Thursday, November 1, 2007


Darn it. My doofus lecturer's face is now all over the newspaper in Malaysia. So envy.Here

How can a lecturer who constantly swear and utters profanity in lecture gets to be in the front page of newspaper ? Karma obviously is temporary out of order.

A lecturer who once denounces alternative lecturer as bullshit,irrelevant, and spits at the DAP's democratic agenda is now a defending lawyer for the innocent-indonesian-looking sister of the Commercial Crimes Investigation Department Director Datuk Ramli Yusoff aka 27 million man

How absurd. How can such an arrogant corky twat get to be on front-page. So sakit hati weh...

A callous remarks he made in the lecturer that still vividly play in my mind is, MIC rules! I'm so agitated when he deluges the lecture hall with his biased vigorous perception about the politics scene in Malaysia. The only submission I've concur of him regarding Malaysia politic was opposition party is impecunious. Other than this, all are bunch of bias craps and lies. The class should have shouted back at him, MIC CORRUPTED!!!Haha...I bet he'll go speechless after that.

Obviously he's attached to a MIC linked firm since its reflected in his hyper intergrity towards Uncle Samy's party. I was wondering earlier, how much is he getting paid for representing Datuk Ramli Yusoff? How much confidential information will he gets out of this litigation?

I have a feeling this case will end with an acquittal. This corruption charges wouldn't have emerged if not because GE is in the corner. The 3 charges against Datuk of a mere failure to declare asset and suspiscion of a Director position in a timber company is simply inadequate to prosecute him. There doesn't seems to be a prima facie case over here. Non of the charges relate to 27 million alleged corruption claim by the mainstream media. How does the prosecutor know the amount of corruption when Datuk failed to declare his asset? Failing to declare asset doesn't mean he's guilty of corruption ya know and don't forget Datuk in the press conference has stated he has declared all his asset under the law. It's so obvious that Datuk is being victimise by the whims of power as part of government's move to eradicate corruption within the police force. If you give it a think, do you think a high rank officer like Datuk is dumb enough to let you obtain subtantial evidence to prosecute him? Please la...he's a law degree. MASTER sumore,siao ar.. After the GE, he'll be acquitted. Trust my intuition. But he definitely will not get back his CCID post after that. Most probably he's demoted or sacked during the proceeding of the case. So at the end of the day, whether he's guilty or otherwise, he's out of the force. Read here to know more about the turf war within the police force which leads to the result of CCID's corruption charges.

Anyway, just don't want to make this posting sounds hatred against my lecturer,I would like to compliment that my lecturer is one of the coolest and most sporting people on earth.He's the only lecturer who uses the word "Ciao" as goodbyes and uber proud of his ethnicity. I bet he's in vain right now having to know his macho face is known to the subconscious society. Bangga sial.

Take a look at how agonizingly painful when police aren't obliging their protocol to serve the public, the tax payers.

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