Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nyonya Kopitiam

On one fine hot Sunday afternoon, I went to this pariah place called Nyonya Kopitiam for lunch while await for my car to get it's nice clean bath at nearby car wash. This Nyonya Kopitiam has nothing to shout about in terms of food wise nor environment wise. They are lucky to receive my visit if not for the car wash place is a walking distance away from theirs. Otherwise I would have just settle down in mamak stall for a simple roti canai.

This Nyonya Kopitiam doesn't deserve my second visit. The food served there are so bland that I don't even know whether I am chowing down nasi lemak (that's what I ordered) or plain rice with tasteless curry?

I took few pictures at Nyonya Kopitiam but doesn't feel like publishing them because the setting there is no much different compared to OldTown Kopitiam ,ceramic table with stools and mirrors on the wall, but just only that their food are suckier than OldTown. That's all.

However, there's one picture that I took I find amusing.

This is the one.

I remember the moment I flash out my *cough* Canon PowerShot SX1 IS to start taking picture of the food we ordered, all the girls that are sitting opposite my direction look instantly into my camera. The power of camera. No wonder they called it "Powershot" per se. It's like a natural reflex for them to abruptly pose whenever their female instinct detect a camera is nearby. Feeling that how often can this ever happen to me that for once I'm a chiq magnet and therefore I refuse to let off this rare occasion uncaptured in image so I pretend to take picture of the drink in front of mine while maintain my image scope to include the girls sitting opposite me.

Look at how vain they are. What a shameless bunch of twat. But frankly speaking, it's quite a pretty bunch of twat I would say especially the one clad in red top. I did tried to take picture of those girls sitting opposite me eventhough I know it's quite obvious if I do so since my camera will be directly pointing at them and not the food but I'm as thick skin as they are. So I did what thicked skinned people do. Take obvious picture of other people.

However, unfortunately the outcome is not to my avail because they realised my delinquent motive and shy away from my camera. T.T

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