Friday, September 26, 2008

Women think too much

My mom come up to me holding an advertisement in newspaper.

Mom: Son, buy me this TV (pointing to a Samsung brand flat screen) and this home theatre system (some cool looking theatre system)

Son: *Look at the price* Wow this is so cheap. Where's the venue for this promotion at?

Mom: SS2

Son: Oooo... (return back to minding my own business)

Mom: Hey, I ask you to buy me this. Do you hear me?

Son: What?! Buy it on your own la...

Mom: But you said you're going to buy a HDMI LCD TV for our living room

Son: Yes, I did but that was before big brother changes his plan to get a new desktop instead of a PS3

Mom: But you promised to buy.

Son: Gosh. I'm not the one whose eager to buy a TV around here but you are so you should buy it using your own money and not mine.

Mom: But you promis..

Before she could continue her sentence I interrupt abruptly

Son: money edi ar...

That's when trouble surged. My mom then goes hysterical, running around the house shouting in berate and start questioning where have all my money gone to. Have I gambled away or people duped me of it. Ya know,those irrational and non-sensical question women like to be in presuppose before they get their facts right.

As usual, I wouldn't even bother to correct her. Let her goes crazy and be anxious a little bit. To tell the truth I like to see the look on her face when she goes hysterical like its the end of the world which is priceless.

Anyway how can an adult ask a student to buy them things that cost above their head? I can buy you a pot of flower if you want.


sasa said...

haha!! i can't deny the fact that we're same! join the club!!

but i'm not that naughty as you lor!

sasa said...

yup! it's me la..
haha i used to type in chinese la cos most of the readers of my blog type in chinese ma... not like u care to read my blog..><