Thursday, November 19, 2009

Being offensive

I'm so proud of my team today. I'm happy to see that my team members all rise up in unison to fend off the senseless damning allegation hurled towards our department. I get to see the beauty of unity taking place as each staff comes to defending the very integrity of our department.

We were innocently accused of being negligent in handling one section of our daily wok routine despite we adhere strictly to the give protocol at carrying out our daily work.

All is thanks but no thanks to a bystander who inadvertently influenced our stakeholder through a serious misinterpretation of what our department has been doing for all these years. I didn't know a slight misinterpretation could have caused such a huge commotion. Well, this is not surprising as money is an issue in every corner of the working world.

Everyone stood up and refute the accusation. I being the lest experienced didn't lose out at giving my five cent opinion. Really really a five cent opinion. I just concur to whatever my senior's argument were to defend our department from external influence since their arguments are technically defensible. I even personally believe that our big boss would agree with us and stand on our side.

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