakka mee stall. Their soup are made from fine grained ikan bilis ingredient that carries zero additive which makes the taste so clear that you want to take another sip again after the other.

Their soup is so delicious not because it carries any special flavouring but its so delicious because it carry the natural low oil based taste that flows smoothly down your throat. I'm not joking. That's practically what I feel everytime I eat here.

Oh yeah, you should try their lou shu fun too. Yet another delicious homemade product that worth trying before you die.

A perfect street food!

Location : Right in front of Pudu Pusat Tuisyen Martin.
Opens at 6am-2pm

Price : Street food price so don't bother bringing your credit card
Close on the Monday of every first and third week of the month

Ratings : 8.5 /10


Joanne said...

Seremban got the best Hakka Mee
Drop by here =)

Cnigel said...

beside hakka mee anything else? dun tell me is their siew pao haha

Joanne said...

Siew Pao you can get in KL as well but none of the Hakka Mee taste as good as here =)