Friday, November 16, 2007

Sad case(lousy post)

This is tragic. A bystander innocently suffered an unnecessary police brutality while fleeing away from an abrupt crowd arrest by the police.

How crestfallen we as a citizen can be upon realising this. A personnel who oathed to protect and to serve the public with all their heart ,backfires and destroy the very utmost significance of having a police around.

The calamity that occur on a neutral citizen who I would like to stress, pays taxation like any other responsible citizen is simply unacceptable. The case at hand, (refer to the link) he's a pisang goreng seller who earns low income, he pay taxs despite trivially and the accumulation of taxs of every citizen regardless of rich and poor , at the end of the day makes the government possible to handle its affair. We the citizen are the joint owner of this country and government work for all of us. Without us, government is nothing. That is why we shouldn't allow the government to manage the public fund without any accountablity to the public which is the reason why opposition has been fought hard over the past half decade to build a strong check and balance against the coalition government to prevent mismanagement of public fund from profilerating. The very essence of this can be objectively archived if citizen put their right to vote to use as a vote counts. As a matter of fact, a vote can deter life from being wasted.

I can't wait for the civil law suit against the government pertaining the injury suffered by the innocent pisang goreng seller to commence. I really do hope he would get an immense amount of damages from the proceedings. Based on precedent, as per Anwar and his comrade who suffered police brutality while under imprisonment by virtue of ISA, won damages up to 2.5 millions if I'm not mistaken. With such a amount of money I do hope our pisang goreng seller could live blissfully without needing to sigh anymore if today's pisang goreng didn't get to sell all off. Pisang goreng's case is more crucial than Anwar's case as it's an obvious abuse of power towards an innocent citizen who has done nothing wrong or has any criminal liability around his neck.

Totally an impromtu post. Apology for incoherent in the writings.

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